Bleary Eyed Fairytales

Have you ever felt mystery arrive in a broken tunnel once lost to stories like fantasia? Unreal and doubting eyes reel into a gesture full aflame and twinkling. How could this be? Who are you really? Extra terrestrial, saying everything I want to hear will you kick it then hit it and be gone like the wind? Mesmerized to the flutter of a butterfly daydreaming to a side line wondering are you real? are you a dream? Plastic burns to another formation. Given the invitation to let you completely in will you have the power to break me once love creeps through a broken crack not fully repaired from former battles? Ticking of the the time bomb while I wait for it to go off will I ever be proven wrong? Will I wake up for this to all be gone? I accepted the life of a lonely lie wishing only behind dark eyelids. There I will wait until I rush together with the sun quiet moments bang deep to a colliding romance
Is this the one that I claimed I'd know washing over in desolate waters void of all lies just to hold onto the truth? Are you only the devils advocate waiting to strike me down for the count in a dome where psychological effigy takes place? Display all the of horrors to arrive in this pretty little corner for peace. Growth no longer limited in the wilderness where you hear me whisper, I'm already saved. I've paved the way for my own grace come to me whole for you won't see me gently waiting for your resting place . Pack light I'll never be a burden to bear. Tear down the walls no longer despair.

The Bubble Fantasy

The darkness can be the past that you try to hold onto. You can never let it go. Make something of it instead of just trying to keep it locked away in a fantasy. Those near and dear to you can swept away in the labyrinth of you fears. The time has come for you to figure out the mystery of your Labyrinth.

                                                                                                                                     ~ Miya Price

This weekend I went to Cambridge, Ma to visit my cousin. I was very excited to see him because I have not seen him in months, maybe even a year. The drive was sobering because I was able to empty out the busy life of the city and fully disconnect from watching television for over a 24 hour period. My cousin took me to so many places in Boston and we did a ton of walking, so much that my legs can still feel the burn. Before I arrived I was not prepared with my walking shoes because I assumed that Boston was like Philadelphia. And it is but, it is widespread with beauty from buildings from the past. Though the rich history of the city was remarkable I felt that the lesson of getting out of the bubble of a fantasy stirred in me a new understanding of life.

Walking through the city there were swarms of people who were full of positive energy. I felt I was in a city where most of the people were once dreamers and not living in a bubble like I’ve lived in my entire life. When my cousin took me to the Boston Public Library I saw students working towards the contentment of their hearts. It was truly a beautiful sight. It really made me think about my own upbringings and if it was worth trying to rehash what may have went wrong. In my life everything was presented as if it were a fantasy. I was Sarah from the Labyrinth. I used to think that the world owed me something so, I decided to stay in the quiet corners I called home.

A little girl trapped in a grown woman’s body chasing torn up pieces of paper in my 30’s. I used to proclaim that I lived in a world where no one understood me. I played with my dolls and playset makeup cases until it piled up and twisted into a heap of junk. I was dazed and confused around others who lived in these fantasy bubbles. We chased after the same things and no one ever stopped to think if these bubbles were real or fake. There were a few that did escape and when they came back to hover we coward because we were never taught how to love ourselves. What made it worse, the people in the land of bubbled fantasies villainized those who made it out and didn’t sign up to chase fences. This weekend I reached a key point of victory in the Labyrinth. Not fully defeated for, I understand I have a long way to go. I was able to see the results of what dreams can come when you defeat a fatal fantasy.

This weekend I escaped a bubble. I love my family dearly but, when I came back home I felt I was missing something. I hugged and kissed my loved ones on my return but, I could not let go that I knew that my dreams would set me apart from them. I haven’t watched any of my so-called favorite television shows since I’ve been back, I am no longer interested in creating a false reality. Fear leads to failure and if I don’t try to work in my heart’s desires then I will fail. I can’t live with that anymore. My cousin taught me that success takes sacrifice. It was so quiet in his home and in his neighborhood all I could think of was poems to write, blog topics and the infinite possibilities of connecting with like-minded individuals who are all on the same path to make their own dreams a reality. My cousin said something that stuck with me as we looked over the pond in the city park. There was this one swan in a pond full of ducks. The swan had a broken leg and he said that was his life. I see what he means now. I too know that I am meant to break out and be just like that swan.

