I’ve Got a Feeling

"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable."

                                                                                                                                  ~Walt Disney

I woke up this morning screaming. I had a dream that I went over my ex's house and he had purchased hermit crabs. The hermit crabs started to rapidly reproduce and they were scattered all over the floor of his home. I didn't fear them so, when my ex asked me to pick up the crabs to put them in their cage  I could not because fear, there were too many. The hermit crabs were out of control and they began crawling up my leg and then the most dreadful thing happened, one crawled into my rear end and there was nothing I could do to get it out of me. Like a jolt of lightening I woke up screaming as I opened my eyes. I could hear some children's program on the television in the fog of my conscious awareness. The sound was so loud and jarring I got up to turn my television off and peace was restored in my kingdom, aka my room. I thought of going back to sleep but, I've already created the idea that once I am up there is no way I can go back to sleep. This idea will stick with me unless I call this daily function to disappear.

I was excited to go down into the quiet kitchen where I can always hear the friendly chirps of the morning birds and write about the very brief but, intense dream I had. The dream was probably only five minutes but, it felt like it transcended time and space. Time has no distance in the world powered by the subconscious being. The same being allowed me to feel the travels of the hermit crabs as the crawled up my legs. Also, I could hear there claws clapping swiftly against the floor like they were a tiny audience applauding and dancing to a melody that only the hermit crabs understood. Finally, when one crab gnawed its way to enter me the dreamy state of my conscious mind checked out to say hello to the world.

The subconscious is wondrous and majestic. I marvel all its ways and because of this I can't turn away from the secrets unlocked for the disposal of my conscious self. I find it fascinating that I was able to feel and hear the songs of the hermit crabs and their symbolic relation of what I think, what I say and what I do in reality. To me, this proves that the subconscious controls the intercepted ideas and relates these interceptions back into our reality. I think therefore I am (Rene Descartes). This is grade-A knowledge which enables us to infinitely create the world we want. It is amazing to reference great artists for inspiration but, know that the universe wants us to discover and love the creative genius we are destined to be in this world

I will harper on the importance of reorganizing the way I think because thoughts become reality. By the power of divine inspiration we become healers and instantly erase fabricated years of the mind controlling world we are born into. What matters most are the thoughts we launch into the world we see. We only see by the power of mind, body and spirit. I really want people to know we are free and we don't have to ever question what will make us happy because you and ONLY YOU can energetically shift all the elements of the universe around you. Trusting in what we see robs us of our birthright to be extremely powerful beings. Never allow lies to slip through the cracks of your belief's. Fortify your beliefs with the knowledge that you are the grand wizard of your life.

I will end this blog with something for you to think about. Walt Disney knew the secrets of the universe. In Fantasia Walt Disney used mickey as his avatar to control the wonders of the universe and by doing so his manifestations were wondrous. You have to be solely committed to understanding how the universe works through mind, body and spirit.  He also allowed viewers who understood the message of the story he told through his art to see how easily it is to manifest disaster when you don't understand the ways of the universe. When thoughts are in one accord you create the most beautiful melody and the world around you becomes the evidence of the things unseen. Now I know without any doubts that from my mouth flows rivers, valleys, lakes, life, art, love, master of the arts, creator of the universe and the list will continue to flow throughout the river of the life I create. If you want to be a billionaire you have to emotionally cast billion dollar ideas and you will certainly create billion dollar experiences. The universe is ours to orchestrate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today, I am eternally grateful. I hope that as you read all of my entries you get to experience the start of my journey to finding joy in all things. This journey has been very exciting so far. Click like, and feel free to exchange your own stories and comments. Also, feel free to share with the links below.

For the Knowledge of Creation,


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

~Nikola Tesla


The Power of Three

The term as above so below sticks to the place where I keep key phrases tattooed on my heart. When I got up this morning the first thing I saw were these three pictures I have not seen in a very long time. It was pictures of the senior prom I went to with the only boyfriend I had in high school. It was his senior prom, I did not go to mine because my last year of high school I moved back to Philly and went to the only available neighborhood school. The pictures were set up on my keyboard in the shape of a triangle. Through divine inspiration I went downstairs and started to draw triangles with circles in my notebook titled, Book of Positive Aspects. Then I said to myself, blessed be. The cone shaped world we live in describes the geometric perfection of the triangle.

