Hello everyone, today I am extremely excited because I woke up with so many ideas for the Happiness Project brand . I wanted to update my readers on some changes to look forward to in the future. I will be disappearing from time to time but, it will all be for a good cause. Yesterday morning, I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Every morning he gives daily inspiration to his listeners and yesterdays message hit home for me. He talked about the importance of not giving up. He wanted his listeners to think of the outcome if they didn’t give up on a dream. So, yesterday I thought about what my life would look like if I did not give up on The Happiness Project/The Happy Nappy Project. I meditated on the idea of where my dream could take me and this morning I solidified on three projects to start working on that will take hard work and 100% dedication. I won’t discuss all of them but, I wanted you all to know what I will be up to moving forward.

The first one I will discuss. I recorded a video for my new YouTube channel that I called The Happy Nappy Project. For my entire life I have struggled with low-self esteem. I was called ugly, fat, stupid, some people would say extremely hurtful things and due to the harassment I thought I was less of a person. I tried to commit suicide a few times in my life and I only regurgitated what the world taught me to think of myself. I am at a point in my life now where I am done putting myself down. I know that only I can change my future circumstances and I want to help others who feel how I have felt for the majority of my life. At 36, I’ve learned that my opinion of myself in this world is all that counts and every outward perspective has nothing to do with how I should feel about me.

The second thing I have been working on is writing a fictitious story. I won’t go into specifics of what the story is about because it is something that magically came to me while writing in my journal yesterday but, I will say it is something that I am grateful for. I would love to see where my creativity can take me. I am thinking of assembling a crew to help complete this project. I need illustrators and editors and tons of advice. As I mentioned I will be scaling back from blogging and it is mainly due to this book I am working on. I am developing characters and different scenarios for my protagonist. I am proud that I am continuously growing creatively. This book is by baby to any other works of fiction I will release.

I will take the lyrics of 26 from my favorite band Paramore and say: “Hold onto hope if you got it. Don’t let it go if you got it. They say that dreamin’ is free and I wouldn’t care what it cost me.” When I first heard this song I took the advice of someone I call friend and began this blog. As of today I have conjured  many ideas that will come into fruition as long as God’s will and my will align. I am only hopeful for my future and no longer fearful as I once was for, I know that only I can stop my progression towards my current dreams and all of the dreams to come. I am extremely grateful to those who are kindred with what I am working towards. Happiness is more than moments for me. Happiness is a state of being we all can find in every situation. It is up to each individual to obtain our own level of happiness. I just want people to know that ONLY YOU have the power to implement positive change in your life and that change must start today, no exceptions.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. Once again, I am grateful. Click the like button or comment below. Also, please share with the links and I would love it if you followed my journey.

To the Art of Expansion,





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