I’ts Just a Suggestion

Today’s post will cover the powers of heterosuggestion. These are the suggestions that creep up like a dear friend who wants to guide us into a safe direction or towards destruction. Suggestions have the power to create cultures. Suggestions control’s the worldly definition of the falsified free will we are born with.  TV ads, movies, music, friends, family, talk radio and so on, suggests information for us to accept all of the time. We are given an array of choices to make which follows down different paths. The world gives us the kid in the candy store appeal so that we are alluded to believe that life gives us a carnival experience. Some things we like and some things we don’t. It all depends on the suggested intent. Just know this, we are always suggested on what we should think. The world makes us believe that we are not equal. The skin tone of every individual on this planet displays our indigenous origin in relation to the sun and that is the only difference. Internally we are all the same. There are two functions of the mind, rational and irrational. Or, as many may know, the conscious and the subconscious mind. When your conscious mind has not accepted these two functions as truth, our subconscious mind is open to the commands of its pursuer.

The first time I was called ugly was by this girl who ended up being my friend back in 3rd grade. From that day, due to my complete ignorance, I accepted this as my truth. I kept my head down all of the time, stayed in my room, and as I grew older video games became my medicine. I grew an intense comfort of being alone. This was not a bad idea, to be comfortable alone but, I know now that I chose being alone because I didn’t know how to relate to the world. The inception, I accepted that I was ugly. This idea stuck to me as if I had a price to pay. Ugliness was portrayed as my god and I willingly served the lord of the house of ugliness. When someone thinks less of me, it has nothing to do with me unless I accept their ideas of my worth. I am very happy I know this now because nothing can penetrate or perpetuate as truth unless I allow it.

Body, mind, and spirit act as one and the two outcomes are for these parts to be on one accord or in discord. Creation begins with the conscious level, the mind. Your mind is able to process information and then distribute that information to the subconscious or spirit. The spirit acts as the minds wing-man to distribute activity to all of the organs in the human body. The body is the evidence of conscious creation. As of today I learned that human beings are the cells of the earth and I hope I live to see the day for everyone to recognize we are stronger as one. The society created before us does not have to be our everyday reality. The news will report sadness and sadness emits a very low-frequency. Don’t allow your mind to be controlled to think we are living in a hopeless world because the only thing that is hopeless is the negative information we daily receive. Why give wings to the angel of death when we are all granted with the gift of life.

Can you think of times you have accepted heterosuggestion? Have you discovered that free will is for you to create your own reality? Find the time to become spiritually sound with truth. You will know truth because truth is love, it sets you free from conditional thinking. When any avenue in life suggests to you right or wrong, find the truth by spiritually exploring the perceptions, life experiences and conditions you have downloaded along the road of life. The most apparent form of perception comes from social and economic classes. You could have all the money in the world or you could be poor. The luxury would be the only difference because both would be lacking what’s most important in life and that is purpose. Do yourself a favor and stop adding more seeds to destructive thinking.   We either have or we don’t  and compartmentalizing the differences becomes the handicap. A poor man has little worldly possessions and may envy the rich man. The rich man may live the life of a king and his downfall would be to pity the poor man. The culprit is the suggestion of rich or poor because it creates an upper, middle, and lower class society.

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Power to Everyone,





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