The Bubble Fantasy

The darkness can be the past that you try to hold onto. You can never let it go. Make something of it instead of just trying to keep it locked away in a fantasy. Those near and dear to you can swept away in the labyrinth of you fears. The time has come for you to figure out the mystery of your Labyrinth.

                                                                                                                                     ~ Miya Price

This weekend I went to Cambridge, Ma to visit my cousin. I was very excited to see him because I have not seen him in months, maybe even a year. The drive was sobering because I was able to empty out the busy life of the city and fully disconnect from watching television for over a 24 hour period. My cousin took me to so many places in Boston and we did a ton of walking, so much that my legs can still feel the burn. Before I arrived I was not prepared with my walking shoes because I assumed that Boston was like Philadelphia. And it is but, it is widespread with beauty from buildings from the past. Though the rich history of the city was remarkable I felt that the lesson of getting out of the bubble of a fantasy stirred in me a new understanding of life.

Walking through the city there were swarms of people who were full of positive energy. I felt I was in a city where most of the people were once dreamers and not living in a bubble like I’ve lived in my entire life. When my cousin took me to the Boston Public Library I saw students working towards the contentment of their hearts. It was truly a beautiful sight. It really made me think about my own upbringings and if it was worth trying to rehash what may have went wrong. In my life everything was presented as if it were a fantasy. I was Sarah from the Labyrinth. I used to think that the world owed me something so, I decided to stay in the quiet corners I called home.

A little girl trapped in a grown woman’s body chasing torn up pieces of paper in my 30’s. I used to proclaim that I lived in a world where no one understood me. I played with my dolls and playset makeup cases until it piled up and twisted into a heap of junk. I was dazed and confused around others who lived in these fantasy bubbles. We chased after the same things and no one ever stopped to think if these bubbles were real or fake. There were a few that did escape and when they came back to hover we coward because we were never taught how to love ourselves. What made it worse, the people in the land of bubbled fantasies villainized those who made it out and didn’t sign up to chase fences. This weekend I reached a key point of victory in the Labyrinth. Not fully defeated for, I understand I have a long way to go. I was able to see the results of what dreams can come when you defeat a fatal fantasy.

This weekend I escaped a bubble. I love my family dearly but, when I came back home I felt I was missing something. I hugged and kissed my loved ones on my return but, I could not let go that I knew that my dreams would set me apart from them. I haven’t watched any of my so-called favorite television shows since I’ve been back, I am no longer interested in creating a false reality. Fear leads to failure and if I don’t try to work in my heart’s desires then I will fail. I can’t live with that anymore. My cousin taught me that success takes sacrifice. It was so quiet in his home and in his neighborhood all I could think of was poems to write, blog topics and the infinite possibilities of connecting with like-minded individuals who are all on the same path to make their own dreams a reality. My cousin said something that stuck with me as we looked over the pond in the city park. There was this one swan in a pond full of ducks. The swan had a broken leg and he said that was his life. I see what he means now. I too know that I am meant to break out and be just like that swan.

I discovered that the Labyrinth is made up of the halls of the mind. The mind is filled words of discouragement. You may feel it was the people who told you that you would never amount to anything, you weren’t good enough at something you loved, or any other limiting challenge. The time has come to wake up from the lies and take responsibility of holding yourself back. Release yourself from where the wild things are and make life a dream. This life is what we know and if it were the only one what would matter most? For me, it is following my dreams and aligning with someone living in the light. I no longer can live life of believing I can only choose one dream to follow. I believe that I am destined to break free and touch the lives of young girls. I believe that I was born to write out the lessons learned and battles won throughout the years. I am no Oprah Winfrey, I am Miya Price and I am my own pioneer in the sea of dreams. I can create the way I want and my love for promoting self-love will reach another pioneer waiting in the land of bubbled fantasies.

Thank you for patiently reading my blog today. Sometimes I am not able to describe how I feel but, I can say that this weekend left me feeling hope for my own future. It is ok to be a doctor, a lawyer, a customer service representative, a tech, whatever you want to be but, always remember this first: Follow what’s in your heart and fight against your own self-discouragements. The biggest bully you will have to defeat in life is yourself. Like this blog or be open to share your own experiences of escaping a fantasy. Also, follow me and share with the links below.

To Escaping Fantasies,





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