I discovered that the Labyrinth is made up of the halls of the mind. The mind is filled words of discouragement. You may feel it was the people who told you that you would never amount to anything, you weren’t good enough at something you loved, or any other limiting challenge. The time has come to wake up from the lies and take responsibility of holding yourself back. Release yourself from where the wild things are and make life a dream. This life is what we know and if it were the only one what would matter most? For me, it is following my dreams and aligning with someone living in the light. I no longer can live life of believing I can only choose one dream to follow. I believe that I am destined to break free and touch the lives of young girls. I believe that I was born to write out the lessons learned and battles won throughout the years. I am no Oprah Winfrey, I am Miya Price and I am my own pioneer in the sea of dreams. I can create the way I want and my love for promoting self-love will reach another pioneer waiting in the land of bubbled fantasies.

Thank you for patiently reading my blog today. Sometimes I am not able to describe how I feel but, I can say that this weekend left me feeling hope for my own future. It is ok to be a doctor, a lawyer, a customer service representative, a tech, whatever you want to be but, always remember this first: Follow what’s in your heart and fight against your own self-discouragements. The biggest bully you will have to defeat in life is yourself. Like this blog or be open to share your own experiences of escaping a fantasy. Also, follow me and share with the links below.

To Escaping Fantasies,




Am I Worthy?

We live in a society that grants wishes of worthiness. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we are told. Behold, we the people have enslaved ourselves by seeing worthiness through the haves and the have-nots. We tell ourselves to trust everything we see. Yes, we were programmed but, logic will always continue towards the light and I can't stick a pin on how I understand the world by thinking we are a people who are confined to be controlled. If hearts of fire really does creates love desire then, the kindling flames inside all of creation prove that we are all on an equal plane of worthiness.

The best way to free yourself from worldly ideas: stop trusting everything you see for, what you see will be what you emotionally make of it. Points of view are connected by sights, sounds and vibrations. To break this down know that everything has a viewpoint. This morning I did a small experiment that some may consider to be strange. I waved my hands in front of my eyes to see how I felt as my eyes moved to the motion of my fingers. I  was able to pickup the vibration by the smalls waves of wind and the sound of these two connecting forces. Before my own eyes, by will my hand was worthy at that moment. It is fascinating knowing I have a mind that is able to control the motor functions of my body. When two points of view clash there is a duel over relevancy.

When we watch a movie or a television program it is a clash against our beliefs as we experience life. Your happiness, fears, sadness, & anger are tied to programming. That theory is enough for me to question If I truly have control over the way I feel. I am allowing myself to further disconnect from watching all programming because I know the subconscious mind is open to all suggestions and if I am not careful my spiritual house will be infected with ideas that keep me from connecting with spiritual virtue. People who have money are the worthy and if you are without, then lay by the wayside says the world. Then, we are entangled by the ideas that beauty is served as a delectable dish right before our eyes. The effects, we gawk and drool and self-reflect broken images.

Our internal forces are driven to love or to hate the suggestions and through dramatic intervention we make our decisions to define the worthiness of one another and of ourselves. The transmission of who we should be served by falsities. Light itself does so much to the human brain making the subconscious a slave to conscience surrender. When we watch movies or TV programming we are given ideas but, more than ideas our points of view are challenged. Once again that competition begins by the connection of sight, sound and vibration. When we feel we believe by the connection of what we see and what we hear.

If I ever had to create a theory I would state: if everyone were to take responsibility for their feelings we can retrace them back to programming and quit the war against our brothers and sisters. True worthiness begins with self-acceptance and ends with our reflections. I am grateful for the lesson learned. Brothers and sisters after we remove categories placed by society to separate us then we are able to see we are one. Thank you so much for reading my bog today. I am overcome with gratitude and it is the primary source of my being. If you like this post or would like to comment please do so for, all comments are welcome. Also, follow my page and share with the links below.

You are worthy,



Love Starting From the Inside Out

Todays world is capitalized with narcissism and unrealistic love where outside appearances are all that matters. I used to stake my life on these narrow credences. I was ignorant of how the words we say moves through the forces of nature. As a result, what I hated on the outside I ended up hating on the inside. Deep inside I always wanted to be accepted into the world of the cool kids. Once in the world where sadness lives I hated that I was rejected by people who wore nice clothes, girls who were slim or whom I felt were prettier than me, men I liked never noticing my existence, and  the color of my skin. For most of my life this beating drum was my reality.

