Frustration, War Against Myself

Lately I have been examining my thought patterns a lot. As you already know, I began my blog for a reason and that was to create ways to be happy. My path is laced with many ups and downs like most people on this earth but, I have a tendency to automatically war against my own happiness. I see this in a lot of people I interact with daily at work when they call in because something is broken and they just want me to resolve any issue they are calling in for. I never feel challenged to come up with a resolution but, when they are frustrated, they begin to push back against my willingness to help them. The next thing that happens, the customer gets more aggressive with their frustrations and like a god they say, “I knew this was going to happen.” As the onslaught to the injury out of the energy they created by prophesying their inevitable doom. How many of us Self-Fulfill a negative prophecy? The war of right and wrong prove our ignorance. No longer will the war against my flesh and blood remain because frustration and confusion are the only outcome.

Frustrations are bad habits that are deeply rooted in the heart of the subconscious. There are a lot of things that bother me. Whenever I have trouble coming up with a topic for my blog, all I can think about is that my mind is empty. When I launch the thought, the genie appears and my mind empties. This aggression comes from the seed of doubt. I fail to look past the emotion and tell myself to lay back because I already know the answer. When I don’t call for peace I then become frustrated. I’ll give a hypothetical scenario that we all can relate to. You have to take this big exam that will make or break your dream. You studied, you know everything and the night before you are confident nothing can wrong, you’ve got this. The next day you sit down and are provided the testing materials but, your brain checks out. You become frustrated and anxious and start doubting yourself. The end game, many people fail. After you receive your score you go over the test and you discover that you knew everything on it. The why in this lesson is important because it will help you to control the elements within your body.

To stop the self-destruction of my negative emotions, I release the energy so it is disconnected from my thoughts. This is a very interesting process because I know that the negative energy has to go somewhere because the negative forces of nature are very powerful and you don’t want to put that energy on someone else. When negative energy is directed onto someone else it spreads like a cancer, it has that much power. So where does this negative go then? You have to understand that positive energy is more powerful than negative, you have an advantage because you have already won the battle. The negative energy should go towards creation. I put my negative energy in every song, poem or blog I write. I place it on my future because physics tells us that negative energy allows time travel and worm holes. You can literally change your life for the better with negative energy.

The power of positive energy kills frustration because you use the positive to direct the negative energy to where it should go. When you allow frustration or anxiety to control you, the right of self-control is stripped away from your spiritual freedom. I am not in the medical field but, since I have been on this spiritual field since birth I feel as if diseases and that includes those of the mind were created by humanity. Every year there is something new a scientist discovers that is wrong with the human body. I chose to accept that my reality lives on spiritual planes on which I control my physical plane, my body. What upsets me is that we give our emotions diseases as if the powers that be are telling us we are out of control of the world we live in and thus, we should sit back and accept that we have no power and must war against ourselves.

I went very heavy on something very basic but, I wanted to explain from the inside out of where frustration, anxiety or any so-called mental issues come from. We don’t need medicine, we need meditation so we can learn how to control the elements within us. Good or bad, the outcome starts within and it is for us that have full control. The root of frustration is negative energy. Once you learn how nature works you can began to direct your paths. I will no longer lose track with my thinking because negative energy has no control over me and this is the same for every person on the planet. Unlearn the ways of the world to find truth.

Thank you so much for joining me. Today, I learned something amazing. When I forget it is because I am frustrated. To redirect my frustrations, so it doesn’t disrupt my achievements, I must take the emotion and redirect the negative into my writing, building myself up or building others up. Now I know why Yoga instructors say Namaste because we all have the divine spark in the heart chakra (the house of emotions). I believe the divine spark carries the weight of the dead and we can allow it to destroy us or use it for our good and for the good of others.

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