Your footsteps mark the fall back
Graduated never faded so fall back
Mystery in the need to bleed
Took everything you thought in
present day, victories in tall stacks
Never dissipate to legends in small fortunes
Glisten the dream in your heart for legends
Terrified to cry in Krispy Creme leads and all of the organic's too quick for the mathematics, the potion is what we dream
Everyday's about making history
Fear the light cause you know he's listening
Climb the shadows it doesn't matter until the weathers in different oceans
I write 'live' never to shatter
You see my life and you think it's all together
I respect the fight for the place called heaven
And I know you'll never try to hide much when we live the game we see a different side of the spectrum
Feel sunk in for the moment but, I know I've made it out and I own it, love
We want it all for The weekend
or we'll do it for the sake of sin


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