Living life just to be accepted is not a life at all, it is a prison. By raging the war against what I thought I wasn't in my eyes, I kept drilling the same principles of not having and more importantly not accepting myself. From childhood until 36 years of age I thought I was the meek that did not inherit the earth. I had a minuscule understanding of the word meek and inheritance or abundance. Meek is an adjective meaning quiet, gentle or submissive. In order to be submissive to inheritance one must take a stance in never fighting against silencing the soul. My former definition of meek meant to have nothing, live a vagrant life by being one with nature and spirit, and also void of materials. I missed one important understanding and that was my definition of  abundance and inheritance for it was opposite the word of God.


Blessed are the meek: For they shall inherit the earth.

~Matthew 5:5 KJV

A quiet and gentle spirit is in the position to receive abundance from the universe. We are born to receive and the structures of this world are very misleading. Everything that has been programmed into the human mind has created various personality groups. Growing up I thought Jesus was a sad person who courageously put the weight of the world on his shoulders. While watching the Passion of the Christ, Jesus was portrayed as a broken man . Every portrayal of Jesus I can think of made sacrificing seem as if it were a risk not worth taking. The passion  I understood was that the world would always be against those who followed Christ. At a young age, even through losing loved ones and material things I made the courageous choice to pick up my cross and follow Christ. I found comfort in seclusion and the spiritual connection that I had with God in the presence of nature. To me this was paramount in my life. My spirit was happy in the wilderness. The problem with me shutting out the world was that it made my faith a fantasy.

When I joined the working world I was forced to leave the sacred place I established with God. I thought that my choices boiled down to God or the world. I struggled with self-acceptance on the grounds that I despised everything about the world. I made the issues of the world my battle due to the lack of obedience to quiet my soul to hear the true word of God away from worldly interpretations. I took the power way from the word of God when I heard the battle is the Lords.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

~John 16:33 KJV

In my life I became very good at being meek but, due to my delusion, did not inherent self-love. I was too focused on defeating the problems with the world and the mirror image returned with lightening speed and pointed the manifestation of the same problems creating a reality of hell inside and out. Today I learned such a great lesson and was able to be able to graduate to a new level in loving thy self.

I have some advice for those who struggle with loving who they are. Self-love begins on the inside, the castle of the soul. To become whole your spirit must be in perfect calibration with love. Also, discern that we live in a world that has already been conquered by our higher selves. So, the only thing we should ever do is appreciate all of our experiences and firmly cognize that love is so powerful it takes away the sins of the world. Love who you are for there is nothing formed against you unless you decide to form hatred for the world outside of yourself. The key to keep self-loathing from happening is for you to love who you are inside, out.

Thank you for connecting with my thoughts today. The power of love will continue to guide us all to truth and I look forward to each day that I get to share my journey with you all. Like and comment on this post. Follow me and share with the links below.

To Loving Yourself Inside-Out,


Freedom to Love

I woke up this morning feeling amazing. I did a brief review of my life thus far since I decided to make happiness a priority. When you learn something life-giving you want to shout it onto the rooftops, of whatever rooftops you can find. This morning at exactly 6:50 I opened my eyes at the exact time I was supposed to clock in at work knowing I went to bed after 12 midnight.  I felt my own frequency as my eyes adjusted to the surrounding light. The room was congested and I was only one minute late from signing in but, not a  minute too late. I said my salutations to my co-workers online and sat in silence until the idea of love populated and connected with the beat of my heart.

I dreamt of someone I knew and this person in reality really shifted my heart into very open and unknown territories when I met him. He is tall, intelligent and a very handsome person. We even share a birth sign. The energy that he presents to life is so powerful. It is like his spirit is in perfect alignment with the definition of love. It is really quite overwhelming in a good way. In the dream he and I were defeating a post-apocalyptic world filled with Zombies, floods of water and a multitude of traps which, I thought were harmless buildings. In the end, as if we were in a video game, we defeated the illustrated lost world.

