Entirely, glory and honor belongs to God. More so, God praises us when we allow his spirit to use our body as his temple. To trust God with everything is paradise. When I was a little girl my grandmother passed away from cancer. Days leading up to her passing I started to feel restless, like something big was coming. When she passed I was watching Troop Beverly Hills,1989. I can now see that movie was her goodbye to me and I should probably go back and watch it again with my brand new eyes. Her passing was on her terms and God made it so. Even when she was sick with cancer, God kept her safe. My grandmother lived with me and my family. My sister had her own room and so did I. When my grandmother grew weaker from the spirit of cancer she was put on hospice care and because my father was a stay at home dad she lived with us and slept no more than 3FT away from me in my bedroom. She suffered for was seemed like years to me and I was 9 years of age at the time of her passing. I watched the cancer eat away at my grandmother’s flesh but, her God kept her with enough strength.

He kept her alive because she had a very important job to do that would guide me for the rest of my life. When she passed I lost an innocence that only I believed existed in plastic toys that smelled of strawberries. I was an immaculate child and that was what God held onto hold for me until I was ready to reclaim God’s glory. I remember the church at which her funeral was arranged. It was considered to be my family church, Triumph Baptist Church is the name. At 9 I can remember walking up to my grandmother’s casket afraid and not understanding who God was. I hated him and feared him the day my grandmother returned to where she was sent. I don’t remember the choir selections or the perfect words spoken about my grandmother’s hard work. The only thing I can remember is when I saw God’s light. Above her casket hung a painted photo of my beautiful grandmother.The painting was alive and as a vessel God used that photo to send me a memorandum.

In school we hear of fables, poems through song, and see illustrated delights of the halo. Gently and lovingly light began to move in majestically around my grandmother’s crown. Immediately, the luminescence commanded my tears be banished from my soft and tender skin. From the light I knew pain was not allowed there and from that moment God continued a covenant which, was inherited through my grandmother’s blood. I was able to see God’s light and live so that I could remember that glowing promise he made with me on the last day I would ever see my grandmothers shell. God spoke to me through my experiences. God knew the agony I would have to endure. From the day I lost my child and dusted off all of the sceneries of the earth God was teaching me how to love. I was shown the light to remember he would return once more and fully restored I would already be the product of God’s grace. At 18 God whispered to me, “You will share the story of Job.” My life grew to be absent of everything and God ascertained in me the gift of picking up my cross and following my creator. I am so much more without those things. When my treasure is placed in God, I have a defender that will use his power through my feeble body.

Blessed be the light of God which never goes out even when we think all hope is lost. To those who’ve lost everything try to understand that there was a predestined plan put into place before you were born into this world. God never has to improve our lives. He cries out incessantly, “It is done!” To his children and he doesn’t turn us away for, once again, his plan in us was predestined.  Our ignorance was carved before we were born and God planned this so that our experiences would draw us into being the salt of the earth.  God feels rewarded when you give him your undivided love and attention. God takes the lead in all areas of your life. You can live with a new heart and with a purpose that is placed upon an uncontested pedestal.

Thank you reading my blog today. I am really starting to fully enjoy sharing what I have to say more than ever before. I am a small being used by a force greater than myself. God grants greatness for all of our lives. Remember that the words of our creator are true, the meek will inherit the earth. There is purpose for the many heartbreaks and lonely feelings you’ve felt and here is the cold truth, those feelings may continue. My advice, leave it all up to God to sort out the junk in his timing. Summit yourself before your master and all will be made whole. I am grateful that I am able speak of Gods power as it moves through every step in the spiritual planes and God can use me to display his greatest in this reality.

Like this post and be free to share your experiences. Also, follow my journey if you are in spiritual agreement with my messages and share with the links below. “We can find joy in all things,” Is my motto and I am here to prove it in the name of the Great I AM.


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