The Quiet

I began writing this yesterday. After reading the first few lines I decided to erase everything except the title, The Quiet. It is around 7 in the morning. I am sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by the sounds of nature from the open window in my dining room. The birds are chirping and the air climbing in through the window smells of sweet dew. It is fitting that last night I did a little forward thinking for, it is a quiet morning. I am one of those writers that works best with little worldly distractions. the world is so commanding of our attention daily. Some people don't have the time to take in their surroundings absent of the world. I could talk about how nefarious life can be but, today I want to focus on the importance of gratitude.

When I opened my eyes this morning I felt grateful to be able to see another day. I was thankful that me and my family were protected while we slept through the night. I got up did my usual morning routine and then went downstairs to check on my two cats Daisy Bruce and Brooklyn. My cats were fine, I started to wonder what time they decided to retire their night watch over the house. Daisy Bruce looked up at me when I went to check on him and as if I were a peasant, he slowly rolled his head opposite my direction and went right back to sleep. Brooklyn opened her eyes and looked at me and moved out of the chair she was sleeping in. I am grateful for these two mysterious beasts.

As the sun rose from the east I inhaled the essence of the functionality of my lungs. I am grateful for all my body does involuntarily through the powers of my subconscious mind. I am grateful that my mind expands daily with spiritual knowledge. I am grateful for abundance. I am truly grateful for the human experience. Life is good. There are so many layers of gratefulness for me. Day to-day, how many times do you stop the world and be grateful? Life is a poetic experience of duality and I believe that all good things will come when you are grateful. I can remember when I didn't understand the importance of being grateful. I used to believe that I should be grateful for a mediocre life. Abundance falls in line with surplus so, the term mediocre would be the antonym of abundance. When I made the decision to understand happiness my life turned around.

Everyday I hear people complain about what irritates them. Life happens to them and its never a different way. As I expand I realize I have been apart of a sea of limited thinkers. This has been my truth for much of my life due to the conditioning of my mind. I used to say "all things are possible" and  the word "but" would follow. If you stare at something too long you can lose focus. I was hell-bent on the idea that complaining was natural, you get out your frustrations and then,  complaining is released. But, where the complaining is released is whats  important. When you complain the energy flows directly back into your experience. When you say, "I am tired", it will be because your subconscious accepts the commands of your rational mind. If you say, "I hate my job" you will pile up more reasons to call in sick or take the easy way out and quit. A final example: If you say someone could never like a person like you, your belief will tailor to the personality of someone that person will not like.

How then do we combat self-condemnation? The answer is simple for, it is gratefulness that is the key. Think of all of the things you would like to be grateful for and before you say the words out loud understand that your wish will be your command. Words create the energetic experience we call life. What I learned in the quiet this morning was that if I want to have  an abundant life, I must be grateful in the things that breathe's more life into my earthly experience. When in the quiet you are confronted with the spirit within and I am thankful that I now live with peace in my mind, body and soul.

I thank you for joining me on my adventures in the quiet. If you like this post or would like to share your experiences please do so, all comments are welcome. Follow my journey of happiness and also feel free to share with the links below.

Build strength in happiness,




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