As I said hello to the world of the conscious I accepted a new freedom. Love is Free. It is not attached to a person, place or thing; it is only spiritual. Love in the bible and in other ancient texts is unconditional. Now that I have a better understanding of spirituality I know that who I connect with will vary and it will not have anything to do with fickle behavior. It’s all about the energy baby! I don’t believe I lost anytime in my past because I was ignorant of how life truly manifests words that attach to how we feel because reality and what we see will not always be what we get when we choose to only see with our own eyes. I believe that when we breathe in and out we get the answers we need. There was a time when I was all caught up with this guy. In fact, there were many times when I got caught up in a situation when I invested my feelings into the unknown. I fixated how I felt and attached/tagged that emotion to whomever filled my desires of what I wanted in the opposite sex.

I am definitely not saying that I was a hopeless romantic but, I have always been the definition of the hopeless romantic. I looked for signs and symbols and everything and it all connected my sight to what I felt. The trust I placed on my eyes blinded other possibilities & every time a love interest did not work out I launched death into my future. There was a sickness within me. I was blinded by broken images. This morning I let my soul be free and yielded to the wilderness of my spiritual journey. I am eternally grateful for every message in life my spirit is able to receive. When I tune in to the lullaby of the universe I exemplify the universe.

Light lives in all of us and you will always match your vibration. Now that I no longer trust  my physical sight my spirit is free from confinement. Who I end up with physically has no importance because “the one” is my spiritual match. I don’t want to do this life in repetition just to understand what I know now. There are so many great prospects that I know I connect well with. I carry a very light weight of energy the opposite sex can trust. However; now I know I will connect with my feather weight match. Searching is never a necessity for I will gravitate towards my kindred spirit. I think the adventurous albeit treacherous dream told  me that I already connected with the love of my life and the forces of nature is guiding my physical body toward him.

God created and formed all of my ways before I was born into this world and my recognition of this greatness mapped my entire life from start to finish. I am so grateful that I understand the flow of music. Music helped me to understand my needs in the perfect partner. My nutcracker prince dances to the song of the sugar-plum fairies. My heart flows rhythmically to the masterpiece that it is and connects to a very unique individual. My heart is set and the “He” will be unknown. From this day forward  I see that when “He” appears I will know just as the sun meets the horizon of the earth that “He” is the perfect match for my soul.

Thank you so much for joining me on my daily thoughts. I am grateful for any likes or comments. Please follow my journey of happiness & generously share with the links below.

To Divination




Frustration, War Against Myself

Lately I have been examining my thought patterns a lot. As you already know, I began my blog for a reason and that was to create ways to be happy. My path is laced with many ups and downs like most people on this earth but, I have a tendency to automatically war against my own happiness. I see this in a lot of people I interact with daily at work when they call in because something is broken and they just want me to resolve any issue they are calling in for. I never feel challenged to come up with a resolution but, when they are frustrated, they begin to push back against my willingness to help them. The next thing that happens, the customer gets more aggressive with their frustrations and like a god they say, “I knew this was going to happen.” As the onslaught to the injury out of the energy they created by prophesying their inevitable doom. How many of us Self-Fulfill a negative prophecy? The war of right and wrong prove our ignorance. No longer will the war against my flesh and blood remain because frustration and confusion are the only outcome.

Frustrations are bad habits that are deeply rooted in the heart of the subconscious. There are a lot of things that bother me. Whenever I have trouble coming up with a topic for my blog, all I can think about is that my mind is empty. When I launch the thought, the genie appears and my mind empties. This aggression comes from the seed of doubt. I fail to look past the emotion and tell myself to lay back because I already know the answer. When I don’t call for peace I then become frustrated. I’ll give a hypothetical scenario that we all can relate to. You have to take this big exam that will make or break your dream. You studied, you know everything and the night before you are confident nothing can wrong, you’ve got this. The next day you sit down and are provided the testing materials but, your brain checks out. You become frustrated and anxious and start doubting yourself. The end game, many people fail. After you receive your score you go over the test and you discover that you knew everything on it. The why in this lesson is important because it will help you to control the elements within your body.

To stop the self-destruction of my negative emotions, I release the energy so it is disconnected from my thoughts. This is a very interesting process because I know that the negative energy has to go somewhere because the negative forces of nature are very powerful and you don’t want to put that energy on someone else. When negative energy is directed onto someone else it spreads like a cancer, it has that much power. So where does this negative go then? You have to understand that positive energy is more powerful than negative, you have an advantage because you have already won the battle. The negative energy should go towards creation. I put my negative energy in every song, poem or blog I write. I place it on my future because physics tells us that negative energy allows time travel and worm holes. You can literally change your life for the better with negative energy.

