Little Things, Less Room For Change

A few nights ago I had my nephew compose a story for me about his day. I did this because he struggles with correlating what he thinks over what he has to say. Preeminent beyond my comprehension I want to nurture his spirit so he can reach his greatest potential in this reality. I was enthralled, the beginning of his story was both passionate and evocative. Every morning he wakes up, brushes his teeth and tongue (in his words), gets washed up, travels down into the kitchen to make breakfast for himself, takes a nap or entertains himself by watching YouTube or playing video games until his sister comes to pick him up to take him to school. In his own words I could feel his descriptions as he was preparing himself during his morning routine.  More than anything in my life I adore my Nephew. We have a kindred bond that can never be broken and I learn from him every day. I see so much of myself in my nephew. I made a vow to myself that night; I will help propel his inner being to concur his ego for, something we cannot see doesn’t have to be illustrated. The little things will have you caught in the middle of building a solid foundation in many areas. Today I will focus on three areas that are most affected: family, the relationship with self and the greatest of all, our life purpose.

I’ve watched a lot of programming and one of the phrases I’ve collected was “grey areas”. Grey areas involves terms and conditions that may not suit you if the terms and conditions are not met. The little things that we define in our life are the grey areas. Our love comes with terms and conditions and when the expectations are not met there is an early termination fee attached. The early termination fee works in reverse and begins to tear down our relationships. When the relationship with our family becomes broken we tend to consistently define the little things instead of focusing on the bigger picture. Our family members are the immediate reflections of ourselves. If there is one broken component in a machine it will not function properly. Likewise, with family if one member descends into a broken nature the entire ship will begin to sink. That is a loaded gun description. Not one person can stand strong forever if there are no familial foundations. When the attention is on “reasons” we begin to lose sight of what should be valid and that is to build bridges over anything that doesn’t elevate appreciation.

Mental Analysis seeds ideas into the pituitary gland and the pituitary gland processes those ideas and turns them into what we call human emotion. At a specific stage in my life I lost focus on greater things and chose to believe that I would never achieve my dreams. With no doubts I believed I was grotesque, imprudent, and obese. My dogmas kept the record of discord on repeat until the day I was awakened from a very long slumber; thoughts become reality. With all this new-found wisdom I’ve discovered that the reality that I’ve been part of for 36 years was false. When you wake up in consciousness you instantly become crushed because most of the responses you’ve collected in life was a lie. Conscious awareness can either lead you to your death or you can benefit by building a life filled with infinite possibilities. Knowing that you play an integral role in your fate speaks volumes of why it is important to have a positive relationship with yourself. When we have a limited relationship with ourselves we create boundaries by defining limitations which prohibits us from following through with our hopes and dreams. Become your own best friend by taking control and pulling away from the little things that keep you from becoming your greatest self. I think therefore I am.

When focus is off in the land of the forgotten we tend to lose sight of our purpose. If you keep defining lack and limitation in yourself, in family and friends, with work associates and complete strangers your purpose will be further than you would like, so you must expect an array of disappointments. Those disappointments should force us to thrive but, we were programmed to define every detail and live in a reality where emotions rule the majority of the populace. I am certain I came to experience life by seeking first the kingdom of heaven from within. The kingdom is always present and mourns with us throughout our darkest experiences. The kingdom wants us to use its infinite wisdom to fulfill the true purpose we were designed to complete in this life. We must use the reality around us as our stepping stone to propel us into next level experiences. Next level experiences leads us to abundance beyond our wildest dreams.

I live to launch rockets of desire in myself and I am grateful that I am able to do the same for my family, friends and those I have yet to meet. My advice, never allow details to limit your relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, strangers and most importantly yourself. It is difficult for purpose to navigate when limitations are present. Remember that whatever is broken can only be repaired by love and appreciation.

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Be Free of Little Things,



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