Mental Exercise at the Wissahickon

On Sunday I drove to my favorite place in the city, Valley Green, to take pictures and to observe my surroundings. To sharpen my linguistics I described every detail of my travels to the park. The road was long and the atmosphere was filled with excitement as I descended into Valley Green. I felt as if I were being transported back in time. I could feel the energy of all of my experiences .I instantly recalled moments I had with my best friend. We used to explore the park and as light and dark go perfectly together we made Valley Green our home away from home. I recalled moments I used to entertain my curiosity with nature. Fear is what took the magic away from this place when I saw a family of raccoons. I‘ve had a fear of raccoons for a very long time and because of my fears the ties I had with nature were temporarily severed. I take full responsibility for the lack and limitations I produced in my past. Now is the time to dwell on abundance and strengthening my mind. Now is the time to exercise the mind in ways that turns opposite of madness.

As soon as I parked and got out of the car I looked behind me and could see indentations of mud holes filled with rain. I looked up at the trees as I stretched and set my mind on the adventure of exploring alone. The atmosphere was heavy with the energy of families, friends, everyday joggers and cyclists. Looking around I saw no difference for, everyone became one. The scenery of the park is always perpetually welcoming. As I walk past cars to get to the main trail I see the Valley Green Inn and its horse stable. After the construction of the turnpike the Inn, which was erected as a hotel in 1850, gave those who wanted to marvel the parks beauty a place to rest and eat. Though I came here to take pictures, I strongly believe my spirit was guided here to learn a valuable lesson in the importance of exercising the mind.

As I mentioned me and my best friend used to come to Valley Green. We imagined we were great explorers like The Goonies or Laura Croft. I decided to take pictures of anything that was the symbolism of our friendship. I walked about a half mile to take pictures of this small waterfall and a historical landmark, the Livezey house. This scenery held a few fond memories that she and I shared. To get to the waterfall you have to walk down decrepit and steep stone steps. The fear of falling mysteriously crept into my head space. That fear made me hesitate a little and I had to decide to dedicate my life to fear or take a chance. This decision I felt connected with everything I am afraid of, be it the opinions of others, being a successful writer, or building new friendships.

Chances are there for the taking so, I took a chance and walked down the broken steps. The staircase was surrounded by foliage. I took a lot of pictures of the waterfall. It was nice to be up close to the water and not have the fear of falling. I am a great swimmer and I am cautious so, unless my dark and wild imagination took over, I knew I would be fine. I had a sense of accomplishment because I chose to be fearless. After I was done I started to think that going up would be the hardest part. I had to exercise positive thought with every step I took going back up. I felt my lungs burning and I was out of breath. I didn’t want to sit down when I reached the top so, I hunched over so I could catch my breath. After that I walked over to a bench so I could rest my leg and describe how I felt and the lesson I learned.

I was instantly liberated from the fear of doing anything that pertained to the solo chase of life. Fear is worth exploring because when you break through the fear you can proudly wave your flag as proof you have conquered. Mind, body and soul need to be constantly exercised. If the mind is free or imprisoned by emotions it can’t comprehend. When the mind is able to manipulate how it feels to spin a negative into a positive, it can weather through internal wars. The discord of negativity will crowd your personal space if you allow it. When you know you are responsible for how you think you have a clear understanding that thought transitions into what people say or do. Our eyes gives us life in cycles frame by frame. The reality you see is based on the preconditions of the mind. When you panic in darkness it is because you trust your eyes too much. Know that you can only adjust what you see by changing how you think.

Let’s all get physical and exercise our minds to seed positive thoughts. The mind is the storehouse of the reflections of our outer world. Be the alchemist and start with the world within. We have all heard the question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” I would have to say the egg came first. With the egg I am able to store all of the nutrients possible to create a perfect world. I learn something new every day when I walk in the spirit of happiness. I testify that life does change for the better when you allow love and happiness to be the judge and jury of your thoughts.

Thank you for reading today. This week mentally challenge any negative thoughts that lead down easy street. Strengthen the tactics of the mind to prove that no weapon formed against you will prosper (Isaiah 54:17). Follow my journey, click like and comment on today’s blog. Also, share with the links below.

Many Blessings,




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