The Day I Met my Fear

My voice shakes a little when I don’t know what to say.

The room gets louder and I began to hear people shouting in dismay.

Have you ever felt a poets dream swiftly fly away?

Rotate in the paradox love is pressing he’s the way


And when you search for the kingdom to come it’s not your time to mend

Screaming in the manifold scripted with higher colors in the wind

Waiting for the ravens claws scratching through the skin.

We heard it all until the curtain call not a game though we try to win


Sally wailed through shifted shrills a nightmare we can see

If we hold on tight we’ll be alright sailing you and me

I was the kite in the light how heavenly we could be

Time will speak of stories dark so happy and glitter free


Fakeness turns the blind man cold it was your reverie

If we held on to our stories tell me, where would we be?

Life becomes the see-saw we scrap for balance in the yin

You’ll always be my solider mystical and deranged


Clocks flow heavy and dance upon the atmosphere

When it’s time to let go of the hand we disappear

Run around through wisdoms hell we sacrifice for fear

We stood tall in the tyrant’s hall kindly bowing below the pier


Listen to me clearly we’re wasting all the means

Guess this is where I’ll end it but I’ll be coming back again

Managing the cauldron it’s guilty flowing through the stream

Waterfalls surround us all protecting every dream



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