I’ve addressed fear in previous blogs. I had a really intense weekend filled with a lot of interesting choices and no regrets because I no longer hold fear as an outcome. I was able to let go of the fear of becoming a very outgoing person. It was exhilarating that I was able to talk to random strangers by just saying hello and offering small talk if the invitation for conversation was accepted. People in the North-Eastern part of the United States are more reserved than those who live in the South. Innately I can only guess it is because those up North are further away from nature. I believe that everything about nature connects us to our true purpose. The cycles of the earth can teach a person so much about life. We are all happy people waiting for our blessings and nature will teach all of us that the blessings we are waiting for already in existence.
I didn’t have to dare myself to be outgoing for, it came naturally. My weekend nearly lead me to the Wissahickon Valley Park. This park is also known as Valley Green to locals. It has hiking trials, a gorgeous view of a creek and you are surrounded by trees. When it rains the water rises and you don’t have to fear of being swept away with the current of the stream. In the middle of the park lies a historic restaurant called the Valley Green Inn. I am not sure if I ever stated this but, if I ever marry, this is the place I want to get married. It was built between 1850 -1851 and was originally a hotel. During a rain storms, if you stand by the restaurant you are given a stage view of the storm because the surrounding trees protects you from the heavy rain. On many occasions when I was younger I would come here with my friends or dangerously go myself.
Nature allows me to open my thoughts so that I am able to reach into the multiple meanings of life through my perspective. When my feet are in the dirt or touches grass I feel the importance of our own understanding of how firm we should be grounded figuratively into the ground. Dirt and grass symbolizes the strength of humanity. A strong tree will be able to live for many years and like a strong tree when we you have strong roots, even if the ground is saturated, you will not fall. A barren field can bear no fruit. If, you don’t plant any seeds you will have barren results in your life. We have cycles just like the earth because it is our home and we are connected to the life of our planet. My confidence was a seed I most recently decided to unleash.
When you want to live your best life you better do it NOW. Yes, the earth has cycles as do we but, maybe we should ingrain in our hearts and minds with the knowledge that a tree can die at any moment. If I had to compare, we are the trees and I feel that we must take advantage of enjoying all that comes our way good or bad. I was able to step out of my comfort zone by allowing the seeds of confidence to grow within me to create a new comfort zone. I have planted many seeds into my life both known and unknown. As of today I know that the major seeds are love, happiness, writing, connecting with other people, enjoying nature, cherishing all relationships, & fearlessness. I want the products of my life to display what I am sewing. I have already been able to connect with some amazing people and I look forward to the many moments filled with the life lessons I have yet to learn.
We are born ready for the journey of life. Even when our linear brain gets in way there is a part of us we are born with that will guide us down the right and wrong paths we chose to take. Thanks to cycles we understand that the choice of right or wrong never determines the fate of our happiness. The person that makes the active choice to be happy will know that happiness comes with different cycles. Like the wheel of fortune never changes, neither does happiness. The wheel may turn like a cycle and the cycle may bear different results but, the wheel of fortune will never be given another name. This is what I chose to be my definition of happiness. I believe all happiness is a beautifully crafted wheel that holds a name that will never change regardless of the many different cycles it may go through.
Dear readers, I thank you so much for connecting with my thoughts today. Please like and or leave a comment and share with the links below. 
Live in happiness,


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