The Secrets to My Desires

Desire…….Desire connected directly to my gut

My gut turns into hunger

The hunger begs for sin

And the sin leads to my death

Apple pie and cinnamon sugar sends a shock into my system

The medical scene has a name for it

And they call it diabetes

I guess you are no good for me?

Gluttony can never be satiated

A taste for the palette that begs for more

What are my wages for?

Why do I feel so guilty?

Was the sweat off my back not enough?

SO many questions and only my inner being has the manners to answer

What will I give up for the floating city over the capital of wrong and right?

I looked left but, my wings sung a song to me forcing me to believe that I was broken

So I gave up for a lie that told me I wasn’t worth it

True love is what formed my authentic purpose.

Desire… You are not enough

I am only to be merrily connected to a calling that could only be materialized by my one and only maker.

How will I know? I question myself about the places I am afraid to take the unrecognized next step

Fear, it will always lead us to where we should be

Desire…. You could never control me.


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