Where Would My Life Be Without Perceptive?

The idea that one day I was born into this world screaming as I came out of my mother’s womb bewilders me. I can only imagine that the reason I cried was possibly because I recognized I was a foreigner of this world. Like cattle as soon as I am free from the protection of creation I am poked and prodded. In other words, I am immunized. My parents’ guided me through the treacherous experiences of my childhood until they had to one day let go of my hand. I learned how to live primarily from my parent’s guidance. What I believe I learned best is the value of family & togetherness, friendships, joy & laughter, and faith. These are the core values that stayed with me until they were one day darkened by compromising perspectives.

The other day I was sitting in my friend’s family room watching Dancing With The Stars. I’ve never seen the show and I am certain I may never watch it again but, I saw something interesting in the voting style of shows like DWTS. Supposedly the vote is up to America but, it’s not. The votes are preordained and the judges persuade the hearts of the viewers to make this so. Perspective helps to decide who will leave the competition and who lives to fight another day. For the first time I studied the reactions of the judges by wondering what influence these judges had on the American Vote. If someone is great but, then taken down a few pegs by a judge by the power of persuasion the star dancing isn’t so great any longer. All power lies in the persuasive message. Do we really think for ourselves?

As I sat watching the horrible reality show, I began to once again observe the surroundings of my physical body. It is amazing that a square-shaped device is used to transmit signals of light and sound. Most astonishing, these signals help to create different philosophies and day in and day out we invite a myriad of sensitivities into the conscious mind. The further we grow in technology we seem to disconnect from the soul and this concerns me because we start to exemplify behaviors of headless chickens. These perspectives force us to live without even taking the time to think if the information presented resonates with our true identity. One commercial decides the contentment of the heart and I am finally bold enough to admit that I am not buying into false propaganda any longer.

When I was a child I had a teacher scold me for not keeping up with current events. I was 12 or 13 at the time but, I can remember thinking to myself that I hated the news because every story you heard was incredibly upsetting. Something in me decided long ago that I would stay away from what did not feel “good”. I had no idea at my age that I trusted my guidance system, all of the world is not bad all of the time. Agenda or not, most stories that we hear on the news seem chaotic. Then we have television shows which humanizes us in a way but, they too dehumanize us at the same time. The way I see it, TV shows, movies and music help to form behaviors and stereotypes. The human subjects are the characters illustrated before our eyes and somehow we end up relating to descriptions that are based on complete fiction.

Then I sink into the thought, who the heck am I, really? If I were to completely turn everything off would the events of the world be any less real to me? In truth the events do seem to taper off into their own existence and into their own reality. One I chose to not always accept. My greatest weakness is watching shows like Big Brother, Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and Netflix cycles of shows like Parks and Rec, and The Office. To my own benefit and disadvantage I watch these shows because I feel like I can relate to every character. Even though I know the stories are not real and the people are not real, these shows bring me comfort. I experience an array of emotions from joy to fear or anger and sometimes frustration. When I am not in a positive space I turn to behaviors that will control how I feel at any given moment. That is powerful insight for me; I am gaining a better understanding of what I must do to have more control over my fate and my faith.

In closing, I must take the risk every once in a while and detach from the reality of the collective conscience. In doing so I hope I learn how to develop personal sentiments of what is factual and what is deceitful. In the now my truth is able to set me free when I began to think for myself without outside influence. I am not comfortable with complacency for another man’s ideas can lead to folly. I will not sit back and allow an intercepted reality to become my reality. God gave us all power and dominion over our paths and I will certainly use the grace of God daily in my thoughts and actions. I implore you to think of the influences perspectives have in your life. In many ways the given perceptions can help to build ambition in the human heart but, sometimes the ambition is in alignment with false light. Take a moment and really think about what I am saying.

My only suggestion, start to really live by trusting your guidance system. Trust your emotions enough to know they are there to protect and guide us toward our true purpose. Don’t tangle your understanding in lies that all of life is pre-defined and you have to conform to propaganda that may only guide you further away from trusting your instinct’s; further away from truth. Thank you very much for visiting my page today. Like this post, comment below and feel free to share with the links below. Also, follow my blog and help me to spread the word of being free in creation and shedding light in dark places.

With Gratitude,








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