True Meaning of Creation

I thought of this yesterday; is the great American Experiment meant to lead everyone down dangerous paths of reckless thinking so that we are the ones without order who need to be tamed? The reason for thinking this is because it’s crazy how negativity is a trending topic in society. I hear endless conversations when I go out to various places about what the president is doing or isn’t, rumors of war, an alley oop of information about famous people, death, life, loss, sickness, I could go on forever. I am overwhelmed everyday with myriads of issues. What bothers me most is that I know the power we individually hold as humans, the power of manifestation.
Remember the movie the Butterfly Effect starring Ashton Kutcher? The gist of the movie was portrayed by the imagery of a butterfly when it begins to flap its wings and how something so small can cause a ripple effect also, known as Chaos Theory. That tiny ripple can lead to chaos or contentment. As thoughts become actions, what we think are like the wings of a butterfly. In order to build happiness I believe it is important to think outside the box. It is great to regurgitate everything you’ve learned in school but, I have learned to look at everything as if I need to find the truth for myself. I believe human life is for us to create but, somewhere intertwined in humanity, right and wrong are taught and like slaves, we don’t recognize we were born to be free to live.
I want to drill into the sub-conscious of my readers that YOU ARE FREE! Yes, we are physically born in a controlled society but, you are spiritually free. Let go of reason sometimes to allow yourself to develop your own opinions and know that every thought that leads you closer to peace will lead to your birthright. For a very long time I was afraid to see how free I truly am. I thought that being free of this life meant death so, I ran from truth. I see now that it is only the end of the life I thought I knew and now I get to create a very beautiful life every single day. If you look at my lips at the seat of my upper lip sits a beauty mark and also, there is one between my lower lip and chin. This, to me, represents the transformation of the power of beauty produced by my tongue. Beauty in between beauty. I am a beautiful being, we all are, and the one thing that can control us also sets us free.
I listen to various types of music but, the ones that reach me most are the ones that sink into my spirit. One band I really love, Paper Route, wrote a song called Calm My Soul on the album Peace of Wild Things, ends on a mellifluous note. The lead singer Sings: “I’ve walked behind for too long, now I will lead the way I have strayed, I have strayed, strayed away. If you’ve loved in haste thinking only of the cost, every river leads to land, every lover to a cross. Your mind and heart at war and they thrash inside your lips. Like an arrow passing through your tongue can kill or it can kiss, calm your soul, who bleeds more?” These words alone make me feel like we are all connected and what we feel and what we speak go hand and hand to create a world with or without greatness.
We accept so much information daily without considering if the information we hear is important to our well-being. BLINDLY, we accept what may be a lie. I once heard that we are all sheep but, I refuse to believe that we were spiritually born to be slaves that are told what to do think, see, or hear. We were all meant for so much more that I can’t compute what each soul is destined for in this life. The one thing I have learned up until this point however, is that we were born to create. What you create is YOUR choice and that is it! We love to play the blame game in society. When we play this game we don’t realize that we are pointing fingers suggestively at other people but, we are actually pointing them back at ourselves.
Now that I am free, I look at my so called problems and tell myself, “Don’t you see you are a spiritual being that is blessed to have a physical experience of sight, touch, sound, and taste!” Not only do we experience, more importantly WE CREATE. I won’t pardon my use of caps for, I stand firm in my beliefs. Yes, it feels good to sleep but, whatever is to come, it essential that we wake up the spiritual part of ourselves to create the best life right now. There is not one person, place or thing that is promised tomorrow, today. As you let my words sink in, test and approve or disapprove the heart of this message. We are all bearers of light and this is my personal gift of light to you.
Steadily on the path of gratitude, I thank you so much for reading today. July 4th is around the corner and I ask that if you decide to watch any fireworks look at the flashes of light as they burst. Like the Katie Perry song, you are a firework and you can continuously blast your light into the world.
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Live in Truth



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