True Meaning of Creation

I thought of this yesterday; is the great American Experiment meant to lead everyone down dangerous paths of reckless thinking so that we are the ones without order who need to be tamed? The reason for thinking this is because it’s crazy how negativity is a trending topic in society. I hear endless conversations when I go out to various places about what the president is doing or isn’t, rumors of war, an alley oop of information about famous people, death, life, loss, sickness, I could go on forever. I am overwhelmed everyday with myriads of issues. What bothers me most is that I know the power we individually hold as humans, the power of manifestation.
Remember the movie the Butterfly Effect starring Ashton Kutcher? The gist of the movie was portrayed by the imagery of a butterfly when it begins to flap its wings and how something so small can cause a ripple effect also, known as Chaos Theory. That tiny ripple can lead to chaos or contentment. As thoughts become actions, what we think are like the wings of a butterfly. In order to build happiness I believe it is important to think outside the box. It is great to regurgitate everything you’ve learned in school but, I have learned to look at everything as if I need to find the truth for myself. I believe human life is for us to create but, somewhere intertwined in humanity, right and wrong are taught and like slaves, we don’t recognize we were born to be free to live.
I want to drill into the sub-conscious of my readers that YOU ARE FREE! Yes, we are physically born in a controlled society but, you are spiritually free. Let go of reason sometimes to allow yourself to develop your own opinions and know that every thought that leads you closer to peace will lead to your birthright. For a very long time I was afraid to see how free I truly am. I thought that being free of this life meant death so, I ran from truth. I see now that it is only the end of the life I thought I knew and now I get to create a very beautiful life every single day. If you look at my lips at the seat of my upper lip sits a beauty mark and also, there is one between my lower lip and chin. This, to me, represents the transformation of the power of beauty produced by my tongue. Beauty in between beauty. I am a beautiful being, we all are, and the one thing that can control us also sets us free.
I listen to various types of music but, the ones that reach me most are the ones that sink into my spirit. One band I really love, Paper Route, wrote a song called Calm My Soul on the album Peace of Wild Things, ends on a mellifluous note. The lead singer Sings: “I’ve walked behind for too long, now I will lead the way I have strayed, I have strayed, strayed away. If you’ve loved in haste thinking only of the cost, every river leads to land, every lover to a cross. Your mind and heart at war and they thrash inside your lips. Like an arrow passing through your tongue can kill or it can kiss, calm your soul, who bleeds more?” These words alone make me feel like we are all connected and what we feel and what we speak go hand and hand to create a world with or without greatness.
We accept so much information daily without considering if the information we hear is important to our well-being. BLINDLY, we accept what may be a lie. I once heard that we are all sheep but, I refuse to believe that we were spiritually born to be slaves that are told what to do think, see, or hear. We were all meant for so much more that I can’t compute what each soul is destined for in this life. The one thing I have learned up until this point however, is that we were born to create. What you create is YOUR choice and that is it! We love to play the blame game in society. When we play this game we don’t realize that we are pointing fingers suggestively at other people but, we are actually pointing them back at ourselves.
Now that I am free, I look at my so called problems and tell myself, “Don’t you see you are a spiritual being that is blessed to have a physical experience of sight, touch, sound, and taste!” Not only do we experience, more importantly WE CREATE. I won’t pardon my use of caps for, I stand firm in my beliefs. Yes, it feels good to sleep but, whatever is to come, it essential that we wake up the spiritual part of ourselves to create the best life right now. There is not one person, place or thing that is promised tomorrow, today. As you let my words sink in, test and approve or disapprove the heart of this message. We are all bearers of light and this is my personal gift of light to you.
Steadily on the path of gratitude, I thank you so much for reading today. July 4th is around the corner and I ask that if you decide to watch any fireworks look at the flashes of light as they burst. Like the Katie Perry song, you are a firework and you can continuously blast your light into the world.
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Live in Truth



