On the Right Track

Every moment I don’t dwell in the past I am on the right track. This morning I was listening to a YouTube channel I follow called Infinite Waters Diving Deep by Ralph Smart. It is a great channel and has helped me so much on my journey. He discussed ways to get over someone you love who isn’t meant for you. He made a lot of interesting points about why we feel bruised when something has come to an end. I was in a relationship for a very long time with someone I wasn’t energetically in sync with. I love to write, talk about my different viewpoints on life, I am honest and I love to stay POSITIVE. My ex is someone who is my polar opposite. I’ve heard that opposites attract but, this is so not the case for he and I. After the many makeups and breakups between the two of us I finally was able to move on and be content with a life of infinite possibilities. This morning after I watched the video I was thrilled to discover that I am on the right track spiritually.

In part of the video the YouTuber discussed why we can’t get over things or people, it is because of the ego. Yesterday I sat back in my car at a local park. Nothing but, the sounds of nature surrounded me. I began to think about why I get upset sometimes when things don’t go as I would like. I came to the conclusion that it is my ego that needs to be tamed. So many times I have gotten upset at other people who said things or did things that offended me. I used to blame others for making me feel bad about myself. Yesterday I wrote about being tested and I dwelled on the lessons of life I have learned so far when my faith has been tested. What I gathered is that my ego has been the problem. The ego is 100% selfish. So often we blame others for how we feel when in truth it is only our selfish expectations .

I am not preaching that we should leave all of our expectations behind but, we need to greet each day with an open mind and then maybe things will always end up going our way.  Drive and Ambition is perfect for dreamers but, what stops us from connecting with what we really want can be the ego. As a child I idolized Jesus. What I learned about him that mattered most is that he never judged anyone negatively. Naturally throughout my life I never judged a book by its cover when it came to outward appearances. I can never say I am blameless for having expectations. There are many times in my past I’ve upset with other people for not meeting my wants or needs. I can think of all the years I wrote people off the book of my life who broke their promises and now I comprehend that I was completely selfish.

The video I watched this morning was confirmation that I am beginning to recognize my ego. In the future I hope that I will be able to manage my own selfish needs and take a step back to think about what the universe wants for my life.  In the future I will always remind myself that I will always align with my spiritual match and I expect that each encounter I have will grant me the gift of meeting different groups of people who will stay and or just be a meantime experience. It is all a learning lesson and I hold no animosity to anyone any longer, not even myself. I can now allow peace to be at the center of every decision I make and I must hold myself accountable for the expectations I’ve made in the past and in the future. I am also able to pardon any ill will that I’ve felt to all who’ve treated me with ignorance. Equally, I forgive myself for setting expectations for anyone besides myself.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope that you are able to digest what I wrote. This week think about your ego.  are you putting too much pressure people for how you feel? Think of ways you can understand your ego and if there are any adjustments that will help live out a better life.

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Live Selflessly,






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