Day 9 & 10 The Rational Mind and the Creative Mind

​ I woke up at 2:00 am yesterday morning with so many thoughts racing through my mind. I experience this daily and this is the reason why I write. I looked at my phone and saw the messages I had missed. I thought about playing one of the games on my phone until sleep decided to capture my consciousness but, the light from my phone was too intense. After tossing and turning a few minutes, for what felt like hours, I was finally able to focus on one thought. I started to think about the difference between the rational mind and the creative mind. The mind works to protect itself from jumping off the deep end. When people are too rational they become their own worst enemy. They will judge according to fact and leave passion out of any argument. On the other hand, if a person is too creative their mind will only see an illusion. These types of people you may see in mental asylums or worse, commit suicide. There can be an equal balance of the two.
When I was a little girl I used my imagination often. In my preschool years I can remember pretending to be the star of the Nutcracker and I would dance in front of the tree to the tune of the Sugar Plum Fairies. I remember I would tell people that I was invisible so they could not discover my super powers. And, when I first watched Dirty Dancing I would dance on our banister like I was Baby and the banister was Johnny. I had so many adventures when I was a kid. It will always make me laugh when I think of those times. Rationality swooped in from the mouth of my sister when she told me Santa Clause wasn’t real. My heart was broken and I am certain that was the day I decided she was evil. Like bags in an attic, I packed up all of my illusions and never looked back until this present day.
In life we must grow up and allow the rational brain to step in and rule our decision making to an extent. I’ve learned that the rational brain gives us the protection we need against the world and ourselves. But, to what extent should we implement rationality? When people are too logical passion is released from their decisions. In my opinion, this is a gift many of us don’t have. I also feel that it is a curse because logic applies to theory and a theory is just an educated guess. When you strip away the human definition a theory is just an idea some nobody made up and then this nobody graduated to public importance so the sheeps would follow suit. I digress, if you are too theorhetical lighten up a little and alllow some passion in and then guide them to your dreams. Don’t allow what you know, because its only what you think, to keep you from becoming the best version of yourself.
Everyone who knows me will know that I am very emotional. My emotions are married to creativity. When I allow my emotions to get out of control I put on the performance of a lifetime. Blessed is the day I learned how to balance what I feel and what I know. If something is making me sad I consider the idea, process what I feel based off facts, realize that my facts have so many other possibilities and base my decision on what will spiritually improve my life. I operate the same way with happiness because if I am not careful I could allow a thing or person to displace self improvement. I really think my idea fits for every person on the this planet. Being your best self improves life universally. Your drive and spirit will uplift someone else and for this very reason my writing to the world means everything to me.
Thank you to everyone who accepted the invitation into my heart and being open to reading about my ideas of happiness. I really hope that the people who have already achieved the goals I am searching for will visit to share their life lessons because, as I am learning, there are people who will flourish from your wisdom. The idea of not imparting wisdom is criminal. If somene doesn’t listen to me then they weren’t supposed and I will never stop sharing my truth. This is a walk and thank you for taking it with me. Please comment below and share your own ideas to aide in my riot for happiness.


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