The Day I Met my Fear

My voice shakes a little when I don’t know what to say.

The room gets louder and I began to hear people shouting in dismay.

Have you ever felt a poets dream swiftly fly away?

Rotate in the paradox love is pressing he’s the way


And when you search for the kingdom to come it’s not your time to mend

Screaming in the manifold scripted with higher colors in the wind

Waiting for the ravens claws scratching through the skin.

We heard it all until the curtain call not a game though we try to win


Sally wailed through shifted shrills a nightmare we can see

If we hold on tight we’ll be alright sailing you and me

I was the kite in the light how heavenly we could be

Time will speak of stories dark so happy and glitter free


Fakeness turns the blind man cold it was your reverie

If we held on to our stories tell me, where would we be?

Life becomes the see-saw we scrap for balance in the yin

You’ll always be my solider mystical and deranged


Clocks flow heavy and dance upon the atmosphere

When it’s time to let go of the hand we disappear

Run around through wisdoms hell we sacrifice for fear

We stood tall in the tyrant’s hall kindly bowing below the pier


Listen to me clearly we’re wasting all the means

Guess this is where I’ll end it but I’ll be coming back again

Managing the cauldron it’s guilty flowing through the stream

Waterfalls surround us all protecting every dream



Can’t Keep Holding Myself Back

Anger keeps us from spiritual elevation. When the spirit is high we can positively create our own reality. Yesterday a friend of mine grew angry with me because I wanted to write a story I have been working on and jot down different topics for my blog. My friend wanted me to sacrifice what I was doing because in their eyes writing was not going to make any money. It was pointless and more of a hobby. As a result of me wanting to do my own thing my friend became very angry and began blaming me for how they felt. Today I want to go into the details of the reasons why people get angry. I spoke on the importance of why one must learn to tame the soul. As said in the great 1927 film Metropolis, “The mediator between head and hand must be the heart.” I want to dissect the heart by focusing on the root of anger. I believe that people can investigate what they do, how they think and grow into knowing thyself. When you know thyself you are limitless and when you are limitless you find joy in all things.

I first want to say that I can only rely on how I think. I ran into many road blocks in my past because I thought from an outward point of view. In other words, I worried what people would think and I designed my actions from that notion. I thought about what would people think if I had grammatical errors or if I didn’t do proper research because personal perception holds little weight in the world we live in. I used to feel that I had to watch what I said because someone would think I was crazy for the way I see the world. I finally see that great artists model after no one but themselves and I am daring to become the greatest part of myself daily. Another thing of the past that has stopped me is I have not amassed great wealth therefore, why should anyone listen to me? I am free from this fear. I understand that I was given the life I have because God intends for me to flip my circumstances around by allowing the glory of God to work through me.  I am happy to say that I finally don’t care what people think, it has no effect on me and this post will be very Alpha Female driven. With that disclaimer, lets jump into Miya’s etymology of anger.

To understand anything you must start with its core. One of the simple ways for me to understand anger is to think simply. How do I feel when I am angry? And, what, if at all, am I allowing to cloud my judgement? It all depends on the situation for most of us. To better explain how I view anger I will give one example and then breakdown its definition. Truthfully, at this phase of my life there isn’t much that makes my anger get out of control. However, I am guilty for not assuming responsibility for every moment I lost control of how I felt. More importantly, I forgive myself for this. When I am lied to it inherently infuriates me owing to the fact that I always can determine whats true and whats false by a persons actions. As my mother has always said, “Believe half of what people do and none of what people say.”  I can only assess any situation at hand by a persons actions. Through actions you find what is really in a person’s heart. In my most recent past I took what I saw in a person’s heart and I followed the toxic vibe by returning ill will towards the person.  What happens next after I blame my anger on the basis of someone else’s lie, I began to validate their lies by internalizing what is obviously out of my control.

Once upon a time Miya thought that the way someone else felt was hers to manage. I cannot control what goes on inside the minds of anyone else but, mine. If someone lies to me they have their reasons and I respect their choice. I see now that my anger was only a translation of sadness because I knew the consequences could hurt that persons future and I want always want to protect those that play the fool. And it is with this compassion, I eagerly forgive others who trespass against me. The former side of myself took the disappointment and turned it into a double-edged sword. I placed my expectations on the individual who made me angry.  Then my dear old friend ego legitimized my anger towards my offenders. What kills the legitimization, I cannot control someone else’s perceptions or actions. I used to live my life believing I was supposed to react with greater ignorance. I have been truly humbled for, ignorance begets further ignorance. I can finally think outside of the spherical reality I created for myself. Thoughts and actions are formed by the matters of the heart. I grow slow in anger literally for a grudge will only hurt me in the end.