Visions in the Dark

A few years ago after one of many break-ups with my ex I experienced something phenomenal. I sat on my bed bed listening to Paramore’s self-titled CD. It had just released and as always I kept the record on repeat because their lyrics are so meaningful. Paramore is my favorite all time band. The lead singer Hayley Williams always writes music that is closely related to my life. One song on the album is called Last Hope. Her lead vocals kicks in poetic words that find a part of my soul where the love of writing and music live. While in the dark I closed my eyes and I began to hear the name of a girl, Simone. With my eyes closed I could see the word Bahamas.
My ex was stringing me along at this time. He told me that he had to go to Maryland to house sit for the mother of his two middle children. I knew from that small vision that he had went to the Bahamas with a girl named Simone. A few nights passed I had a dream that I was hanging on a bridge. It looked like the San Francisco Bridge. This unknown woman named Simone was also hanging on the bridge next to me. My ex had to choose one of us. In that dream he told me he was sorry but, he had to choose Simone. A week had passed when he came back from “Maryland” I went over his house and saw memorabilia from the Bahamas. That is when I discovered the truth. After that day I didn’t speak to him for a very long time.
Before my father was diagnosed with heart failure I had a dream that he was having chest pains and he died in my arms. The dream was so real that when I woke up in the middle of the night I was so distraught and I knew something was coming that would change my family forever. Not long after at a routine test he always has to get, we were told he was going into instant heart failure, his heart was functioning at 20% at a steady decline. We were all so devastated. I felt very uneasy because I knew it was coming. Around this period in my life I’ve grown into accepting that I am able to see a little of my own future and those around me based off the energy we all carry.
I can remember having one very lucid dream where I was lying on my back next to what I felt was God. It felt like I was on the best mattress money can buy. I could feel God speaking to my spirit. I was taken on a journey of creation. In my dream, I could see the stars from Gods view. The stars were so brilliant bursting with vibrant colors. We weaved past planets and to other galaxies. In that dream I was given instructions. Like in the bible, I was asked to look at all of the stars because this is how great god’s love was for all of us. I was also told that it was my mission to love and I should follow the path to promote spiritual well-being.
The last dream that I will mention impacted me the most even though it has yet to happen. In this dream it was giving me a flash of a life yet to come. I saw my wedding, but could not see my husband’s face. I could tell that, though the face was blurry and I could sense that I knew he was the one. The final part of the dream I was at my anniversary dinner with my mystery husband and myself. We were being honored for all the good we have done separately and together. As a tribute a video was made for me and my husband.
The first part of the video I saw storms. The storms represented the hell I would have to go through just to be with the one who was waiting for me. The storms also applied to my dreams of writing and singing. The second part I could see the impact on the lives I touched with the love in me I give freely. The final part of the video I saw the beautiful life my husband and I would create. I understood that I would end up with someone who loves to help people. After the video I could see all the people we had helped at some point in our journey together and individually. This dream, even though it has yet to come and may never happen, helped to solidify the type of man I would end up with. The words are hard for me to describe but, I knew I would never have to search for who he would be because when the time comes, I would definitely know. I don’t know if this will ever come to pass but, one thing I am certain of, I will make a positive difference in the lives I am able to be invited into.
I wrote this blog because I believe that in the quiet darkness we are given the choice to see where our own lives, the one’s we are close to and even strangers are headed. I am always able to see so much more in the spiritual sense when I am at peace. My advice to anyone who wants to know the difference between illusion and spiritual reality. Illusion will build an anxious atmosphere and, like in the bible, God will never authorize confusion. Illusions will lead to nowhere. Therefore, your sub-conscious will never accept the opposite of light.
Spiritual reality are the choices we make that can lead to life or death. By the power of the tongue daily you decide what your life will be so, it is up to you to take my advice or respectfully decline. Spiritual reality will give you peace even when its dark and you have no one around you. The greatest part of yourself will lead to peace and the darkness will keep you away from it. When trouble strikes it is supposed to because you must build up to your calling. When at peace my dreams or visions help me to see the world differently and I am given clarity of events in my own life yet to come.
So, what will you choose, and do you accept that you have a choice? Will it be life or death? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the results of adding peace to your life? I am shown dreams and visions and I do believe we all have this ability to see more into what is very hard to understand, the future. I am a witness of what peace will bring. Keep in mind that peace is absent of any worldly possession. The caveat of peace will be the hardships you will have to endure to walk in the life of joy without ceasing. Once again, always remember you have a choice.
I thank all who have accepted the invitation into my thoughts today. It is my hope that we all will press toward the higher calling on our lives. Please leave a comment by providing input or sharing your own stories of enlightenment. Also, like this blog and share on the links below.
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Trapped in a Box

