Guide to Self-Worth

I am smart

I am blessed

I am universally set

I am gorgeous with quick wit

I am creating time and space

I am strength

I am light

I surpass every fight

I am love

I am peace

I conquer all the beasts

I am magic

I am truth


I am youth

Feel the joy evict the pain

I am surely perfectly made


The Quiet

I began writing this yesterday. After reading the first few lines I decided to erase everything except the title, The Quiet. It is around 7 in the morning. I am sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by the sounds of nature from the open window in my dining room. The birds are chirping and the air climbing in through the window smells of sweet dew. It is fitting that last night I did a little forward thinking for, it is a quiet morning. I am one of those writers that works best with little worldly distractions. the world is so commanding of our attention daily. Some people don't have the time to take in their surroundings absent of the world. I could talk about how nefarious life can be but, today I want to focus on the importance of gratitude.

When I opened my eyes this morning I felt grateful to be able to see another day. I was thankful that me and my family were protected while we slept through the night. I got up did my usual morning routine and then went downstairs to check on my two cats Daisy Bruce and Brooklyn. My cats were fine, I started to wonder what time they decided to retire their night watch over the house. Daisy Bruce looked up at me when I went to check on him and as if I were a peasant, he slowly rolled his head opposite my direction and went right back to sleep. Brooklyn opened her eyes and looked at me and moved out of the chair she was sleeping in. I am grateful for these two mysterious beasts.

As the sun rose from the east I inhaled the essence of the functionality of my lungs. I am grateful for all my body does involuntarily through the powers of my subconscious mind. I am grateful that my mind expands daily with spiritual knowledge. I am grateful for abundance. I am truly grateful for the human experience. Life is good. There are so many layers of gratefulness for me. Day to-day, how many times do you stop the world and be grateful? Life is a poetic experience of duality and I believe that all good things will come when you are grateful. I can remember when I didn't understand the importance of being grateful. I used to believe that I should be grateful for a mediocre life. Abundance falls in line with surplus so, the term mediocre would be the antonym of abundance. When I made the decision to understand happiness my life turned around.

Everyday I hear people complain about what irritates them. Life happens to them and its never a different way. As I expand I realize I have been apart of a sea of limited thinkers. This has been my truth for much of my life due to the conditioning of my mind. I used to say "all things are possible" and  the word "but" would follow. If you stare at something too long you can lose focus. I was hell-bent on the idea that complaining was natural, you get out your frustrations and then,  complaining is released. But, where the complaining is released is whats  important. When you complain the energy flows directly back into your experience. When you say, "I am tired", it will be because your subconscious accepts the commands of your rational mind. If you say, "I hate my job" you will pile up more reasons to call in sick or take the easy way out and quit. A final example: If you say someone could never like a person like you, your belief will tailor to the personality of someone that person will not like.

How then do we combat self-condemnation? The answer is simple for, it is gratefulness that is the key. Think of all of the things you would like to be grateful for and before you say the words out loud understand that your wish will be your command. Words create the energetic experience we call life. What I learned in the quiet this morning was that if I want to have  an abundant life, I must be grateful in the things that breathe's more life into my earthly experience. When in the quiet you are confronted with the spirit within and I am thankful that I now live with peace in my mind, body and soul.

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Build strength in happiness,



Winter Sights

Snow falls in my life to rhythms I don't understand

I'm marching off the vibrational beats

All limited by a different world in the sand

The truth may hurt in the light

The maker will manifest in the fight

Ceasing all the lies we keep

Time for quiet

After we pour out what we weep

Closed lids of dreams in caskets

Morning comes when we remove artificial glasses

Even when we know what's true

We run to the fear while holding onto the blue

The sky is the reality of the dying

When we lose track we distract the world of the liars

Winter has finally made its exit

You'll never make time to second guess it.


