Can’t Keep Holding Myself Back

Anger keeps us from spiritual elevation. When the spirit is high we can positively create our own reality. Yesterday a friend of mine grew angry with me because I wanted to write a story I have been working on and jot down different topics for my blog. My friend wanted me to sacrifice what I was doing because in their eyes writing was not going to make any money. It was pointless and more of a hobby. As a result of me wanting to do my own thing my friend became very angry and began blaming me for how they felt. Today I want to go into the details of the reasons why people get angry. I spoke on the importance of why one must learn to tame the soul. As said in the great 1927 film Metropolis, “The mediator between head and hand must be the heart.” I want to dissect the heart by focusing on the root of anger. I believe that people can investigate what they do, how they think and grow into knowing thyself. When you know thyself you are limitless and when you are limitless you find joy in all things.

I first want to say that I can only rely on how I think. I ran into many road blocks in my past because I thought from an outward point of view. In other words, I worried what people would think and I designed my actions from that notion. I thought about what would people think if I had grammatical errors or if I didn’t do proper research because personal perception holds little weight in the world we live in. I used to feel that I had to watch what I said because someone would think I was crazy for the way I see the world. I finally see that great artists model after no one but themselves and I am daring to become the greatest part of myself daily. Another thing of the past that has stopped me is I have not amassed great wealth therefore, why should anyone listen to me? I am free from this fear. I understand that I was given the life I have because God intends for me to flip my circumstances around by allowing the glory of God to work through me.  I am happy to say that I finally don’t care what people think, it has no effect on me and this post will be very Alpha Female driven. With that disclaimer, lets jump into Miya’s etymology of anger.

To understand anything you must start with its core. One of the simple ways for me to understand anger is to think simply. How do I feel when I am angry? And, what, if at all, am I allowing to cloud my judgement? It all depends on the situation for most of us. To better explain how I view anger I will give one example and then breakdown its definition. Truthfully, at this phase of my life there isn’t much that makes my anger get out of control. However, I am guilty for not assuming responsibility for every moment I lost control of how I felt. More importantly, I forgive myself for this. When I am lied to it inherently infuriates me owing to the fact that I always can determine whats true and whats false by a persons actions. As my mother has always said, “Believe half of what people do and none of what people say.”  I can only assess any situation at hand by a persons actions. Through actions you find what is really in a person’s heart. In my most recent past I took what I saw in a person’s heart and I followed the toxic vibe by returning ill will towards the person.  What happens next after I blame my anger on the basis of someone else’s lie, I began to validate their lies by internalizing what is obviously out of my control.

Once upon a time Miya thought that the way someone else felt was hers to manage. I cannot control what goes on inside the minds of anyone else but, mine. If someone lies to me they have their reasons and I respect their choice. I see now that my anger was only a translation of sadness because I knew the consequences could hurt that persons future and I want always want to protect those that play the fool. And it is with this compassion, I eagerly forgive others who trespass against me. The former side of myself took the disappointment and turned it into a double-edged sword. I placed my expectations on the individual who made me angry.  Then my dear old friend ego legitimized my anger towards my offenders. What kills the legitimization, I cannot control someone else’s perceptions or actions. I used to live my life believing I was supposed to react with greater ignorance. I have been truly humbled for, ignorance begets further ignorance. I can finally think outside of the spherical reality I created for myself. Thoughts and actions are formed by the matters of the heart. I grow slow in anger literally for a grudge will only hurt me in the end.

The willingness to not forgive and anger are coupled in unholy matrimony. This gives me more of a reason to grasp the taming of the shrew I call anger. When I am misled in the present I forgive. I’ve lived long enough to comprehend that every lie bears a heavy consequence because when we lie was are not being our truest selves. When we refuse to be true to ourselves the lie we have sewn becomes a tangled mess that hurts ourselves and has the power to permeate into the spirit of another. We were gifted with life to create and we must know that this gift comes with the power to kill or give life. It is important to be in balance with universal creation. Feelings change and people change so that day an offender is looking for forgiveness it is already given. Vengeance is not my concern in this life. I’ve learned to instantly forgive myself and not keep a record of wrong when someone goes astray from their truth. The dissection of my anger finally nestles into the greatest version of who I am. I am learning to be the alchemist in my life. The energy in motion while angry will mostly not serve me when the reactive consequences are not considered.

It is ok to feel anger. All emotions are a gift we get to experience. The gift of anger is enlarged when we learn that emotions are something we can control and not a result of something that happens outside of our authority. In other words, when our finger is cut we can say that it hurts and focus on that idea or we can turn our attention to knowing that we are already healed. At 36, I appreciate that the now holds all of the content of who I will become. The REASON for anger hangs only above the doorstep of the spirit and it is within our power of how we will use that energy. We now know that we create our  physical existence. In life anger points to injustice or justice and my life experience allows for me to responsibly establish the difference. My advice for this week: Think of all of the people or things that make you angry and dissect how you feel to find a way to make your anger work for you. Find forgiveness for that is the key to life. My path in life is to find balance for myself and reflect that balance so that I am able influence someone else to make a difference and spread the message of love, peace and happiness to the world.

With great appreciation, thank you for visiting and reading my thoughts today! It is true, I have little time to focus my attention on what people think about me. My path is to enlighten by being the salt of the earth. However, I appreciate all responses and I hope that I am able to help others learn how to find value in remaining in the atmosphere of joy through all circumstances in this journey of life. I want people to live spiritually free from the issues of this world. I care for the known and the unknown and I am grateful I have always had a childlike heart. Love is universal and has no conditions and I will preach the message of love until my last breath. If you like this post and/or want to leave comments or suggestions for anger management please do so, I am always open to view the perceptions of others. Also, follow the Happiness Nappy Project and please share with the links below.

Living Free from Emotional Prisons,







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