Take a second to imagine being trapped in a box. It’s so dark that you can barely realize that you are in one. With nowhere to go and no room to grow you begin to suffocate. You have just been stereotyped. We all learn how to live and how to die because everyone is trapped in some sort of box. We are all programmed to trap others in a box. How many of us have decided to treat a person the way we do based off another person’s opinion(s) of them. How many people have you chosen not to forgive because someone hurt you? How many of you don’t understand that hurting people hurt people?
For my entire life I was always the type of girl who would never judge someone because of what they looked like or based off what they possessed. Unfortunately, I am guilty of categorizing people based off my own experiences with them and my opinion will easily influence friends or family members of those who I am against. Today’s blog involves a challenge. We are all guilty of stereotyping others. We chose who will be close to us and who will not be based off our conditional thinking. The problem with being conditional is that it never allows us to truly love our neighbor as we are supposed to love ourselves. Understand that people are going to hang themselves so, find ways to still show forgiveness even if it has to be from a distance. Show forgiveness even when you aren’t the one who was hurt.
Here is a brief story of something that happened to me. A longtime friend introduced me to a longtime friend of hers through Facebook. When he and I first met we ended up really having a lot in common. He loved video game, was spontaneous, positive, funny, would watch any girly movie with me and more important, he was very intelligent. More than anything I love a beautiful mind. Moving forward, what I had with him did fade. Sadly, my old friend had the mental capacity of a 12 year old and I do forgive her and myself for any anger that I did feel after she betrayed our friendship. She had an argument with a friend of hers on Facebook who became a mutual friend of mine. I don’t get involved with foolery so, when she and the mutual friend had a falling out she expected me to follow her blindly.
I remained friends with the other girl because I am not easily influenced. Months passed where she didn’t talk to me. She ended up sending me a message stating that she apologized and that she still loves me because I was a sister to her. She was just mad at me for choosing to still be friends with the girl because she knew her first. I told her that IT’S FACEBOOK! (This became one reason why I am not a fan of Facebook today, it’s exhausting. Her revenge, she was able to convince the guy she set me up with that I would betray him. It was an interesting blow because I would never think he was the type of person whose mind could be influenced. He was one of the men I’ve ever taken serious. I see now that he wasn’t so great after-all because I know will end up with a man who will think logically for himself. Also, I believe that somewhere in his sub-conscious yearned to find a reason not to trust me. I was placed in a box and because of the program to stereotype he was inspired to follow someone else’s beliefs. It didn’t matter how sweet I was, nothing thwarted his decision to believe what my dear old friend convinced him to believe.
To all my readers I encourage you all to challenge yourselves for as long as it takes, to remove the boxes you placed people in. If you are introduced to a mutual friend’s enemy, break those barriers by getting to know that person for yourself. I would always advice to proceed with caution but, don’t allow someone else’s perception to affect how you will treat someone YOU don’t know. Sit back and think about how many people you can free just by showing them love. Don’t ever declare a stranger an enemy. You could never understand how much of a difference you could make in someone’s life and vice versa.
I once heard that truly successful people are not prejudice. If you hold someone else back based off a stereotype then you too will be held back. Once again, remember that life on the outside is a mirror image of what’s inside. Take the box that you created or the one created for you and remember we are all humans trying to survive. In truth nothing gives us the right to think any differently other than loving your neighbor. In order to love You Must Remove Conditions. Even if you are not religious meditate on this scripture. See past religion and think of what the proverb means. Ask yourself is this how you show love for self and for others known and unknown.
1 Corinthians 13:4-13 New International Version (NIV)

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
I thank you all so much for reading my thoughts today. I am overwhelmed with gratitude because I really believe that what I stand for will make a difference. Leave a comment and click the like button and feel free to share with the links below. Live well in happiness!