The willingness to not forgive and anger are coupled in unholy matrimony. This gives me more of a reason to grasp the taming of the shrew I call anger. When I am misled in the present I forgive. I’ve lived long enough to comprehend that every lie bears a heavy consequence because when we lie was are not being our truest selves. When we refuse to be true to ourselves the lie we have sewn becomes a tangled mess that hurts ourselves and has the power to permeate into the spirit of another. We were gifted with life to create and we must know that this gift comes with the power to kill or give life. It is important to be in balance with universal creation. Feelings change and people change so that day an offender is looking for forgiveness it is already given. Vengeance is not my concern in this life. I’ve learned to instantly forgive myself and not keep a record of wrong when someone goes astray from their truth. The dissection of my anger finally nestles into the greatest version of who I am. I am learning to be the alchemist in my life. The energy in motion while angry will mostly not serve me when the reactive consequences are not considered.

It is ok to feel anger. All emotions are a gift we get to experience. The gift of anger is enlarged when we learn that emotions are something we can control and not a result of something that happens outside of our authority. In other words, when our finger is cut we can say that it hurts and focus on that idea or we can turn our attention to knowing that we are already healed. At 36, I appreciate that the now holds all of the content of who I will become. The REASON for anger hangs only above the doorstep of the spirit and it is within our power of how we will use that energy. We now know that we create our  physical existence. In life anger points to injustice or justice and my life experience allows for me to responsibly establish the difference. My advice for this week: Think of all of the people or things that make you angry and dissect how you feel to find a way to make your anger work for you. Find forgiveness for that is the key to life. My path in life is to find balance for myself and reflect that balance so that I am able influence someone else to make a difference and spread the message of love, peace and happiness to the world.

With great appreciation, thank you for visiting and reading my thoughts today! It is true, I have little time to focus my attention on what people think about me. My path is to enlighten by being the salt of the earth. However, I appreciate all responses and I hope that I am able to help others learn how to find value in remaining in the atmosphere of joy through all circumstances in this journey of life. I want people to live spiritually free from the issues of this world. I care for the known and the unknown and I am grateful I have always had a childlike heart. Love is universal and has no conditions and I will preach the message of love until my last breath. If you like this post and/or want to leave comments or suggestions for anger management please do so, I am always open to view the perceptions of others. Also, follow the Happiness Nappy Project and please share with the links below.

Living Free from Emotional Prisons,






If We Could….

There is something about you that’s so tribal

Instinct draws me to you and yet we can never be together

Between the quiet storm we move into the bliss and magical oblivion

Our hearts beat mellifluously approaching the depth of true love

Challenge me into something deeper

Both sides of the spectrum as we climb into a wish so tender

Light showers me into a world I want to know

Darkness leads us only into the sun

You inhale, I exhale nothing that we should ever give up

My ryhym I’ve been truly missing and if you blink twice I’ll allow you to miss this sweet kiss

Of my lips right here, waiting for you

Your Pocahontas no longer sleeping

Yes she waits

She waits


Singing the song of her universe

So powerful and with intent

If you could only hear what she has to say

Lost in another’s eyes

Can I ever get lost and lose track of the time? Time that we made together

This moment won’t be here forever

We are the candles in each other’s wind

Reach inside and take all that I’m freely giving.


Hello everyone, today I am extremely excited because I woke up with so many ideas for the Happiness Project brand . I wanted to update my readers on some changes to look forward to in the future. I will be disappearing from time to time but, it will all be for a good cause. Yesterday morning, I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Every morning he gives daily inspiration to his listeners and yesterdays message hit home for me. He talked about the importance of not giving up. He wanted his listeners to think of the outcome if they didn’t give up on a dream. So, yesterday I thought about what my life would look like if I did not give up on The Happiness Project/The Happy Nappy Project. I meditated on the idea of where my dream could take me and this morning I solidified on three projects to start working on that will take hard work and 100% dedication. I won’t discuss all of them but, I wanted you all to know what I will be up to moving forward.