Lately I have been feeling like I unlocked this sacred secret. I’ve embraced my calling because once upon a time I was too afraid of what I know I am called to do in this life. My destiny is in alignment with seeding truth and light to souls who are lost and I recognize this begins with mine own. I came to love all that I touch and once again this all is formed from within. When you know that all of life seen and unseen are perfectly balanced by logic and spirit the internal world can no longer war with demons because perfect balance is your true strength. The perfect balance is the equality of yin and yang. Reason and emotion can flow perfectly from within us when we understand the elements and laws of nature. I’ve parted with old ways that were attached to ignorance and my perish. Life is only a mystery when we don’t recognize that we are responsible for the world outside of us and equally responsible for the world within.
Before I went to bed last night I told myself, “Miya you will write a masterpiece.” I woke up knowing I have within me to create my own Huffington Post. The word “will” used to mean “won’t”. Every time I said “will” I always felt doubt behind it. I know I would waste my time in trying to discover why I did this because the why doesn’t hold any weight in me changing in the now. “Will” to me now holds so much power. “Will” is creation and not my worlds definition of things to come. As the bible states “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth (the physical body) as it is in Heaven” (the spiritual body) (Matthew 6:10 KJV). Will is the immediate action of things to come right now. Just as each letter is formed from this pencil, the will are my thoughts, the action is in my hand and I magically manipulate time and space by creating words that flow using the elements of the energetic connection between the pencil and the paper.

We are all creators The triangle helps me to understand how my mind views and creates my world. When you add the circle in the middle of a triangle you are able to see the cycle of life. The song Circle of Life from Disney’s 1994 movie The Lion King has more meaning to me now. In order to create you must place a marker and declare that the only hemisphere that matters is the network of your mind, body and soul.
The Arch of creation is this:

Infinity transfers through time and space in the as above, so below world we create. Infinity is the life force that we call God. “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31) We are designed with and by the presence of God. So, it is us who holds the power to create War and Peace. When you wake children up in the middle of the night confusion is expected by the little ones in the dark until they began to focus. The little ones are guided by the shadow of the sun so, what’s innocent can never be lost.
Thank you so much for reading my blog today. A little wisdom I impart: Life doesn’t quit until you live out your destiny. Destiny is the balance of mind and body and the spirit holds the power of what we do and aligns with who we become. Comment below and share your own wisdom. Also, click the like button and share with the links below.

Take Control of the Cycle,

Finally fell from cloud 9



Your footsteps mark the fall back
Graduated never faded so fall back
Mystery in the need to bleed
Took everything you thought in
present day, victories in tall stacks
Never dissipate to legends in small fortunes
Glisten the dream in your heart for legends
Terrified to cry in Krispy Creme leads and all of the organic's too quick for the mathematics, the potion is what we dream
Everyday's about making history
Fear the light cause you know he's listening
Climb the shadows it doesn't matter until the weathers in different oceans
I write 'live' never to shatter
You see my life and you think it's all together
I respect the fight for the place called heaven
And I know you'll never try to hide much when we live the game we see a different side of the spectrum
Feel sunk in for the moment but, I know I've made it out and I own it, love
We want it all for The weekend
or we'll do it for the sake of sin


Today I imagined that I was driving down a dark road. I couldn’t see anything and the headlights of my car had flickered out. This is what my memory has been like over the past few years. I used to be able to conjure up words from my mouth without delay. As time has passed my memory checks out on me when I need it most. Being a writer and having memory loss does not go hand and hand. I refuse to think that it is due to my age because I am still relatively young, I am in my 30’s. I do have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease but, again I am too young to claim the symptoms that rob the mind of what it knows. Not long ago up until my mid 20’s I had expansive cognitive capabilities. When I write my daily blogs sometimes it can be a struggle to think of my own word play and isn’t so much the use of different words that expand my vocabulary, it is everyday sentence structure which effects my ability to allow complete and coherent sentences to flow through my mouth and from my mind. Beyond aging I believe there are three things that contribute to memory loss. Nutrition, lack of sleep and the polluted environment.