The Meaning of Miya

Deep in the land of the lost

Lives a young girl given the named Miya

Miya wasn't pleased with her avatar for much of her life

So she picked and prodded with her outer appearance

One day Miya met a flea

The flea gave her grief and misery

The lies of the flea became her truth

Until she could make peace with the lessons of abuse

Golden leaves granted by her sacred home

Name of the enlightened one

Her happily ever after

Left for her to create dreams towards the path of the sun

This is only the beginning

Now she knows she won



And you know I adore you

I would do anything for you

Twisted lies so we won't cry

Erase the list of broken ties

I sit here in the dark and I can see

The rain erase the story of you and me

And I forgive all that we've done

As we move towards the sun

Twisted lies so we won't cry

Erase the list of broken ties

Twisted lies I'm getting by

Tangled hearts do wonder why

Hello, How ya doin'?

I've called to tell you how I'm really feeling

Became a piece of me in my darkest parts

This is my only way to tell you

You've got a special place in my heart

Twisted lies so we won't cry

Erase the list of broken ties

Twisted lies I'm getting by

Tangled hearts do wonder why

I believe in the day you'll really see me

I'll be bright and waiting for you

You'll be the moon and I'll be the sun

Our hearts will collide at the eclipse

Twisted and One.



The masters who have control of the minds

Will lead everyone down to paths in disguise

Twisted perversions of the mind

Life in 2-D of this multidimensional deadline

Emotions on a string pulled by images that lead to dust

The 7 deadly sins will cause a head-rush

Puppets told what to do and think

Build an empire or you'll sink

Spirits are starving for a change

Lost in confusion misused, in pain

The answers to life come with sunshine and rain

Life is a cycle get is right or you'll do it again.


I’ts Just a Suggestion

Today’s post will cover the powers of heterosuggestion. These are the suggestions that creep up like a dear friend who wants to guide us into a safe direction or towards destruction. Suggestions have the power to create cultures. Suggestions control’s the worldly definition of the falsified free will we are born with.  TV ads, movies, music, friends, family, talk radio and so on, suggests information for us to accept all of the time. We are given an array of choices to make which follows down different paths. The world gives us the kid in the candy store appeal so that we are alluded to believe that life gives us a carnival experience. Some things we like and some things we don’t. It all depends on the suggested intent. Just know this, we are always suggested on what we should think. The world makes us believe that we are not equal. The skin tone of every individual on this planet displays our indigenous origin in relation to the sun and that is the only difference. Internally we are all the same. There are two functions of the mind, rational and irrational. Or, as many may know, the conscious and the subconscious mind. When your conscious mind has not accepted these two functions as truth, our subconscious mind is open to the commands of its pursuer.

The first time I was called ugly was by this girl who ended up being my friend back in 3rd grade. From that day, due to my complete ignorance, I accepted this as my truth. I kept my head down all of the time, stayed in my room, and as I grew older video games became my medicine. I grew an intense comfort of being alone. This was not a bad idea, to be comfortable alone but, I know now that I chose being alone because I didn’t know how to relate to the world. The inception, I accepted that I was ugly. This idea stuck to me as if I had a price to pay. Ugliness was portrayed as my god and I willingly served the lord of the house of ugliness. When someone thinks less of me, it has nothing to do with me unless I accept their ideas of my worth. I am very happy I know this now because nothing can penetrate or perpetuate as truth unless I allow it.

Body, mind, and spirit act as one and the two outcomes are for these parts to be on one accord or in discord. Creation begins with the conscious level, the mind. Your mind is able to process information and then distribute that information to the subconscious or spirit. The spirit acts as the minds wing-man to distribute activity to all of the organs in the human body. The body is the evidence of conscious creation. As of today I learned that human beings are the cells of the earth and I hope I live to see the day for everyone to recognize we are stronger as one. The society created before us does not have to be our everyday reality. The news will report sadness and sadness emits a very low-frequency. Don’t allow your mind to be controlled to think we are living in a hopeless world because the only thing that is hopeless is the negative information we daily receive. Why give wings to the angel of death when we are all granted with the gift of life.