The first one I will discuss. I recorded a video for my new YouTube channel that I called The Happy Nappy Project. For my entire life I have struggled with low-self esteem. I was called ugly, fat, stupid, some people would say extremely hurtful things and due to the harassment I thought I was less of a person. I tried to commit suicide a few times in my life and I only regurgitated what the world taught me to think of myself. I am at a point in my life now where I am done putting myself down. I know that only I can change my future circumstances and I want to help others who feel how I have felt for the majority of my life. At 36, I’ve learned that my opinion of myself in this world is all that counts and every outward perspective has nothing to do with how I should feel about me.

The second thing I have been working on is writing a fictitious story. I won’t go into specifics of what the story is about because it is something that magically came to me while writing in my journal yesterday but, I will say it is something that I am grateful for. I would love to see where my creativity can take me. I am thinking of assembling a crew to help complete this project. I need illustrators and editors and tons of advice. As I mentioned I will be scaling back from blogging and it is mainly due to this book I am working on. I am developing characters and different scenarios for my protagonist. I am proud that I am continuously growing creatively. This book is by baby to any other works of fiction I will release.

I will take the lyrics of 26 from my favorite band Paramore and say: “Hold onto hope if you got it. Don’t let it go if you got it. They say that dreamin’ is free and I wouldn’t care what it cost me.” When I first heard this song I took the advice of someone I call friend and began this blog. As of today I have conjured  many ideas that will come into fruition as long as God’s will and my will align. I am only hopeful for my future and no longer fearful as I once was for, I know that only I can stop my progression towards my current dreams and all of the dreams to come. I am extremely grateful to those who are kindred with what I am working towards. Happiness is more than moments for me. Happiness is a state of being we all can find in every situation. It is up to each individual to obtain our own level of happiness. I just want people to know that ONLY YOU have the power to implement positive change in your life and that change must start today, no exceptions.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. Once again, I am grateful. Click the like button or comment below. Also, please share with the links and I would love it if you followed my journey.

To the Art of Expansion,




On the Right Track

Every moment I don’t dwell in the past I am on the right track. This morning I was listening to a YouTube channel I follow called Infinite Waters Diving Deep by Ralph Smart. It is a great channel and has helped me so much on my journey. He discussed ways to get over someone you love who isn’t meant for you. He made a lot of interesting points about why we feel bruised when something has come to an end. I was in a relationship for a very long time with someone I wasn’t energetically in sync with. I love to write, talk about my different viewpoints on life, I am honest and I love to stay POSITIVE. My ex is someone who is my polar opposite. I’ve heard that opposites attract but, this is so not the case for he and I. After the many makeups and breakups between the two of us I finally was able to move on and be content with a life of infinite possibilities. This morning after I watched the video I was thrilled to discover that I am on the right track spiritually.

In part of the video the YouTuber discussed why we can’t get over things or people, it is because of the ego. Yesterday I sat back in my car at a local park. Nothing but, the sounds of nature surrounded me. I began to think about why I get upset sometimes when things don’t go as I would like. I came to the conclusion that it is my ego that needs to be tamed. So many times I have gotten upset at other people who said things or did things that offended me. I used to blame others for making me feel bad about myself. Yesterday I wrote about being tested and I dwelled on the lessons of life I have learned so far when my faith has been tested. What I gathered is that my ego has been the problem. The ego is 100% selfish. So often we blame others for how we feel when in truth it is only our selfish expectations .

I am not preaching that we should leave all of our expectations behind but, we need to greet each day with an open mind and then maybe things will always end up going our way.  Drive and Ambition is perfect for dreamers but, what stops us from connecting with what we really want can be the ego. As a child I idolized Jesus. What I learned about him that mattered most is that he never judged anyone negatively. Naturally throughout my life I never judged a book by its cover when it came to outward appearances. I can never say I am blameless for having expectations. There are many times in my past I’ve upset with other people for not meeting my wants or needs. I can think of all the years I wrote people off the book of my life who broke their promises and now I comprehend that I was completely selfish.

