The Guillotine

“Busy your mind with the concepts of harmony, health, peace, and good will, and wonders will happen in your life. ~ Joseph Murphy

The Guillotine has been released and now you have lost your head. This is what programming does, it rips the control you have over your mind. The result, you run around wild like a chicken that has lost its head. The study of human thought patterns began to plague me in my early 20’s. I took up the basics of psychology my first and second year of college. At that time I began to read books which focused on the powers of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a hidden treasure. The powers of the subconscious defies logic because science can provide little proof to its mysterious functions. The subconscious sits on the throne of our emotions. When you no longer want to lose your mind you have to understand the genesis of the destruction.

A little science into the powers of the subconscious mind will teach you that the subconscious mind doesn’t understand negative vibrations. For example, if I say don’t think of an apple pie. Automatically, you think of the apple pie. This is just one of many examples. The subconscious can be difficult to understand. There is an internal voice in everyone who tells the truth about who we are through how we feel. Thoughts turn into actions and then actions will show the results. All thoughts have a cycle. Another example; I can say I really want to lose 50 lbs. The problem in my verbiage would be in the desire of wanting. I have set in motion that I will always want and the outcome will remain with me wanting. Therefore, I will not have.

I’ve mentioned this before but, the world within can never be without. There is only room for positive thoughts if, you make the choice to turn against superficial advertisement. When I say I want to lose weight I am still not believing. I must believe that I have already achieved the goal because nothing will be able to keep me from my belief. I ask myself daily where my true faith lies in all of my actions. Faith has two different roads that leads to hell or goes straight to heaven and it is our choice on what we choose. I could say that I am not happy with some of the results of my faith but, that would only continue the negative vibrations. I am grateful for all of the life lessons I have learned and will continue to learn and because of this I am no longer like a chicken that has lost its head.

A weakness is only an opportunity to discover something new. The world we are a part of mocks faith by calling us mindless sheep. In many ways I believe this concept because we reinforce what we are taught in school, through television programming and from each other so, there is rarely true originality. We mindlessly regurgitate the lessons indoctrinated into the subconscious. Our bodies twitch into different directions with no rhythm attached to the madness. In weakness I fear that many are making the choice to sleep when life is screaming for them to be awake. The truth to our humanity, we are connected to a higher purpose. We are of our own class and are able to take control of body and mind by strengthening the subconscious, the house of the spirit.

I can only imagine that we were told a lie at birth that we are to be categorized into classes and separated by races. These separations cause us to argue over the existence of God and the Devil. All separations will detach thoughts and actions. When we lose our minds we act before thinking. The reason why we don’t think is all thanks to the reaction of the lessons learned by the subconscious. I would love to build an army of people who learned how to take control over their thoughts. It sounds unachievable but, in my world all things are possible. Like a CPU our subconscious configures information and carries out instructions. The conscious mind assists the subconscious mind. Before a thought is carried out attempt to connect with how that thought makes you feel. I suggest if there is any indifference check that emotion with positive thoughts.

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Live in Happiness,





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