Believe All Is Restored

The computer screen stared directly into my eyes while I searched my brain for a topic to discuss today. My mind was empty but, then I gave grace for the ability to connect with my creator. My creator directed thy path towards the heart. This morning I work up and gave my appreciation to the infinite wisdom who kept my body functioning throughout the night and for allowing me to see another day of grace. After I gave thanks reality began to scream further evidence of the chaos theory via CNN notifications on my phone. CNN reported at 5:01 AM EDT on October 2, 2017: “More than 20 dead after shooting on Las Vegas Strip” (Cullinane &McKirdy). The headline stood out of the loop of life-giving information so, at first I was not going to read the article.

With a clear mind that God is all-powerful I proceeded to read the article as if Jesus himself were reading it to me. I believe that Jesus would probably go back to his word in John 14:30 when he mentioned that the prince of this world was coming and he had no parts in him. Also, he would have me reference Luke 12:54-59 where he spoke of interpreting the times. In verse 57 he mentions, “Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right? After I finished reading the article all I could think of was that this news report was only part of a dominant reality. This reality speaks into the sub-conscious of every man, woman and child.

When we turn on the news we inhale into our sub-conscious stories of murder, and informational and political conspiracy. This reality forces us to accept that life is leading towards the end quicker than we would like and there is nothing we can do to save the world. As a result, we began to create awareness by racing for the cure or raising money for disaster relief. As proof the ego does not have all the right answers our awareness reflects more of the reason for the race so that, every year further cancer research establishes a reality where cancer spreads like wildfire. The ego tells us we must save but, saving has to be conducted under divine order and when it is not dark principles will apply due to the egos need to save. The ego is self-righteous so, before you donate or give your time ask yourself if you are helping to make yourself feel like you are doing your “part” to save the world or is it a divine calling. These are questions I have been asking myself lately. If I do anything let it be under divine law.

I chose to accept that there is a Predominate force that controls all other realities. This force sends messages daily letting us know that all is well even through chaos. The chaos itself is connected to a perfect plan behind the human ability to fully comprehend. My heart goes out to those who were affected by the shooting in Vegas and I pray dearly that the Hurricane victims receive the help they need so families can fully recover from the devastation. There is a bigger picture in all of the Pandemonium and it illustrates to us everything is already restored.

Hours later, there I was arguing against my stupor and then it hit me. My mind has been in a dreamlike state. My conscious intelligence has been overloaded with so much information at times that my mental functions start to rapidly deteriorate. Like being trapped in a dream the overload causes me to lose control over my identity. Those who are heavily programmed sit back and live out lies told to their vision. The remedy to the wealth of perspective being presented to you is gratefulness. Today I learned that I must be grateful for the information I am receiving at rocket speeds.  I must give any and all matters that affect my heart to God so that my creator can attend to the department of Unconditional Love. This allows me to directly place my treasures in God and thanks to grace I have a fervor to reestablish the message of truth in the hearts of all who may read this blog today, “All is restored.”

I have been through countless records of ups and downs and this one thing rings true, I am still here to speak of what God allowed me to overcome. The day I lost my son I knew that I had already survived. This means that the pain was all the more necessary to fulfill a purpose greater than myself. I am strong, I am collecting the wisdom from infinite intelligence, I am grateful, & I am free to align my life with love at all times. Keep this in mind, awareness creates more of the dominate focus. Be aware today that all is actually well with the world. Speak life into your reality and as you transform internally the atmosphere will begin to shift into something marvelous. We can’t correct the woes of the world before we heal the inner self.

Thank you for visiting my blog. My message for today is one of peace: I know that the information we receive daily can be overwhelming but, try to understand that there is a larger purpose behind it all. Seek first the Kingdom of heaven in these times and keep close to your heart that the spiritual war is already won. As proof God has not given up on us a life was just presented to the world by a friend of mine. Congratulations to you my friend on birthing a new life into the world. Your beautiful baby boy is packed with God’s purpose and his life will provide further evidence of the truth that All is restored by God alone.

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All is Restored,



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