The video I watched this morning was confirmation that I am beginning to recognize my ego. In the future I hope that I will be able to manage my own selfish needs and take a step back to think about what the universe wants for my life.  In the future I will always remind myself that I will always align with my spiritual match and I expect that each encounter I have will grant me the gift of meeting different groups of people who will stay and or just be a meantime experience. It is all a learning lesson and I hold no animosity to anyone any longer, not even myself. I can now allow peace to be at the center of every decision I make and I must hold myself accountable for the expectations I’ve made in the past and in the future. I am also able to pardon any ill will that I’ve felt to all who’ve treated me with ignorance. Equally, I forgive myself for setting expectations for anyone besides myself.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope that you are able to digest what I wrote. This week think about your ego.  are you putting too much pressure people for how you feel? Think of ways you can understand your ego and if there are any adjustments that will help live out a better life.

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Live Selflessly,





The Test

In the hour of darkness we must be a testament of strength for ourselves. Over the past months I have really learned a lot about the powers of the subconscious mind. I was able to apply much of what I learned to my daily life. My work life did improve and I was happy with the way my life was turning out. Then one day I was faced with a challenge. I was ready to give up on my writing. I felt that I was not where I wanted to be and I had no right to input my opinions on how anyone should live a happy life. Darkness can be a blind spot if we allow it. I nearly allowed the blind spot of darkness to force me to quit. I knew my spirit was being challenged but, I still let how I felt be the ruler of my thoughts and actions. This weekend I felt as if I were in a prison of disparity. Every time I tried to write there was always something or someone who I allowed to intervene with my creative space and at the end of the day I have no one else to blame but myself. All in one moment what looks good can be proven to be not as good for you as you may hope.

Last Monday I reached what felt was the highest peak of joy and excitement. I met someone and it felt good to talk to someone whom I thought I matched well with. The conversation was good, we had a lot in common and the funny thing is, in the back of my mind I still felt like something was off. I did not allow my thoughts and actions to match doubts. I only thought that it was better to get to know the individual before any feelings became involved. As it did turn out after a video chat I came to the conclusion that I was not his cup of tea and at first his ignorance towards me did affect how I felt about myself. I started to think of everyone else that has ever rejected me. After those thoughts I began to fall apart.

This rejection was different for me because the guy portrayed himself to be a gentleman. The only explanation I was given after he stopped talking to me was that sometimes he stops talking to people with little to no explanation and his actions did not have anything to do with me. Normally I can respect this as a given answer for, this is something I can do and have done but, I always will let a person know proir to my disappearing acts. Also, I know plenty of people who go AWOL for no reason other than they need time for themselves. I thank God daily for discernment because this time around I was able to see past what he wanted me to think. I used to wonder why people could not be courteous enough to just say how they really felt but, that is not my battle. I think the biggest lesson is for me to remember that how someone else treats me has nothing to do with who I am nor does it determine my worth and greater it will never affect the life of purpose God has for me.

It is important for me to go over my experience with someone I barely knew. I only knew the information that was given by his friend and the type of individual he claimed he was. I have never wrote while I was in the thick of wanting to give up.  It is very easy to write about joy through joyous experiences but, when my faith was tested I thought of given up on my dreams. I had to ask myself what I was giving my dreams up for and in that question I received the right answer. I would have given up my dreams over one individual for hurting my feelings. He was the one who decided to not even talk to me after we spoke via video conference. He gave me little to no words through text messaging as if I was a person he did not want to speak to. Yes it can be hurtful for someone to treat you less than human but, that should never make anyone feel as if they have to walk away from building an abundant life of joy, peace and love.

When I thought of giving up I tied all of my past experiences to his behavior. I’ve had plenty of people who have walked in and out of my life for various reasons and his actions were no different. To seize the downward spiral I gave power to my subconscious and began to see the real light of the situation. Once again, whatever his reasons are his reasons and if he did not want to express how he felt after seeing me then that has to live with him and it is none of my concern. I guess I am learning a little for, what does not kill you makes you stronger and I can pay my tributes for all that I have learned through careless actions. I am able to take these truths away with me that do matter: I was not and am not searching for someone to spend the rest of my life with. I know that I will align with the person I most energetically connect with and nothing in life can ever be meant to banish me from living out my dream unless I give the authority.

