There’s More Work For Me Yet…

This morning I woke up feeling piously candescent. I had a very good night’s sleep. I dreamt that I was in a house that I’ve never been in before but, I felt the house belonged to me. The house had a patio that was laced with vine. The 19th century architecture was surrounded amongst grove plains and the backyard looked like an enchanted forest. There was a sea green grotto that was softened by the moonlight which illuminated its crepuscular waters with veracious youth. In front of the house there was a swing made of vines and golden flowers. A quantum leap placed me on the swing and I was wearing a dress draped in ivy with a background stitching of white and pastel pink. I started to swing up high into the clouds and then I heard a strong voice that said to me, “My work is not yet done.” I drifted backwards in the swing and as I descended the petals fell like gold ashes that burned with luster. When I got to the ground I realized that I was a shooting star, still burning bright and ready to take my dreams to the next level.

I woke up around 4 am for a brief moment, I felt relaxed and at peace. Shortly after, I fell fast back into a deep slumber so I could dream again once more. When it was time for me to get up I did with little trouble. I logged into my work computer and while logging in I felt an indescribable gratefulness in my strengthened chambers. The first words I uttered illustrated my gratefulness to God for allowing me to see another day and keeping my family safe even if we are at war. I am grateful that I can work from home and look out my window when the sun meets the north eastern skies. I love seeing the velvet compete against the warmth of the sun and if you are lucky you can see the sun chase the light away from the distant planets and far away galaxies . All of the world comes alive thanks to the gift that is our sun. I love to see beauty in a sunrise. For me this is as close as I will get to beauty for ashes every day my eyes are able to meet the horizon.

What stayed with me from my dream was when I was told, “My work is not yet done.” I think I have more self-inflicted wounds than any other experiences in my life. I used to look outside of myself for the answers to life’s questions. As a result, I was misguided most of the time because I yearned to seek wisdom in other people. The day you admit that you don’t know anything at all you can then start to find ways to navigate your life down the yellow brick road. The exploration is not easy because there are mistakes made and distress along the way. Sometimes you want to give in to darkness because certain life events makes you believe hope is an impossible feat. But when I heard that God wasn’t finished with my work in this life I knew that with the borrowed time I am on I can transform my prayers into miracles with my faith as the blueprint.

I am beginning to change the way I talk and I am beginning to learn how to trust that my guidance system will provide me with the right words to say when unbelief attacks me. I will attract others who are able to see past the brick wall experience on the dark side of the moon. I will attract everlasting fortune in honor of my family for it is by their blood that my body exists. I will continue to peruse innovative ways to love the human condition and take down all of the barriers that never allowed the living waters of life to wash over every tear and my endemic consternations. I will continue to move even when it is time for me to be stagnant in my walk. God intends for life to be abundant.

I can sit in a room and write all of my thoughts down on paper. I can sacrifice time I’ve normally invested watching television shows or playing video games. I can be single and not one guy has to like me. If I am not sought after, that’s perfect because that means the adjectives weren’t a part of my design. Predominantly, I know that the road ahead will probably result in more trials and tribulations but, I know that with the faith I have, as it continues to grow I won’t give up until my time is up. Today I stumbled with a few of my words but, I did not resign for I know I’ve progressed. I am excited to see what other challenges I will overcome. Moving ahead I am affirmed on my belief in myself. When the dark days come I am sure it will hurt like the abyss but, I know I have all that it takes to find the rising tide in the sinking sand.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. Like and comment on this post and if you are intrigued to read a little more about my journey check out my achieved material. Follow my journey and share with the links below. I read the book of Luke Chapter 12 & 13 yesterday. There is one thing I learned that I want to share. We will be judged for all that is seen and unseen, it’s called karma. It is not God who wages ware against the people, it is the people who wages war against themselves. Understand that the path that we create in this journey will only return back to us when its time to pay up. Life in reverse is every deed and misdeed combined that we have done. What we have done expands the energy until it starts to spiral and like a super massive black hole the mass of electrons and protons bursts out an incredible force that moves faster than the speed of light. If the force is made up of hate, anger, fear, sadness, or frustration you reap what you sow. Meditate on this for a while. From day to day I will plant the seed of truth, God has not terminated my purpose.

Live in Truth,



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