Waiting, a Better Life 

Collect the heat marked for relief Epiphany of a need to breathe resident underneath 

Trip it up for the wind to blow not ebony 

Ivory save the day fill me up it’s a secret place not a remedy 

Caught up in a rave where you felt the heat get used to a life entertained with disbelief 

Got everything I need in a sunrise 

Boy you’re everything I need in his life 

Time to change this interphase 

Quote the raven nevermore will you see the day 

Inspired to shift the planes to a better life 

Keep hearts quiet and get caught up to shift the repeat 

Try to see the light and let go get of the waiting

This loves not for you it’s fading  

Better Life

This morning when I woke up I was full of energy and happiness. I rolled over to take a look at my phone as I always do. Saw notifications that had some Instagram likes, sometimes dopamine has a way of waking me up. I never check for missed calls or messages anymore. It’s not that I don’t care. I am just trying to wean myself off the need to touch my cellular device. I rolled over facing my window. The sun was starting to rise by then. With nothing to see but the light gleaming through my blinds I rolled over again.
Now I am thinking about my ex. As I can remember I could hear the conversations of my negative experiences with him. He would say, “Miya, no more overnight company” or “Miya, having sex with you is just too much, you’re just too big”. Then I thought to myself, why did I ever date such a jerk and more importantly, why did I go back so many times over the past 10 years? These questions plagued my mind briefly until I began to think about the better life waiting for me. Often it takes a fantasy to pull me out of the darkness. When no one else is around I am left to encourage myself. I want to talk about the possibilities of a better life.
I don’t quite know where this phrase comes from but, some people would rather stay in a known hell than to take a risk leading to an unknown future. We are all guilty of blocking our blessings. We take what we get roll the dice and it’s either a hit or miss. I stayed in a poisonous relationship off and on because I didn’t think I could get anything better. Every guy I like, I believed would never look at me or even think twice of what I could offer. I say to myself that I am amazing but, when I like someone, in my mind I am never good enough. I quit chasing my dreams of being a writer and a singer based off the same notions. I saw the brick wall and allowed all of my fears of the unknown to stop me.
Last week I researched different ways to maintain happiness in any condition. One axiom that struck me the most was facing your fears. I actually took several days to think of what facing a fear meant to me. Some fears are obvious to us but, there are some deep rooted fears that we have conditioned ourselves to accept. Like throwing cards onto a table, I began to jot down everything I was afraid. The dominant fears were loneliness and the connection lead me back into the arms fearlessly into the past. I have healed because this morning I was able to think of all of my exes convictions he held against me.
I wrote about the battle of the ex in another blog. I am happy to declare my freedom from wanting to be with someone who never made me happy. He and I were like oil and vinegar. I belittled my personal being to be with what I thought I was worth. With my ex it always felt like the world was moving backwards. Now that I am free I am able to look forward. A better today leads to a better tomorrow. I am the type of woman who is always open to new experiences. It feels good knowing that my ex is no longer an afterthought as he was in the past. I am free from waiting for a better life because my better life is now. I can look at my future possibilities and become overwhelmed with joy.
What known hell have you decided to stay in? I want my readers to ask themselves this question. Also ask if the known hell is serving you. Try to create a list of all your fears and next to those fears add all the alternative possibilities of a better life from conquering those fears. If it’s a guy or girl you like, go for it. Rejection is a blessing hidden to better understanding the direction you have chosen to take. I can think of all the guys that have rejected me and now when I look back I know that I was better off without them. Those men I liked were nothing what I thought and the more I love myself the more I am able to see a better future filled with infinite and amazing possibilities.
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Random Lessons