I am grateful for the many seasons I have experienced on this earth. I positively look forward to the many more in the future unknown. I am very happy I live with the truth, always. Nothing can ever hurt another individual but, yourself. When we are not honest with others we are denying the right to give life through every encounter. I am aware of how people feel when they are rejected. I have been rejected many times in my life and I expect that more will come. I’ve lived with loneliness and rejection and flirted with the idea of suicide so, listen well to my advice.  Whenever someone denies you remember that doesn’t mean you have to start denying yourself. Denial from a different perspective is never a bad thing. All it means is that there are parts of your energy and that others persons energy that do not align. Never take away the light you are just because someone else was not on the same vibe. All you must do; continue to seek the fountain of youth by letting your dreams come into fruition.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I really hope that I get to reach someone who may feel how I’ve felt not just last week but, my entire life so that I can help someone who may feel like their life has no meaning. I am here to say this isn’t true. I have a nephew who adores me and if anything were to ever happen to me he would be crushed. I know that there is someone out there that feels the same way about you. If you think that no does remember I do because I understand that we are all ONE. To all my brothers and sisters of the earth I give my love. The love I have in me wants to help spread the message of living a life of joy through all situations. As I go through these experiences I am grateful I am  getting closer to my mark.

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Always persevere,


Bleary Eyed Fairytales

Have you ever felt mystery arrive in a broken tunnel once lost to stories like fantasia? Unreal and doubting eyes reel into a gesture full aflame and twinkling. How could this be? Who are you really? Extra terrestrial, saying everything I want to hear will you kick it then hit it and be gone like the wind? Mesmerized to the flutter of a butterfly daydreaming to a side line wondering are you real? are you a dream? Plastic burns to another formation. Given the invitation to let you completely in will you have the power to break me once love creeps through a broken crack not fully repaired from former battles? Ticking of the the time bomb while I wait for it to go off will I ever be proven wrong? Will I wake up for this to all be gone? I accepted the life of a lonely lie wishing only behind dark eyelids. There I will wait until I rush together with the sun quiet moments bang deep to a colliding romance
Is this the one that I claimed I'd know washing over in desolate waters void of all lies just to hold onto the truth? Are you only the devils advocate waiting to strike me down for the count in a dome where psychological effigy takes place? Display all the of horrors to arrive in this pretty little corner for peace. Growth no longer limited in the wilderness where you hear me whisper, I'm already saved. I've paved the way for my own grace come to me whole for you won't see me gently waiting for your resting place . Pack light I'll never be a burden to bear. Tear down the walls no longer despair.

The Bubble Fantasy

The darkness can be the past that you try to hold onto. You can never let it go. Make something of it instead of just trying to keep it locked away in a fantasy. Those near and dear to you can swept away in the labyrinth of you fears. The time has come for you to figure out the mystery of your Labyrinth.

                                                                                                                                     ~ Miya Price

This weekend I went to Cambridge, Ma to visit my cousin. I was very excited to see him because I have not seen him in months, maybe even a year. The drive was sobering because I was able to empty out the busy life of the city and fully disconnect from watching television for over a 24 hour period. My cousin took me to so many places in Boston and we did a ton of walking, so much that my legs can still feel the burn. Before I arrived I was not prepared with my walking shoes because I assumed that Boston was like Philadelphia. And it is but, it is widespread with beauty from buildings from the past. Though the rich history of the city was remarkable I felt that the lesson of getting out of the bubble of a fantasy stirred in me a new understanding of life.

Walking through the city there were swarms of people who were full of positive energy. I felt I was in a city where most of the people were once dreamers and not living in a bubble like I’ve lived in my entire life. When my cousin took me to the Boston Public Library I saw students working towards the contentment of their hearts. It was truly a beautiful sight. It really made me think about my own upbringings and if it was worth trying to rehash what may have went wrong. In my life everything was presented as if it were a fantasy. I was Sarah from the Labyrinth. I used to think that the world owed me something so, I decided to stay in the quiet corners I called home.