Can you think of times you have accepted heterosuggestion? Have you discovered that free will is for you to create your own reality? Find the time to become spiritually sound with truth. You will know truth because truth is love, it sets you free from conditional thinking. When any avenue in life suggests to you right or wrong, find the truth by spiritually exploring the perceptions, life experiences and conditions you have downloaded along the road of life. The most apparent form of perception comes from social and economic classes. You could have all the money in the world or you could be poor. The luxury would be the only difference because both would be lacking what’s most important in life and that is purpose. Do yourself a favor and stop adding more seeds to destructive thinking.   We either have or we don’t  and compartmentalizing the differences becomes the handicap. A poor man has little worldly possessions and may envy the rich man. The rich man may live the life of a king and his downfall would be to pity the poor man. The culprit is the suggestion of rich or poor because it creates an upper, middle, and lower class society.

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Power to Everyone,




Words are Spells

“Words are spells.  The words we say are tied to the storehouse called emotion. The music we listen to creates our personalities. Like wildfire, the ideas launched through the power of sound will spread to everyone who accepts the conjuring of the emotional tone of the song. Music can be a weapon or it can bring peace because as I have aforementioned, words are spells. “ ~

Miya P.

I am always preaching about the powers of the subconscious mind. Today, I would like to supply my amazing journey of the potential of the magic that is the subconscious.  I first want to start off by telling you how it works for me.  I first read The Powers of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy when two people I knew passed away in the same year far too young. They were great individuals who would do anything for those they loved.  The story of their lives were full and good-natured. I believe when a life ends a new one begins. Hearing about the type of people they were ignited the flame of purpose in me.  I wondered if I could start the infectious flame of unconditional love.

In my senior year of high school my guidance counselor told me that college would not be an option for me because thought my SAT test scores would not allow me to get into college, not even community college. For years I believed that I was not smart enough so, like most people who freely give up on what they want, I followed the alternative destiny of my life. Good thing destinations can change. 10 or so years later I had to get my diploma information from my high school. After passing security I was directed to the guidance counselor’s office. When I walked in the door to greet her a memory flashed; it was her. The counselor looked the same but, I could tell her face had weathered. I told her I was enrolling in college and she automatically knew the information I needed. What she said next blew me away. I was in the top ranking of my graduating class and my SAT scores were college eligible. She then asked why I did I wait so long to go to college.  I said, someone told me my scores weren’t good enough.

My subconscious mind allowed me to lose the will to follow my dreams. The day of my orientation at CCP I had to hold back tears of joy because I knew I was finally following what would be part of my purpose. I used the power of projecting positive thought by creating a vision board. I read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind several times, so much, I started to write on the pages the college courses required for me to obtain my degree. Today I opened the book to start reading it again. I smiled because I had written down all the college courses necessary for my degree.  I completed all of the courses and beyond my expectations, made the dean’s list. I see myself now and I have done so much more than I had hoped. Every day we rise to life anew.

I allowed the words of someone else to convince me I wasn’t good enough to offer anything to this world. For a long time I thought that I was destined to become a secretary, have nearly 10 children, and be married to a savior. I am happy I was able to speak with the woman who gave me her perspective of my potential back in high school. I was able to look at the lie formed against my potential and release it from holding me captive. I have many more lies to confront and now I can confront them with victory as my guide, not fear. The subconscious doesn’t need training for it will follow wherever your mind and actions go. I love this quote from the movie Metropolis by Fritz Lang, “The mediator between head and hand must be the heart.” Our emotional being is not complex also, it isn’t difficult to align the mind, body and heart. It isn’t difficult because we are in control of what the heart accepts.

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In The End It Does Matter, In Memory of Chester Bennington

There is something deep inside of me that keeps me from going to the next spiritual level. There is a lonely little girl who sits on the throne of my ability to grow strong and be happy with who I am. I have fixed outward appearances in the past and the modification has never cured the problem. I’ve had to walk down many roads of life mostly by myself. Abandonment has been downloaded into my DNA. Today, I choose for abandonment to be banished. In truth, when I focus my attention on the pain I collected throughout the years, I cry. This pain locked inside me causes me to blunder just like in a game of chess. I create so many barriers and in the end the barriers never protect me, I suffer. I really want to figure out what it is I need to do to change how I feel. When something is too hard I usually give up on it completely. The fear of failing or rejection keeps me from being able to step out of the illusory comfort zone I’ve created.

