Sparks that Soar

“No one can give you this advice except this. You must go alone, you must leave all of your weapons behind, it will be very dangerous.” The Neverending Story 1984
What if before we were born to this world we were told by our creator that the world would be filled with hopelessness? We would be born into a world ruled by operated machine men. We would have to lose people who we call family and friends. Dear ones who would are there for our first kiss and sometimes we will not be able to be there for their last. Loss has no boundaries but, don’t allow it to stop your fight. People will lie to you, take from you and treat you like your entire name was abuse. Don’t let this deter you because the love I give is not artificial. Your time will be what it will be so, slow your pace and love life in this world of darkness. Before you enter I have one last thing to say.

I will not be coming with you on this journey, as you know. Here you have weapons that can defeat any displeasure. You cannot take them with you in the world of darkness. You will forget everything, including me. When you hear rumors of me, it will be presented as a fairytale, and you will remember my tale as if it were Romeo and Juliet. However, in your heart will be a key that will always lead you straight back to me. You were not born with any fear. One day you will realize that the deceiver of this world wants you to think that fear was something you were born with but, that special light will never allow the spirit within that guides you to believe in a lie.

With lightning speed we are born. Like a sacrifice, we come here born covered in the blood of our mother’s womb. I know I don’t remember the day I was born but, I can connect to every spiritual rebirth I go through. If I had been told that I would come to this world spiritually naked, I can’t imagine a scenario where I would sign up for that and with this knowledge, I have so much more life in me yet to discover. It is very refreshing to know that I have a fearless side of myself that has yet to come out. The only way to build yourself out of darkness is to learn to build darkness out of you. I am doing this every day when I write a blog or unceasingly build new friendships. Of course I want someone to love but, I am starting to believe that real love starts at the childhood of our life, we call it friendship. Most important to me now is connecting with people who believe that we are the light and it is our duty to not allow the light of others to drift away in death. Nothing in this world is eternal and I am at the age where love is the only thing worth defending.
Readers, I want you to know that we all have a purpose. The manufactured purpose is only a fraction of a life without limits. Born into this life we have no weapons to protect us from the pain we must endure. There is a higher love that instills in us all a strength unbinding, a true light that will never blind you. The sick call out for help. The people of this world are only artificially sick, recovering from a war but, we have to pull ourselves up, dust ourselves off and recognize the battle is already won. The light that lies in our hearts will never die out. There is nothing that any person, place or thing, not even by our own hands that will separate us from glory. In your weak moments take with you these words: Though we are born in darkness never allow deception to invite the belief that we are not the light that will heal anything lacking love.
As always, I thank you for accepting the invitation of reading my thoughts today. The world within can never be without so, take the reins of life and create love to all in need. Dear Readers, click the like button and comment. Also, if you are convicted, please share with the links below.
Live strong in the purpose of happiness,


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