A little girl trapped in a grown woman’s body chasing torn up pieces of paper in my 30’s. I used to proclaim that I lived in a world where no one understood me. I played with my dolls and playset makeup cases until it piled up and twisted into a heap of junk. I was dazed and confused around others who lived in these fantasy bubbles. We chased after the same things and no one ever stopped to think if these bubbles were real or fake. There were a few that did escape and when they came back to hover we coward because we were never taught how to love ourselves. What made it worse, the people in the land of bubbled fantasies villainized those who made it out and didn’t sign up to chase fences. This weekend I reached a key point of victory in the Labyrinth. Not fully defeated for, I understand I have a long way to go. I was able to see the results of what dreams can come when you defeat a fatal fantasy.

This weekend I escaped a bubble. I love my family dearly but, when I came back home I felt I was missing something. I hugged and kissed my loved ones on my return but, I could not let go that I knew that my dreams would set me apart from them. I haven’t watched any of my so-called favorite television shows since I’ve been back, I am no longer interested in creating a false reality. Fear leads to failure and if I don’t try to work in my heart’s desires then I will fail. I can’t live with that anymore. My cousin taught me that success takes sacrifice. It was so quiet in his home and in his neighborhood all I could think of was poems to write, blog topics and the infinite possibilities of connecting with like-minded individuals who are all on the same path to make their own dreams a reality. My cousin said something that stuck with me as we looked over the pond in the city park. There was this one swan in a pond full of ducks. The swan had a broken leg and he said that was his life. I see what he means now. I too know that I am meant to break out and be just like that swan.

I discovered that the Labyrinth is made up of the halls of the mind. The mind is filled words of discouragement. You may feel it was the people who told you that you would never amount to anything, you weren’t good enough at something you loved, or any other limiting challenge. The time has come to wake up from the lies and take responsibility of holding yourself back. Release yourself from where the wild things are and make life a dream. This life is what we know and if it were the only one what would matter most? For me, it is following my dreams and aligning with someone living in the light. I no longer can live life of believing I can only choose one dream to follow. I believe that I am destined to break free and touch the lives of young girls. I believe that I was born to write out the lessons learned and battles won throughout the years. I am no Oprah Winfrey, I am Miya Price and I am my own pioneer in the sea of dreams. I can create the way I want and my love for promoting self-love will reach another pioneer waiting in the land of bubbled fantasies.

Thank you for patiently reading my blog today. Sometimes I am not able to describe how I feel but, I can say that this weekend left me feeling hope for my own future. It is ok to be a doctor, a lawyer, a customer service representative, a tech, whatever you want to be but, always remember this first: Follow what’s in your heart and fight against your own self-discouragements. The biggest bully you will have to defeat in life is yourself. Like this blog or be open to share your own experiences of escaping a fantasy. Also, follow me and share with the links below.

To Escaping Fantasies,




Am I Worthy?

We live in a society that grants wishes of worthiness. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we are told. Behold, we the people have enslaved ourselves by seeing worthiness through the haves and the have-nots. We tell ourselves to trust everything we see. Yes, we were programmed but, logic will always continue towards the light and I can't stick a pin on how I understand the world by thinking we are a people who are confined to be controlled. If hearts of fire really does creates love desire then, the kindling flames inside all of creation prove that we are all on an equal plane of worthiness.

The best way to free yourself from worldly ideas: stop trusting everything you see for, what you see will be what you emotionally make of it. Points of view are connected by sights, sounds and vibrations. To break this down know that everything has a viewpoint. This morning I did a small experiment that some may consider to be strange. I waved my hands in front of my eyes to see how I felt as my eyes moved to the motion of my fingers. I  was able to pickup the vibration by the smalls waves of wind and the sound of these two connecting forces. Before my own eyes, by will my hand was worthy at that moment. It is fascinating knowing I have a mind that is able to control the motor functions of my body. When two points of view clash there is a duel over relevancy.

When we watch a movie or a television program it is a clash against our beliefs as we experience life. Your happiness, fears, sadness, & anger are tied to programming. That theory is enough for me to question If I truly have control over the way I feel. I am allowing myself to further disconnect from watching all programming because I know the subconscious mind is open to all suggestions and if I am not careful my spiritual house will be infected with ideas that keep me from connecting with spiritual virtue. People who have money are the worthy and if you are without, then lay by the wayside says the world. Then, we are entangled by the ideas that beauty is served as a delectable dish right before our eyes. The effects, we gawk and drool and self-reflect broken images.