The power of positive energy kills frustration because you use the positive to direct the negative energy to where it should go. When you allow frustration or anxiety to control you, the right of self-control is stripped away from your spiritual freedom. I am not in the medical field but, since I have been on this spiritual field since birth I feel as if diseases and that includes those of the mind were created by humanity. Every year there is something new a scientist discovers that is wrong with the human body. I chose to accept that my reality lives on spiritual planes on which I control my physical plane, my body. What upsets me is that we give our emotions diseases as if the powers that be are telling us we are out of control of the world we live in and thus, we should sit back and accept that we have no power and must war against ourselves.

I went very heavy on something very basic but, I wanted to explain from the inside out of where frustration, anxiety or any so-called mental issues come from. We don’t need medicine, we need meditation so we can learn how to control the elements within us. Good or bad, the outcome starts within and it is for us that have full control. The root of frustration is negative energy. Once you learn how nature works you can began to direct your paths. I will no longer lose track with my thinking because negative energy has no control over me and this is the same for every person on the planet. Unlearn the ways of the world to find truth.

Thank you so much for joining me. Today, I learned something amazing. When I forget it is because I am frustrated. To redirect my frustrations, so it doesn’t disrupt my achievements, I must take the emotion and redirect the negative into my writing, building myself up or building others up. Now I know why Yoga instructors say Namaste because we all have the divine spark in the heart chakra (the house of emotions). I believe the divine spark carries the weight of the dead and we can allow it to destroy us or use it for our good and for the good of others.

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So Mote it Be

Memory holds a cacophony of the sounds of our past. How many impressions are running through your head? I am sitting at work exploring my thoughts while I answer calls and interact with other people. In my background I hear the music of life, the voices of my co-workers. I used to always shut out the sounds around me. I felt they were just noises and those noises always had to power to distract my thought patterns. Distractions can cause you to lose your voice. Distractions kept my ability to process and project my true voice for many years. What do we really claim in life when our thoughts are in alignment with discord? That dope song that you heard on the radio, what were the lyrics? I want to use one song as an example to show just how magic works.

Harry Potter is fictional, right? I always marveled the world of witches and wizards. I thought I would be just like Mildred Hubble from The Worst Witch. I felt I was an ordinary girl who had this secret ancient power to cast spells and create anything my heart desired. And then one day that idea crawled under a rock because someone told me that magic wasn’t real. That desire I though I had disappeared remained in a secret hiding place until the day I unlocked becoming the greatest version of myself. Magic is very real. In fact, words were downloaded into our DNA from the moment we were born. As the Bible states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”(John 1:1 NIV). This tells me that our souls are in sync with the words that come out of our mouth because what we say manifest into the universal astral plane. Manifestation begins with the words we say.

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer” ~Psalms 19:14 (KJV)

I scrolled through my playlist to find a song that would be a superb example and I am proud to say that I’ve banished most of the music I use to listen to. The songs we listen to casts spells daily, directing our subconscious mind, the home of encoded emotions. When a song is introduced to the subconscious it begins to collect the words and then the subconscious stores those words as energy. When the time comes for the energy to be released those collected words can either work for our good or work against us. For example, I used to always love the music of Amy Winehouse. Her sultry voice is very inviting but, most of he music carries the weight of self-destruction. I used to put her records on repeat just so I could learn the lyrics and feel the pain she felt. By reciting the words of her songs my subconscious followed the orders of her message and my life became chaotic without me being aware of what was happening. My life has been every song, movie, TV show, things I learned in school and lies of my worthiness for so long I had no rhyme or reason. While singing Love is a Losing Game, I transformed my thoughts into the melody and my love life aligned with every detail of the lyrics.

The next steps after the emotional discord is the phase of testing and proving. My beliefs traveled to a place of despair and I began to believe that my life was hopeless. This vicious cycle repeated itself  from the childhood and adult years of my life. Blessed is the day I took ownership of the words that form from my heart. I had to want wisdom more than anything. Now I am careful of everything I listen to this is my life experience. I am careful of what I attach my emotions to because it will become my reality. I write my blogs everyday in hopes that I can encourage and provide methods to live my best life now. I have been liberated from years of enslavement and everyday my life transforms into a better and perfect world where peace is the primary theme that I manifest.

