Am I Worthy?

We live in a society that grants wishes of worthiness. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we are told. Behold, we the people have enslaved ourselves by seeing worthiness through the haves and the have-nots. We tell ourselves to trust everything we see. Yes, we were programmed but, logic will always continue towards the light and I can't stick a pin on how I understand the world by thinking we are a people who are confined to be controlled. If hearts of fire really does creates love desire then, the kindling flames inside all of creation prove that we are all on an equal plane of worthiness.

The best way to free yourself from worldly ideas: stop trusting everything you see for, what you see will be what you emotionally make of it. Points of view are connected by sights, sounds and vibrations. To break this down know that everything has a viewpoint. This morning I did a small experiment that some may consider to be strange. I waved my hands in front of my eyes to see how I felt as my eyes moved to the motion of my fingers. I  was able to pickup the vibration by the smalls waves of wind and the sound of these two connecting forces. Before my own eyes, by will my hand was worthy at that moment. It is fascinating knowing I have a mind that is able to control the motor functions of my body. When two points of view clash there is a duel over relevancy.

When we watch a movie or a television program it is a clash against our beliefs as we experience life. Your happiness, fears, sadness, & anger are tied to programming. That theory is enough for me to question If I truly have control over the way I feel. I am allowing myself to further disconnect from watching all programming because I know the subconscious mind is open to all suggestions and if I am not careful my spiritual house will be infected with ideas that keep me from connecting with spiritual virtue. People who have money are the worthy and if you are without, then lay by the wayside says the world. Then, we are entangled by the ideas that beauty is served as a delectable dish right before our eyes. The effects, we gawk and drool and self-reflect broken images.

Our internal forces are driven to love or to hate the suggestions and through dramatic intervention we make our decisions to define the worthiness of one another and of ourselves. The transmission of who we should be served by falsities. Light itself does so much to the human brain making the subconscious a slave to conscience surrender. When we watch movies or TV programming we are given ideas but, more than ideas our points of view are challenged. Once again that competition begins by the connection of sight, sound and vibration. When we feel we believe by the connection of what we see and what we hear.

If I ever had to create a theory I would state: if everyone were to take responsibility for their feelings we can retrace them back to programming and quit the war against our brothers and sisters. True worthiness begins with self-acceptance and ends with our reflections. I am grateful for the lesson learned. Brothers and sisters after we remove categories placed by society to separate us then we are able to see we are one. Thank you so much for reading my bog today. I am overcome with gratitude and it is the primary source of my being. If you like this post or would like to comment please do so for, all comments are welcome. Also, follow my page and share with the links below.

You are worthy,




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