Bleary Eyed Fairytales

Have you ever felt mystery arrive in a broken tunnel once lost to stories like fantasia? Unreal and doubting eyes reel into a gesture full aflame and twinkling. How could this be? Who are you really? Extra terrestrial, saying everything I want to hear will you kick it then hit it and be gone like the wind? Mesmerized to the flutter of a butterfly daydreaming to a side line wondering are you real? are you a dream? Plastic burns to another formation. Given the invitation to let you completely in will you have the power to break me once love creeps through a broken crack not fully repaired from former battles? Ticking of the the time bomb while I wait for it to go off will I ever be proven wrong? Will I wake up for this to all be gone? I accepted the life of a lonely lie wishing only behind dark eyelids. There I will wait until I rush together with the sun quiet moments bang deep to a colliding romance
Is this the one that I claimed I'd know washing over in desolate waters void of all lies just to hold onto the truth? Are you only the devils advocate waiting to strike me down for the count in a dome where psychological effigy takes place? Display all the of horrors to arrive in this pretty little corner for peace. Growth no longer limited in the wilderness where you hear me whisper, I'm already saved. I've paved the way for my own grace come to me whole for you won't see me gently waiting for your resting place . Pack light I'll never be a burden to bear. Tear down the walls no longer despair.


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