I took a few days off from writing. I had so much on my mind that it eventually began to fail to correlate words. For the past week I couldn’t even complete a sentence when speaking to my customers. I do technical support for business customers and every word that was produced from my mouth came out as complete mush. The mind really does need to rest. Another issue which plagued my mind; I was starting to feel like I didn’t have any friends. I danced with this idea and shared how I felt with a friend. She advised that I write about what I was feeling. What I told her I will share in this blog. It is important for me to address the feeling of loneliness.
It was always difficult for me to maintain friendships. Most of the people I’ve crossed paths with I was never able to fully maintain a true connection. Friendships in my past were always temporary. I did have a small group of female friends but, they too were only in the moment friendships. As soon as any of us got into relationships the friendship was gone. As I grew older, I discovered for myself that friendships were more important than being with someone I barely knew even in the present. I am open to the idea of being in a relationship with an awesome guy who happens to love to play video games and who is spontaneous in a healthy way but, I have a better understanding of what a friend truly means.
A friend is someone who will always be there in your life even when they have their own lives to manage. A friend will share your viewpoints and have similar aspirations. A friend will encourage you when you are ready to give up on life. A friend will never look down on you when you stumble through hard times. I am very lucky to have met two amazing women who I am proud to say are my friends. I will never discredit the friends of my past. As I continue to grow in love my life will be molded with friends who match where I am headed. With certainty I know I am headed in a positive direction where all my wildest dreams come true.
Loneliness became the bane of my existence. In my not so distant past whenever I felt lonely I would call my ex or follow some destructive path that would lead to more of my loneliness. I thought that I was unworthy of having healthy relationships and that thought was displayed through my actions for many years. I distanced myself from getting to know other females because of events that happened with females I thought were my friends. One time my God sister called a mutual male friend and told him that he should never mess with me because I was dirty. She also told him that I had an array of diseases. I witnessed her saying this when the guy had me three way in on a conversation he was having with her.
One group of girls who were a little younger than I was tried to jump me. I have never been able to achieve or sustain  my ideal weight and one of the girls thought that it was ok to point out that I was fat and ugly. After I stood up for myself each girl ganged up on me. I was able to overpower their attack so, I ran to my car and in the end the girl who initiated the fight ran after me and threw a huge rock on my windshield. The rock nearly shattered my front window. Another incident involving my God sister was when she managed to convince everyone that I was jealous of her for not having a child. This was when we were teenagers. I learned at a young age people are easily influenced and having this knowledge can be frightening because many people will allow someone else to influence how they think.
For many reasons I’ve kept my distance from becoming or even maintaining friendships with females. It was always easier for me to connect with guys because they were so simple even though, I’ve had my issues with them as well. I am at a stage in my life right where I am open to connecting with people. After all of the mishaps in my life I am open to friendships. I am lucky I never closed that door because now I know some amazing people and I look forward to happy experiences. Yesterday I was able to hang out with people who love life. Calling someone friend isn’t important it is the experiences that you can create with people on the same path of wanting to enjoy life and all it has to offer.
I recall seeing the movie Eat, Pray, Love. The message of the movie helped me to see life differently. We can always reinvent ourselves. Sure, I’ve had some pretty rough experiences but, each experience made me stronger and every moment gives us all a chance to experiment different ways to enjoy life. If I am not laughing then I am not living and I understand that every moment won’t have happy endings but, good or bad its all worth the effort. I won’t allow my past to effect my future any longer.
I leave you with this advice. It’s ok to be fearful, but don’t ever allow fear to keep you from living life. With limited knowledge this is the only life we get why not enjoy every second doing what you love. Never allow the past to keep you distant from a better life waiting. What was will never serve what will be unless you authorize the past to effect your present. The present is all there is and until people realize this we will always be in danger of repeating our own history.
Long live rising above the hurdles also known as the issues of life. Thank you for visiting. If you like this post please press the like button or leave a comment. Also, feel free to share in the info box below.


Day 18 We Need to Heal

When you have been kicked down repeatatively it leaves more than just a scar. You feel you are better off alone because the pain of getting to know someone only for the relationship to expire because you’ve learned that person is nothing like what they presented in the beginning of the relationship is taxing to the spirit. The last relationship I was in temporarily solidified my own reasons to stay away from men. For the past 10 years I created the viscous cycle of breaking up and making up with my ex. When the relationship finally ended it was because I started to love myself. In my early 20’s I read this book by Juanita Bynum called No More Sheets. The book focused on her expereineces with different relationships and how those relationships taught her how important it was to heal. When we don’t heal every person we date will have similar traits of those who have hurt us in the past. It does not matter if the man or woman appears to respect you, it will end simply because you haven’t healed. Love leads to healing and I want to address why healing is important on the road to being happy. 