I am a huge conspiracy theorist so, I have beliefs that are alternative to the “facts” we are given. I start with nutrition because I have personally experienced the effects mal-nutrition has on the brain. When I mostly eat raw vegetables and fruits I lose weight and I also think clearly. My vocabulary expands and I have very little issues with remembering what I have to say from one sentence to the next. There were a few times in my life when I decided to go vegan. Being a vegan can be one of the greatest and most rewarded challenges we can take in life. For a few months, even during the holidays, my veganism was not an issue. I knew all mal-nutrition that exists in most of the foods we eat are due to hormone injections and other horrors so, it was easy to turn away from anything that was not good for my mind and body. I jumped back into the saddle of not eating well not because of finances but, I live in a city and most cities are deserted form having options that are healthy. In the city you will more than likely see Chinese food restaurants, corner stores that sell salty bags of chips or surgery sweets, pizza shops, liquor stores and most of the markets lead in selling genetically modified products.

Harvard Health Publications conducted a study on memory loss and nutrition. The facts reported left me astonished. The study discovered that the Mediterranean diet have foods that are high in healthy unsaturated fats which includes, olive oil, fish and nuts. This diet has been linked to lower the rates of dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease and also mild cognitive impairment. When you go into an inner city minority neighborhood healthy foods are slim-pickens. Most of the fruits and vegetables available are heavily sprayed with pesticides and due to lack of demand, the supply of healthy options in lower income communities remains scarce. The people perish due to lack of knowledge (Hosea4:6). My cognitive functions are strongly rooted in where I come from; my environment.

According to brainfacts.org, by using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) researchers were able to see a dramatic difference of brain network activity from a brain that was sleep deprived verses a brain that wasn’t. Several brain networks that control cognitive and behavioral functions were negatively affected. I can achieve my greatest-self daily as long as I get enough snooze time. I am more alert, my mood is optimal and I can make quick decisions that won’t negatively impact my life or those apart of it. I know that when I am deprived of sleep I am more emotional and I cannot think of what I have to say and I start downing my intelligence. Having a job where I am forced to step out of the comfort of silence can make my daily tasks challenging. Sometimes when I explain things to my customers or other people I can forget quite easily the subject we are discussing. On the emotional end, I tear myself down. I say to myself that I am ugly and I start adding a load of negatives. I am stoked that I now know how to turn negatives into positives with my spin around wizardry (positive prospects).

The conspiracy for me begins with the idea that we live in a very corrupt society. We all breathe the same air, or do we? I was reading The New York Times article, How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain. There have been studies that proved that the people who live in urban developments have a higher risk for anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. On the other side of the picket fence, those who live in communities where nature is as close as their backdoor are less likely to develop mental disorders (Reynolds). These studies were able to show that urban city dwellers were more likely to development mental disorders. I think that the powers that be know this and keep the truth hidden so people who live in the city will attribute their negative environment to lack of motivation and financial disadvantage. By planting more trees on every city block it can improve the emotional dynamic of the neighborhood.

What we remember takes the throne of who we are to the world with and without and memory is important to happiness because of this. This world is be very abrupt to call people stupid based off what they know. I am judged constantly by others and I know this is something I cannot control. I think the powers that be know that these factors create cultures that are lazy and who are ignorant to see life optimistically. To be absent of the spirit is to live life as a mindless drone. I could be completely wrong but, I do know this: We are all born into a world where systems of separation exist. Absent of the ways of the world we are one, there is no difference. Memory is important just so we don’t lose track of how the world works and how we should all operate within the world.

The only price we pay is going through life figuring out what’s real and what’s fake. I thank you for joining me on this journey today. My own story is the gift I give so, please feel free to share your experiences by adding comments and clicking the like button. Also, follow my journey and feel free to share with the links below.

Remember the truth










Mental Exercise at the Wissahickon

On Sunday I drove to my favorite place in the city, Valley Green, to take pictures and to observe my surroundings. To sharpen my linguistics I described every detail of my travels to the park. The road was long and the atmosphere was filled with excitement as I descended into Valley Green. I felt as if I were being transported back in time. I could feel the energy of all of my experiences .I instantly recalled moments I had with my best friend. We used to explore the park and as light and dark go perfectly together we made Valley Green our home away from home. I recalled moments I used to entertain my curiosity with nature. Fear is what took the magic away from this place when I saw a family of raccoons. I‘ve had a fear of raccoons for a very long time and because of my fears the ties I had with nature were temporarily severed. I take full responsibility for the lack and limitations I produced in my past. Now is the time to dwell on abundance and strengthening my mind. Now is the time to exercise the mind in ways that turns opposite of madness.

