Freedom to Love

I woke up this morning feeling amazing. I did a brief review of my life thus far since I decided to make happiness a priority. When you learn something life-giving you want to shout it onto the rooftops, of whatever rooftops you can find. This morning at exactly 6:50 I opened my eyes at the exact time I was supposed to clock in at work knowing I went to bed after 12 midnight.  I felt my own frequency as my eyes adjusted to the surrounding light. The room was congested and I was only one minute late from signing in but, not a  minute too late. I said my salutations to my co-workers online and sat in silence until the idea of love populated and connected with the beat of my heart.

I dreamt of someone I knew and this person in reality really shifted my heart into very open and unknown territories when I met him. He is tall, intelligent and a very handsome person. We even share a birth sign. The energy that he presents to life is so powerful. It is like his spirit is in perfect alignment with the definition of love. It is really quite overwhelming in a good way. In the dream he and I were defeating a post-apocalyptic world filled with Zombies, floods of water and a multitude of traps which, I thought were harmless buildings. In the end, as if we were in a video game, we defeated the illustrated lost world.

As I said hello to the world of the conscious I accepted a new freedom. Love is Free. It is not attached to a person, place or thing; it is only spiritual. Love in the bible and in other ancient texts is unconditional. Now that I have a better understanding of spirituality I know that who I connect with will vary and it will not have anything to do with fickle behavior. It’s all about the energy baby! I don’t believe I lost anytime in my past because I was ignorant of how life truly manifests words that attach to how we feel because reality and what we see will not always be what we get when we choose to only see with our own eyes. I believe that when we breathe in and out we get the answers we need. There was a time when I was all caught up with this guy. In fact, there were many times when I got caught up in a situation when I invested my feelings into the unknown. I fixated how I felt and attached/tagged that emotion to whomever filled my desires of what I wanted in the opposite sex.

I am definitely not saying that I was a hopeless romantic but, I have always been the definition of the hopeless romantic. I looked for signs and symbols and everything and it all connected my sight to what I felt. The trust I placed on my eyes blinded other possibilities & every time a love interest did not work out I launched death into my future. There was a sickness within me. I was blinded by broken images. This morning I let my soul be free and yielded to the wilderness of my spiritual journey. I am eternally grateful for every message in life my spirit is able to receive. When I tune in to the lullaby of the universe I exemplify the universe.

Light lives in all of us and you will always match your vibration. Now that I no longer trust  my physical sight my spirit is free from confinement. Who I end up with physically has no importance because “the one” is my spiritual match. I don’t want to do this life in repetition just to understand what I know now. There are so many great prospects that I know I connect well with. I carry a very light weight of energy the opposite sex can trust. However; now I know I will connect with my feather weight match. Searching is never a necessity for I will gravitate towards my kindred spirit. I think the adventurous albeit treacherous dream told  me that I already connected with the love of my life and the forces of nature is guiding my physical body toward him.

God created and formed all of my ways before I was born into this world and my recognition of this greatness mapped my entire life from start to finish. I am so grateful that I understand the flow of music. Music helped me to understand my needs in the perfect partner. My nutcracker prince dances to the song of the sugar-plum fairies. My heart flows rhythmically to the masterpiece that it is and connects to a very unique individual. My heart is set and the “He” will be unknown. From this day forward  I see that when “He” appears I will know just as the sun meets the horizon of the earth that “He” is the perfect match for my soul.

Thank you so much for joining me on my daily thoughts. I am grateful for any likes or comments. Please follow my journey of happiness & generously share with the links below.

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