Words are Spells

“Words are spells.  The words we say are tied to the storehouse called emotion. The music we listen to creates our personalities. Like wildfire, the ideas launched through the power of sound will spread to everyone who accepts the conjuring of the emotional tone of the song. Music can be a weapon or it can bring peace because as I have aforementioned, words are spells. “ ~

Miya P.

I am always preaching about the powers of the subconscious mind. Today, I would like to supply my amazing journey of the potential of the magic that is the subconscious.  I first want to start off by telling you how it works for me.  I first read The Powers of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy when two people I knew passed away in the same year far too young. They were great individuals who would do anything for those they loved.  The story of their lives were full and good-natured. I believe when a life ends a new one begins. Hearing about the type of people they were ignited the flame of purpose in me.  I wondered if I could start the infectious flame of unconditional love.

In my senior year of high school my guidance counselor told me that college would not be an option for me because thought my SAT test scores would not allow me to get into college, not even community college. For years I believed that I was not smart enough so, like most people who freely give up on what they want, I followed the alternative destiny of my life. Good thing destinations can change. 10 or so years later I had to get my diploma information from my high school. After passing security I was directed to the guidance counselor’s office. When I walked in the door to greet her a memory flashed; it was her. The counselor looked the same but, I could tell her face had weathered. I told her I was enrolling in college and she automatically knew the information I needed. What she said next blew me away. I was in the top ranking of my graduating class and my SAT scores were college eligible. She then asked why I did I wait so long to go to college.  I said, someone told me my scores weren’t good enough.

My subconscious mind allowed me to lose the will to follow my dreams. The day of my orientation at CCP I had to hold back tears of joy because I knew I was finally following what would be part of my purpose. I used the power of projecting positive thought by creating a vision board. I read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind several times, so much, I started to write on the pages the college courses required for me to obtain my degree. Today I opened the book to start reading it again. I smiled because I had written down all the college courses necessary for my degree.  I completed all of the courses and beyond my expectations, made the dean’s list. I see myself now and I have done so much more than I had hoped. Every day we rise to life anew.

I allowed the words of someone else to convince me I wasn’t good enough to offer anything to this world. For a long time I thought that I was destined to become a secretary, have nearly 10 children, and be married to a savior. I am happy I was able to speak with the woman who gave me her perspective of my potential back in high school. I was able to look at the lie formed against my potential and release it from holding me captive. I have many more lies to confront and now I can confront them with victory as my guide, not fear. The subconscious doesn’t need training for it will follow wherever your mind and actions go. I love this quote from the movie Metropolis by Fritz Lang, “The mediator between head and hand must be the heart.” Our emotional being is not complex also, it isn’t difficult to align the mind, body and heart. It isn’t difficult because we are in control of what the heart accepts.

The only way to set your sights on fire is to find a way to spark the flames in darkness. Thank you for visiting my site today and reading my thoughts. I am eternally grateful for any thoughts you would like to share. Also, if you like this post click like and share with the links below

To subconscious happiness,



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