I should have begun this blog stating that this post would not be on a cheerful note. I feel that it is ok because I am working on connecting any dots to aid in making me whole. I feel my innocence was abused. I trust people openly and I want to become friends with anyone I meet. I don’t think about the possibilities that come along the way. I’ve never compartmentalized my social life. The motto of my innocence is family, friends and never foe or an associate. This innocence travelled with me from birth and like a thief in the night, pain locked it away. There are moments when it attempts to surface but, I feel that I have no control over my will when meeting new people so, much of the time I will stay to myself and not get close to anyway. Not to negate what I have learned from yesterdays post but, I don’t want to hurt anymore by what I call my foolish attempts of getting to know people. Be it outside of work or from work.

The life we live in today places rules on meeting people. We have to setup our lives as if every day is a game of chess and not happiness and rainbows. To many people my cheerfulness is unrealistic so, I am analyzed as someone they don’t understand. Much of the time people stay away from anything that complicates their understanding of the world and I am no different.

Once upon a time, I believed that we fought for our hopes and dreams. And because everyone prospers in the presence of joy, when I see someone in need I recognize my inner need for friendship. My innocence always believed anything was possible when I never gave up. Though I am trying to resolve my questions and the answers are reaching the surface, I believe this attitude illustrates why I constantly forgive others. I recognize that we don’t always understand what we do. When people shoot me down, they don’t know that I secretly feel the gun from the disconnect. I must take responsibility of feeling abandonment because it will only teach me to stay to myself and stay confined to the safety of my solitary life.

I’ve had little disruptions in being alone. All logic tells me to keep life this way if I want to be happy. If a rocket is ever to set forth out of the earthly atmosphere blasting into space it must have an ignition. A rocket is perfect posed in a museum however, how are we to discover outside of this world if we don’t spark the flame of exploration? I feel this way when I know I am fine all by myself but, the reflections in the world offer a different understanding. We should never place limitations on self-exploration. We are all one and if I am to explore myself I must ignite the innocence in me. The innocence that comes with no conditions yet so strong nothing could ever place it away like a caged bird ever again. This is the first time I’ve ever spiritually connected with Maya Angelou for, now I know why the caged bird sings.

I began telling the truth about my life through my blogs because I didn’t want to hide anymore. I am done with negatively spiraling my life where it doesn’t belong. Thoughts can make you prosper so, if I continue the negative trend the life in me will end when fear settles. What plagues me much of the time is knowing I live in a world where we are all free to create our own happiness or our own hell, there is always a choice. When I presented myself to the world my eyes were innocent. Neatly tucked away lay my innocence for years. Fear led me to believe I had life all figured out.

I know how the suicidal because they think they have a full understanding of the world.  People filled with dreams of a world where everyone loves one another without prejudice are often crushed because the world tells them that everything they thought they knew was a lie.  Why I keep going is far beyond the pain we all must endure. Out of the many reasons I believe my projections of happiness will give the instructions on how to save a life. I choose to not give up. When a life ends, it is because the journey is up. I don’t know when mine will expire but, as long as my heart beats I have to take care of my spiritual weaknesses. I must accept that I am filled with purpose, a dream creator. I was once told by a Catholic School teacher in 7th grade that loving everyone was impossible. If I could see him now I would tell him that my assessment of his ideas were incorrect.

The world will shoot you down but, I have learned it is best to respect that we are more than the world. Our personal projections of this collective consciousness does not have to end with sadness. When advances are misguided we can try or fly away. Martin Luther King stated, “We may all have come in in different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” I will remember this always when I feel like a risk is in the mist of my innocence. We are all one so, when I feel alone I can know that I can never truly be in the imagination of the way I defined alone in my past.

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To the spirit of truth,


RIP Chester Bennington March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017


We’re living in a world filled with smoke

Can’t take back anything tied to mysteries

And we cherish moments

Of the clouds we live

Torn down all the walls

And it was a lesson learned

Did we care to break away?

Or was it lavished in the hidden wish?

If we’re doomed for all despair then hope has no meaning

And life ends here

Hope prevails over all internal demons

When you believe closed hands become open and life drifts towards achieving.

Repetition helps the soul to become anew

Propel a cycle of positive change

The truth will be in the legacy you leave behind

For the world to see