A few months ago I considered ending my life. I lost a child, suffered miscarriages, was abused mentally and physically, felt I had no friends, warred against being alone, did not value the purpose of the family I was born into, and my dreams were collecting dust. I am free from the neutron star collision. It is amazing that my transformation began with a thought and a suggestions to create a blog. 50 posts later, I can testify that my life has dramatically  changed for the better. I’ve also been able to trust my instincts because instincts guide us toward purpose. I am free to love without conditions and that unconditional love allows me to see the world through God’s perspective. I no longer doubt myself because I am in control of what my subconscious accepts. If the information I receive leads to expansion, I am all for it. If the information  is negative then I already know, garbage in and garbage out. I create my own steps to manifest the best parts of my being, blogging is one of them.

Thank you very much for reading this entry today. My advice for this week is for you to write out or search using your browser, the lyrics of your favorite song. Catch the flow of the message of the artist and the emotional intent. After understanding the intent ask yourself would you or wouldn’t you want that experience in your reality. The subconscious mind is always ready to carry out the orders you give it and the songs we listen gives the subconscious orders without conscious awareness. Feel free to comment and give this post a like if it resonates with your spirit. Also, generously share this and all posts with the links below.

Manifest Life,



Every blow to my face has worked for my good
Love is never lost
Who knew I would find it in all creation
Fates a pace in the path of my past memories
I'll take what I'm given and create a masterpiece
Pebbles in puddles and pondered by lost arts
No longer wonder if I can ever go far
Retrace to the beat of a dream in motion
I've discovered new worlds with life bearing oceans
I think of the needs for my soul to proceed
If I really want it all then will I sacrifice my seeds
Life's a Valley with hills and devotion
What really rules my house are the elements from concoctions
I stand tall as the alchemist
Will I take what I own or continue to dismiss
I'm strong in my wizardry
Don't think twice
Create your own future history

I’ve Got a Feeling

"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable."

                                                                                                                                  ~Walt Disney

I woke up this morning screaming. I had a dream that I went over my ex's house and he had purchased hermit crabs. The hermit crabs started to rapidly reproduce and they were scattered all over the floor of his home. I didn't fear them so, when my ex asked me to pick up the crabs to put them in their cage  I could not because fear, there were too many. The hermit crabs were out of control and they began crawling up my leg and then the most dreadful thing happened, one crawled into my rear end and there was nothing I could do to get it out of me. Like a jolt of lightening I woke up screaming as I opened my eyes. I could hear some children's program on the television in the fog of my conscious awareness. The sound was so loud and jarring I got up to turn my television off and peace was restored in my kingdom, aka my room. I thought of going back to sleep but, I've already created the idea that once I am up there is no way I can go back to sleep. This idea will stick with me unless I call this daily function to disappear.

I was excited to go down into the quiet kitchen where I can always hear the friendly chirps of the morning birds and write about the very brief but, intense dream I had. The dream was probably only five minutes but, it felt like it transcended time and space. Time has no distance in the world powered by the subconscious being. The same being allowed me to feel the travels of the hermit crabs as the crawled up my legs. Also, I could hear there claws clapping swiftly against the floor like they were a tiny audience applauding and dancing to a melody that only the hermit crabs understood. Finally, when one crab gnawed its way to enter me the dreamy state of my conscious mind checked out to say hello to the world.

The subconscious is wondrous and majestic. I marvel all its ways and because of this I can't turn away from the secrets unlocked for the disposal of my conscious self. I find it fascinating that I was able to feel and hear the songs of the hermit crabs and their symbolic relation of what I think, what I say and what I do in reality. To me, this proves that the subconscious controls the intercepted ideas and relates these interceptions back into our reality. I think therefore I am (Rene Descartes). This is grade-A knowledge which enables us to infinitely create the world we want. It is amazing to reference great artists for inspiration but, know that the universe wants us to discover and love the creative genius we are destined to be in this world

I will harper on the importance of reorganizing the way I think because thoughts become reality. By the power of divine inspiration we become healers and instantly erase fabricated years of the mind controlling world we are born into. What matters most are the thoughts we launch into the world we see. We only see by the power of mind, body and spirit. I really want people to know we are free and we don't have to ever question what will make us happy because you and ONLY YOU can energetically shift all the elements of the universe around you. Trusting in what we see robs us of our birthright to be extremely powerful beings. Never allow lies to slip through the cracks of your belief's. Fortify your beliefs with the knowledge that you are the grand wizard of your life.