As soon as I parked and got out of the car I looked behind me and could see indentations of mud holes filled with rain. I looked up at the trees as I stretched and set my mind on the adventure of exploring alone. The atmosphere was heavy with the energy of families, friends, everyday joggers and cyclists. Looking around I saw no difference for, everyone became one. The scenery of the park is always perpetually welcoming. As I walk past cars to get to the main trail I see the Valley Green Inn and its horse stable. After the construction of the turnpike the Inn, which was erected as a hotel in 1850, gave those who wanted to marvel the parks beauty a place to rest and eat. Though I came here to take pictures, I strongly believe my spirit was guided here to learn a valuable lesson in the importance of exercising the mind.

As I mentioned me and my best friend used to come to Valley Green. We imagined we were great explorers like The Goonies or Laura Croft. I decided to take pictures of anything that was the symbolism of our friendship. I walked about a half mile to take pictures of this small waterfall and a historical landmark, the Livezey house. This scenery held a few fond memories that she and I shared. To get to the waterfall you have to walk down decrepit and steep stone steps. The fear of falling mysteriously crept into my head space. That fear made me hesitate a little and I had to decide to dedicate my life to fear or take a chance. This decision I felt connected with everything I am afraid of, be it the opinions of others, being a successful writer, or building new friendships.

Chances are there for the taking so, I took a chance and walked down the broken steps. The staircase was surrounded by foliage. I took a lot of pictures of the waterfall. It was nice to be up close to the water and not have the fear of falling. I am a great swimmer and I am cautious so, unless my dark and wild imagination took over, I knew I would be fine. I had a sense of accomplishment because I chose to be fearless. After I was done I started to think that going up would be the hardest part. I had to exercise positive thought with every step I took going back up. I felt my lungs burning and I was out of breath. I didn’t want to sit down when I reached the top so, I hunched over so I could catch my breath. After that I walked over to a bench so I could rest my leg and describe how I felt and the lesson I learned.

I was instantly liberated from the fear of doing anything that pertained to the solo chase of life. Fear is worth exploring because when you break through the fear you can proudly wave your flag as proof you have conquered. Mind, body and soul need to be constantly exercised. If the mind is free or imprisoned by emotions it can’t comprehend. When the mind is able to manipulate how it feels to spin a negative into a positive, it can weather through internal wars. The discord of negativity will crowd your personal space if you allow it. When you know you are responsible for how you think you have a clear understanding that thought transitions into what people say or do. Our eyes gives us life in cycles frame by frame. The reality you see is based on the preconditions of the mind. When you panic in darkness it is because you trust your eyes too much. Know that you can only adjust what you see by changing how you think.

Let’s all get physical and exercise our minds to seed positive thoughts. The mind is the storehouse of the reflections of our outer world. Be the alchemist and start with the world within. We have all heard the question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” I would have to say the egg came first. With the egg I am able to store all of the nutrients possible to create a perfect world. I learn something new every day when I walk in the spirit of happiness. I testify that life does change for the better when you allow love and happiness to be the judge and jury of your thoughts.

Thank you for reading today. This week mentally challenge any negative thoughts that lead down easy street. Strengthen the tactics of the mind to prove that no weapon formed against you will prosper (Isaiah 54:17). Follow my journey, click like and comment on today’s blog. Also, share with the links below.

Many Blessings,



The Quiet

I began writing this yesterday. After reading the first few lines I decided to erase everything except the title, The Quiet. It is around 7 in the morning. I am sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by the sounds of nature from the open window in my dining room. The birds are chirping and the air climbing in through the window smells of sweet dew. It is fitting that last night I did a little forward thinking for, it is a quiet morning. I am one of those writers that works best with little worldly distractions. the world is so commanding of our attention daily. Some people don't have the time to take in their surroundings absent of the world. I could talk about how nefarious life can be but, today I want to focus on the importance of gratitude.

