Building Blocks 

When I was a little girl I used to love building blocks. I would always try to create different types of buildings. I was never really good at building so, I gave that up. Years later, on PC and PlayStation I began to play The Sims. On The Sims you create people and buildings. Like the building blocks, I was no good at building and I gave that up too. In 2010, I went to see the movie Inception on the weekend it premiered. My cousin was going to Princeton University at the time and it was his birthday. Me, his mother, his brother and he, of course, went to see the film. Thanks to 80’s films, I always look for symbolism in movies and the message of the director. Inception was dope. The message I received from that movie was this: Inside of our minds displays a world of buildings that we are responsible for. Much of the time we are careless of those dreams and big dreams can die if not guarded. When your mind is not guarded, you are open for the inception of deception. 
In truth, for years the buildings inside my mind crumbled. I, like most people in life, did not recognize I was under hypnosis. In my mind lay false dreams and rivers of hopelessness. The world within was not pretty so, I moped outwardly testifying that I was the un-beautiful one. In my mind there were trapped doors guarded by the spirit of never letting go. Rivers of people who used me for my very unique love because I have learned how to remove conditions. The land caged within my cranium was so beautiful and I refused to see it. I was blinded by the artificial lights of film and TV. One day the spell was removed and I began to see with real light, like the light I saw at my grandmother’s funeral back in 1991.
This light wiped all of my fears away. Real magic isn’t smoke and mirrors. When I made the dedication to love me. I had no idea that the journey would take me to cater to strengthening my thought patterns. My life will continue to change as I work on freeing all that holds me back. The more I understand myself the more I am able to understand others without judgment. My mind is in repair but, I have full control of the reconstruction and that feels really great to know.
The building blocks that matter are within the mind. We are born with power until the world introduces the idea that we are with or without it. God is not the author of confusion so understand that there is never a choice if we have power or not because, like I said, we are born with power. I besiege my readers to never become complacent. Advice can be good from others but, we live in a land of artificial light strolling in the dark. It is important to know who you are without what we all were taught. This world is a lens that doesn’t value your connection with unknown worlds within. I can only ask that you consider my suggestions. Change only starts with you and never an outside source.
Thank you so much for reading my thoughts today. I have been watching a ton of HBO’s Game of Thrones lately so, I had to end this blog on a royal note. If you like this post please click the like button and feel free to share your thoughts. Also, please share with the links below.
Live united with happiness,


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