If We Could….

There is something about you that’s so tribal

Instinct draws me to you and yet we can never be together

Between the quiet storm we move into the bliss and magical oblivion

Our hearts beat mellifluously approaching the depth of true love

Challenge me into something deeper

Both sides of the spectrum as we climb into a wish so tender

Light showers me into a world I want to know

Darkness leads us only into the sun

You inhale, I exhale nothing that we should ever give up

My ryhym I’ve been truly missing and if you blink twice I’ll allow you to miss this sweet kiss

Of my lips right here, waiting for you

Your Pocahontas no longer sleeping

Yes she waits

She waits


Singing the song of her universe

So powerful and with intent

If you could only hear what she has to say

Lost in another’s eyes

Can I ever get lost and lose track of the time? Time that we made together

This moment won’t be here forever

We are the candles in each other’s wind

Reach inside and take all that I’m freely giving.


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