When I opened my eyes this morning I felt grateful to be able to see another day. I was thankful that me and my family were protected while we slept through the night. I got up did my usual morning routine and then went downstairs to check on my two cats Daisy Bruce and Brooklyn. My cats were fine, I started to wonder what time they decided to retire their night watch over the house. Daisy Bruce looked up at me when I went to check on him and as if I were a peasant, he slowly rolled his head opposite my direction and went right back to sleep. Brooklyn opened her eyes and looked at me and moved out of the chair she was sleeping in. I am grateful for these two mysterious beasts.

As the sun rose from the east I inhaled the essence of the functionality of my lungs. I am grateful for all my body does involuntarily through the powers of my subconscious mind. I am grateful that my mind expands daily with spiritual knowledge. I am grateful for abundance. I am truly grateful for the human experience. Life is good. There are so many layers of gratefulness for me. Day to-day, how many times do you stop the world and be grateful? Life is a poetic experience of duality and I believe that all good things will come when you are grateful. I can remember when I didn't understand the importance of being grateful. I used to believe that I should be grateful for a mediocre life. Abundance falls in line with surplus so, the term mediocre would be the antonym of abundance. When I made the decision to understand happiness my life turned around.

Everyday I hear people complain about what irritates them. Life happens to them and its never a different way. As I expand I realize I have been apart of a sea of limited thinkers. This has been my truth for much of my life due to the conditioning of my mind. I used to say "all things are possible" and  the word "but" would follow. If you stare at something too long you can lose focus. I was hell-bent on the idea that complaining was natural, you get out your frustrations and then,  complaining is released. But, where the complaining is released is whats  important. When you complain the energy flows directly back into your experience. When you say, "I am tired", it will be because your subconscious accepts the commands of your rational mind. If you say, "I hate my job" you will pile up more reasons to call in sick or take the easy way out and quit. A final example: If you say someone could never like a person like you, your belief will tailor to the personality of someone that person will not like.

How then do we combat self-condemnation? The answer is simple for, it is gratefulness that is the key. Think of all of the things you would like to be grateful for and before you say the words out loud understand that your wish will be your command. Words create the energetic experience we call life. What I learned in the quiet this morning was that if I want to have  an abundant life, I must be grateful in the things that breathe's more life into my earthly experience. When in the quiet you are confronted with the spirit within and I am thankful that I now live with peace in my mind, body and soul.

I thank you for joining me on my adventures in the quiet. If you like this post or would like to share your experiences please do so, all comments are welcome. Follow my journey of happiness and also feel free to share with the links below.

Build strength in happiness,



Winter Sights

Snow falls in my life to rhythms I don't understand

I'm marching off the vibrational beats

All limited by a different world in the sand

The truth may hurt in the light

The maker will manifest in the fight

Ceasing all the lies we keep

Time for quiet

After we pour out what we weep

Closed lids of dreams in caskets

Morning comes when we remove artificial glasses

Even when we know what's true

We run to the fear while holding onto the blue

The sky is the reality of the dying

When we lose track we distract the world of the liars

Winter has finally made its exit

You'll never make time to second guess it.


The Meaning of Miya

Deep in the land of the lost

Lives a young girl given the named Miya

Miya wasn't pleased with her avatar for much of her life

So she picked and prodded with her outer appearance

One day Miya met a flea

The flea gave her grief and misery

The lies of the flea became her truth

Until she could make peace with the lessons of abuse

Golden leaves granted by her sacred home

Name of the enlightened one

Her happily ever after

Left for her to create dreams towards the path of the sun

This is only the beginning

Now she knows she won



And you know I adore you

I would do anything for you

Twisted lies so we won't cry

Erase the list of broken ties

I sit here in the dark and I can see

The rain erase the story of you and me

And I forgive all that we've done

As we move towards the sun

Twisted lies so we won't cry

Erase the list of broken ties

Twisted lies I'm getting by

Tangled hearts do wonder why

Hello, How ya doin'?

I've called to tell you how I'm really feeling

Became a piece of me in my darkest parts

This is my only way to tell you

You've got a special place in my heart

Twisted lies so we won't cry

Erase the list of broken ties

Twisted lies I'm getting by

Tangled hearts do wonder why

I believe in the day you'll really see me

I'll be bright and waiting for you

You'll be the moon and I'll be the sun

Our hearts will collide at the eclipse

Twisted and One.