I mentioned how hard it was for me growing up in former blogs. To cope with the pain I always found ways to stay to myself. When I let people into my life they used me. For a very long time I used to always wonde why people would be so dismissive towards my feelings. I can recall many moments of crying in my room because I genuinely cared about people and their actions displayed the opposite of caring. I was raised to never judge a book by its cover. When I was exposed to the world the world taught me the opposite of how I was raised. When I began dating all of the men were 100% self-invested because I showed them I would sacrifice my happiness for them. To maintain control these men would tell me what I wanted to hear while showing me I would never be respected. 
To modify who I chose to open up to I would classify what I wanted from a man. However, I was never taught that classifying would not make a difference. When you live with spiritual pain anything you want will be a wolf in sheeps clothing. I once dated a guy who I believed was apart of my destiny. He worked as a Network Engineer for the US Naval Base, was goal orientated, funny, loved video games, was willing to watch movies like Twilight and Harry Potter with me, provided excellent conversation, was supportive of my goals and the sexual chemisty was inexplicable. He was perfect, except for one thing, I didn’t love myself. Because I did not love myself he too began to take me for granted. We stopped going out and when he felt like having me around he would call me over to be his 10 pm-2 am, aka booty call.
The answer to treat all of my former relationships was self-love. I can’t be angry over someone treating me like a dog. I had to take responsibility for my own actions. I introduced the perspective that I am the total package because I know how to love others and finally I’ve learned how to love myself the right way. Self-love is more than getting your hair and nails done or keeping up with the latest trends. When I began to love mysef I affirmed that nothing could ever break me because I was the only one who owned that power. I retaught my understanding of self-love. I don’t have to look for triats in a mate because my spirit will automatically match my self-worth. I am healed from everyone that I allowed to hurt me because I now know that I was conspiriing against myself. 

I urgently want people to know that love is the most imporant task for humanity. Like the two sides to life, love is also a two way street. Love is the answer to healing. To test where you are in the journey to self-love take a look at your surroundings and be reminded that everything on the outside is only a reflection of where you are spiritually. If you have been hurt in the past fix the pain by loving your spiritual being. When you began to love yourself be prepared for the battle because your love will be tested. Let love guide your actions for, with love you will find your healing. When we heal we can began making a difference in the lives of others. 
I wrote about healing today because I want to make a difference. I know that sometimes we all get scared to share our inner pain with people we know or those we don’t know at all. Because of this, I felt it was important to let anyone willing to read this blog know that I am no celebrity and I am on the same path that we call life. Tell yourself that the battle is already won. If you truly want your life to change then you have to actively change it. If you want the agony to cease, know that you are already healed by the power of love. 
To all my readers, once again, I thank you for visiting. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like me to discuss or would like to share your own experiences and advice please leave that info in the comments section. Also, click the like button and share with the links below. Finally, continue the path to happiness no weapon can conquer your faith because you are the key and the door to positive change. 
Be blessed with happiness, 

