Day 11 Peace 

Yesterday I went to the Jersey shore with my family. It was an idea I came up with Friday while talking to my mother. One of the many things I am learning on this journey is to spend more time around the people I love; my family. Not only spending time with people I love but, venturing off to various places with them. As you may have learned from my previous post, I had the spirit of a great adventurer in my childhood. As I tap deeper into life I am diving into my inner child. There were many great moments I took from yesterday to hold into my memory. One of the greatest are the moments my nephew and I shared. How can I not respire peace when the ocean is there as an example.
The life we get is filled with duality. Life and death are the choices we are given. What turns this into severe meloncholy is when we allow our humanity to break down the two only to be left with a multitude of layers. The layers we create will work for us or against us so, it is important to understand the powers we all individually hold. We are the magicians in our own lives and we should do our very best to find peace in all things. My nephew and I allowed the sand and the waves to join us in our sacred memory. We talked about the waves and how important it is to understand nature. I believe that we are the seeds that need to be reminded of the significance in knowing where we really come from.
When we know where we come from we can have a better sense in the directions we have taken and will continue to take in life. I have already addressed the role we play at controlling our emotions. When you have learned that you hold all the power of guiding how you feel, you know that peace is essential because life and death are the choices we are given. Peace is the golden treasure worth searching for; it turns every tragedy into a beautiful melody and enables you to tatoo in your mind, body and spirit the importance of protecting self-love and love for others. Having peace means you are able to be still in all condtions.
Yesterday the ocean taught me the true essense of peace. All of these years I’ve never truly understood what peace being still meant. In my new wallk, I now know that peace is the unbreakable ship that can withstand catastropic storms. Peace will allow you to go with the flow while holding onto your spiritual strength. Peace is the thing that will make you unbreakable. I beseech my readers to get peace if you have not already made this a mission. For those who have walked the walk I would be so grateful if you would share your experiences. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts. If you like my content follow me on my journey also, click like, and comment below to share your thoughts.


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