I will end this blog with something for you to think about. Walt Disney knew the secrets of the universe. In Fantasia Walt Disney used mickey as his avatar to control the wonders of the universe and by doing so his manifestations were wondrous. You have to be solely committed to understanding how the universe works through mind, body and spirit.  He also allowed viewers who understood the message of the story he told through his art to see how easily it is to manifest disaster when you don't understand the ways of the universe. When thoughts are in one accord you create the most beautiful melody and the world around you becomes the evidence of the things unseen. Now I know without any doubts that from my mouth flows rivers, valleys, lakes, life, art, love, master of the arts, creator of the universe and the list will continue to flow throughout the river of the life I create. If you want to be a billionaire you have to emotionally cast billion dollar ideas and you will certainly create billion dollar experiences. The universe is ours to orchestrate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today, I am eternally grateful. I hope that as you read all of my entries you get to experience the start of my journey to finding joy in all things. This journey has been very exciting so far. Click like, and feel free to exchange your own stories and comments. Also, feel free to share with the links below.

For the Knowledge of Creation,


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

~Nikola Tesla


The Power of Three

The term as above so below sticks to the place where I keep key phrases tattooed on my heart. When I got up this morning the first thing I saw were these three pictures I have not seen in a very long time. It was pictures of the senior prom I went to with the only boyfriend I had in high school. It was his senior prom, I did not go to mine because my last year of high school I moved back to Philly and went to the only available neighborhood school. The pictures were set up on my keyboard in the shape of a triangle. Through divine inspiration I went downstairs and started to draw triangles with circles in my notebook titled, Book of Positive Aspects. Then I said to myself, blessed be. The cone shaped world we live in describes the geometric perfection of the triangle.

Lately I have been feeling like I unlocked this sacred secret. I’ve embraced my calling because once upon a time I was too afraid of what I know I am called to do in this life. My destiny is in alignment with seeding truth and light to souls who are lost and I recognize this begins with mine own. I came to love all that I touch and once again this all is formed from within. When you know that all of life seen and unseen are perfectly balanced by logic and spirit the internal world can no longer war with demons because perfect balance is your true strength. The perfect balance is the equality of yin and yang. Reason and emotion can flow perfectly from within us when we understand the elements and laws of nature. I’ve parted with old ways that were attached to ignorance and my perish. Life is only a mystery when we don’t recognize that we are responsible for the world outside of us and equally responsible for the world within.
Before I went to bed last night I told myself, “Miya you will write a masterpiece.” I woke up knowing I have within me to create my own Huffington Post. The word “will” used to mean “won’t”. Every time I said “will” I always felt doubt behind it. I know I would waste my time in trying to discover why I did this because the why doesn’t hold any weight in me changing in the now. “Will” to me now holds so much power. “Will” is creation and not my worlds definition of things to come. As the bible states “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth (the physical body) as it is in Heaven” (the spiritual body) (Matthew 6:10 KJV). Will is the immediate action of things to come right now. Just as each letter is formed from this pencil, the will are my thoughts, the action is in my hand and I magically manipulate time and space by creating words that flow using the elements of the energetic connection between the pencil and the paper.

We are all creators The triangle helps me to understand how my mind views and creates my world. When you add the circle in the middle of a triangle you are able to see the cycle of life. The song Circle of Life from Disney’s 1994 movie The Lion King has more meaning to me now. In order to create you must place a marker and declare that the only hemisphere that matters is the network of your mind, body and soul.
The Arch of creation is this:

Infinity transfers through time and space in the as above, so below world we create. Infinity is the life force that we call God. “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31) We are designed with and by the presence of God. So, it is us who holds the power to create War and Peace. When you wake children up in the middle of the night confusion is expected by the little ones in the dark until they began to focus. The little ones are guided by the shadow of the sun so, what’s innocent can never be lost.
Thank you so much for reading my blog today. A little wisdom I impart: Life doesn’t quit until you live out your destiny. Destiny is the balance of mind and body and the spirit holds the power of what we do and aligns with who we become. Comment below and share your own wisdom. Also, click the like button and share with the links below.

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