Our internal forces are driven to love or to hate the suggestions and through dramatic intervention we make our decisions to define the worthiness of one another and of ourselves. The transmission of who we should be served by falsities. Light itself does so much to the human brain making the subconscious a slave to conscience surrender. When we watch movies or TV programming we are given ideas but, more than ideas our points of view are challenged. Once again that competition begins by the connection of sight, sound and vibration. When we feel we believe by the connection of what we see and what we hear.

If I ever had to create a theory I would state: if everyone were to take responsibility for their feelings we can retrace them back to programming and quit the war against our brothers and sisters. True worthiness begins with self-acceptance and ends with our reflections. I am grateful for the lesson learned. Brothers and sisters after we remove categories placed by society to separate us then we are able to see we are one. Thank you so much for reading my bog today. I am overcome with gratitude and it is the primary source of my being. If you like this post or would like to comment please do so for, all comments are welcome. Also, follow my page and share with the links below.

You are worthy,



Love Starting From the Inside Out

Todays world is capitalized with narcissism and unrealistic love where outside appearances are all that matters. I used to stake my life on these narrow credences. I was ignorant of how the words we say moves through the forces of nature. As a result, what I hated on the outside I ended up hating on the inside. Deep inside I always wanted to be accepted into the world of the cool kids. Once in the world where sadness lives I hated that I was rejected by people who wore nice clothes, girls who were slim or whom I felt were prettier than me, men I liked never noticing my existence, and  the color of my skin. For most of my life this beating drum was my reality.

Living life just to be accepted is not a life at all, it is a prison. By raging the war against what I thought I wasn't in my eyes, I kept drilling the same principles of not having and more importantly not accepting myself. From childhood until 36 years of age I thought I was the meek that did not inherit the earth. I had a minuscule understanding of the word meek and inheritance or abundance. Meek is an adjective meaning quiet, gentle or submissive. In order to be submissive to inheritance one must take a stance in never fighting against silencing the soul. My former definition of meek meant to have nothing, live a vagrant life by being one with nature and spirit, and also void of materials. I missed one important understanding and that was my definition of  abundance and inheritance for it was opposite the word of God.


Blessed are the meek: For they shall inherit the earth.

~Matthew 5:5 KJV

A quiet and gentle spirit is in the position to receive abundance from the universe. We are born to receive and the structures of this world are very misleading. Everything that has been programmed into the human mind has created various personality groups. Growing up I thought Jesus was a sad person who courageously put the weight of the world on his shoulders. While watching the Passion of the Christ, Jesus was portrayed as a broken man . Every portrayal of Jesus I can think of made sacrificing seem as if it were a risk not worth taking. The passion  I understood was that the world would always be against those who followed Christ. At a young age, even through losing loved ones and material things I made the courageous choice to pick up my cross and follow Christ. I found comfort in seclusion and the spiritual connection that I had with God in the presence of nature. To me this was paramount in my life. My spirit was happy in the wilderness. The problem with me shutting out the world was that it made my faith a fantasy.

When I joined the working world I was forced to leave the sacred place I established with God. I thought that my choices boiled down to God or the world. I struggled with self-acceptance on the grounds that I despised everything about the world. I made the issues of the world my battle due to the lack of obedience to quiet my soul to hear the true word of God away from worldly interpretations. I took the power way from the word of God when I heard the battle is the Lords.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

~John 16:33 KJV

In my life I became very good at being meek but, due to my delusion, did not inherent self-love. I was too focused on defeating the problems with the world and the mirror image returned with lightening speed and pointed the manifestation of the same problems creating a reality of hell inside and out. Today I learned such a great lesson and was able to be able to graduate to a new level in loving thy self.

I have some advice for those who struggle with loving who they are. Self-love begins on the inside, the castle of the soul. To become whole your spirit must be in perfect calibration with love. Also, discern that we live in a world that has already been conquered by our higher selves. So, the only thing we should ever do is appreciate all of our experiences and firmly cognize that love is so powerful it takes away the sins of the world. Love who you are for there is nothing formed against you unless you decide to form hatred for the world outside of yourself. The key to keep self-loathing from happening is for you to love who you are inside, out.

Thank you for connecting with my thoughts today. The power of love will continue to guide us all to truth and I look forward to each day that I get to share my journey with you all. Like and comment on this post. Follow me and share with the links below.

To Loving Yourself Inside-Out,