Day 17 The Spiritual Realm

I experienced three supernatrual events in my life. The first was at my great grandparents house in North Carolina. Every summer my sister and I would stay with my faternal grandmother. My cousins would also visit their grandmother who lived in my great grandparents house. A few nights my sister and I would spend the night to be with our cousins. The home was built a very long time ago and I always had and uneasy feeling when entering the home. One morning, I heard footsteps in the hall. I thought that my uncle was going to work so, I ignored what I heard. The sound of the footsteps kept getting closer as if moving in slow motion, it creeped. I carefully peered into the hallway and saw nothing. The only thing to protect myself from the unseen entity were my covers. I heard a noise coming from the backyard as if someone was tending to a barn. The entity stopped where I was sleeping and I could feel that someone was watching us all sleep. I shut my eyes and forced myself to fall asleep. That was the last time I ever step foot in that house. My cousins and sister would continue to have sleepovers but, I chose to stay with my grandmother and we would play Super Mario together. My second experience was at my maternal grandmothers funeral. Behind the casket there was a painted picture of her. I can remember crying because I didn’t understand the nature of death. I looked up at her picture and a light began to form. I thought the church was casting a light onto her picture but when I looked back I saw nothing. The light became brighter as if I was looking directly into the sun. This light, however, did not damage my eyes. Looking at the light I could tell that pain had no position wherever the light was coming from. At 9 I knew my grandmother was in a better place. After her death I began to see things that I still can’t explain. 
My third expereince continues today. When my soul is calm I am able to see past my own conscious understanding. I have dreams about events before they happen. This all began after my grandmother passed. She came to me in several of my dreams and the things she has shown me are only meant for me but, because of her I know a small fraction of my own destiny. Her wisdom and the trails of my life have taught me discernment. For a long time I suffered the consequences of never listening to the tresured wisdom within my spirit. There was no bloodshed. My ignorance was a lesson learned. 
I shared these events because I want to talk about the supernatural. I know a lot of people who rely on data. The unseen realm will never give any of us tangible proof of what we know we experienced. Growing up most movies I recall watching made spiritualism look like devil worship. Natives were one with the earth, air, fire and water so, I never understood how the recognition of the elements in spirtual form could ever be demonized. For years I acknowledged that we are poisioned by the programs we see on television, advertisements while driving, in movies and in music. Auto-suggestions have created various American cultures for generations. I feel that we are all persuaded to run away from spirituality and to only believe in what we can see. The results are confusion because we end up living out auto-suggestions and not our dreams which are tied to the spirtual world. 
I can only speak through my perspective but, the spiritual realm is real. Without spirituality I would not have hopes and dreams. My personal life was filled with suggestions to follow my dreams but, I chose to turn my attention to suggestions to live as a failure. Writing my blogs feels like free-falling. I have my safetysuit on but, I don’t know how it will all end. I just know I love to write and that is all that matters. The point I am attempting to make is that I once was scared of the spirtual realm. That fear kept me from tapping into the part of myself I was meant to share. 
Consider all of what the spiritual realm can teach you. I learned that ghost are just the energy left behind by humans who are no longer with us. God and heaven are real and I was blessed to see the light of a different realm. Loved ones no longer with us will guide us if we really want to deepen our understanding of the spirutal world. Spirituality taught me to love all that I am and I beleive that it can guide everyone closer to happiness. Keep in mind, understanding the spirit may require letting go of everything you think you know. 
I thank my readers for joining me today. If you have any experiences with the supernatural or any stories to share please leave your comments in the info box. Also, click like and share on the links below. 
Power to Happiness, 

Rebirth of a Dream

Mass graves of dreams untold

Keep quiet amidst the beat of a life on hold
Spiral deep into the belly of the beast
You lost control now get on your feet
Spirit tangled caught up in a lie
Believe its nothing but, surly “it” is worth the try
Freeway of waters rolled into the essence of peace
Boulders caressed in a love so sweet
Warm skin cooled from trying to sleep
Stars are meant to you burn can’t bury the heat
Life in a canvass
A masterpiece 
Dream little angel life’s a gift
Shadows reborn until you share what your meant


Feeling the web of this caught up emotion Tangled deep never linked to devotion 

Feel a like creep up in me  

Caught in a web I believe, too deep 

Treasure of a light passed grazed deep within the ocean 

Tether a tiny wave of mist I’m hoping 

Caught in an undying light feel the potion 

Mystify every hole drowned smiles of the ocean 

Tipping the top of the clock not coasting 

I’m everything you wanted and more secure devotion 

Believe in everything you need, self promotion 

Pretty sure you’ll let the time pass, locomotion 

Blinded eye designed self destruction

Tip your hat to the west quite the notion 

Sing everything you heard social posting 

Let the pain drive you mad deep into devotion