In the Name of Love

We are all forward thinkers that live in a world which, poetically dances with wolves. This idea makes me question if believing in the name of love for the sake of love is worth it. If I am to say I offer an unconditional love that transcends all human behavior can I love the wolves established by my conditional thinking? As if encoded into my DNA, I grew up believing that fairy tales were real and I know there are a lot of women and men in this world who feel the same. We’ve all seen the “And they lived happily ever after” movies so, believing we will find a prince who will save us from utter disaster will come natural or for men, saving their princess. I’ve made my own check list of what love really is verses the world of love shown through self-projections. Women have learned how to hate other women with particular features thanks to programming. We call them ugly, sluts, bitches, whores and in the name of the love of a man we spiritually stab other women in the back.

This hostility against one another tells me that we are all in desperate need of creating a world where we understand the true definition of love and are also able to implement the understanding into our daily lives. The best version of ourselves will always start in the now. Crying over yesterday only displays your trust in never letting go. When you focus on the superficial nobody you will become today tells you that while in the now moment you choose to miss the mark of your own strength to make changes now for the future. Putting things off tomorrow shows that you have faith that you will see another day. We live in an uncertain world so it is now that makes the difference, not tomorrow. We start with love because it is the only solution for all of our weaknesses. When we understand that no weapon formed against us will prosper (Isaiah 54:17), we will truly fight in the name of love.

When our troops go to war we see them fighting for this country. Troops represent the internal war of self-acceptance, for the law of attraction, when at war with others, teaches us that we are at war with ourselves. Internal wars don’t yield to love. The only way to yield to love is to sacrifice your understanding of it. If we are to change the world we must put aside the definition because sacrifices don’t come with conditions. True love does not have to be the punching bag humanity created. Sacrifice doesn’t come with conditions and I remind myself that sacrifice and love are one. One day I asked myself if I was sacrificing/ loving the right way. After I read 1 Corinthians 13 I put to test my understanding and discovered that I was wrong. Love is an internal two way street and if you exemplify true love you will effortlessly attract authenticity.

The subject of love has been sluggish for me over the years. I once believed that accepting someone for things that would hurt me was a sacrifice worth taking. I am glad I no longer think this way. When people don’t hold love within them they will only attract the part of themselves that needs to make the revision of love a priority. In the name of love we naturally choose the battlefield. Love is a sacrifice that comes with consequences so, I create a reminder of what I am giving up because it may not be worth the effort. I accept that I am no one’s savior for, in life we can only save ourselves. The love I jump into freely may turn into a conditional wasteland. The law of living has taught me that I would only attract outward conditions due to the conditions within. The world within can never be without so, if you assign conditions for self-love, your reflection will have limitations.

If I were to create the conditions of love by getting a nose job, losing weight, thriving in the career I’ve always wanted and obtaining the man of my dreams, I must understand that one day that will all drift away. If love is unfailing then my conditions should never be external. In the name of love sacrifice the program. True love will hold your hand through the storm you share together. It will not fail because love is an undisputed champion. In the name of love understand that love is what protects you from bearing the weight of a world designed to honor sorrow. Sacrifice means giving up nothing because nothing is too great for love to conquer. It is not us who protects love it is love who protects us. In the name of love I will jump into the middle of the ocean of my soul during a storm because love is always with me.

When you want to get a message to spread your persistence must persevere. Dear readers, I am persistent. When I learn something new I not only jot it down, I start to live what I have learned. I am always excited to share my thoughts and of course it feels amazing when other people are able to connect with what I am feeling. Agree or disagree, I am grateful to all who holds interest when I want to share my thoughts. I will always hope that you test and approve or disapprove my point of view. To make a change we must actively move forward with change in the moment and now is always that time.

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Live Happily in the name of Love,





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