Visions in the Dark

A few years ago after one of many break-ups with my ex I experienced something phenomenal. I sat on my bed bed listening to Paramore’s self-titled CD. It had just released and as always I kept the record on repeat because their lyrics are so meaningful. Paramore is my favorite all time band. The lead singer Hayley Williams always writes music that is closely related to my life. One song on the album is called Last Hope. Her lead vocals kicks in poetic words that find a part of my soul where the love of writing and music live. While in the dark I closed my eyes and I began to hear the name of a girl, Simone. With my eyes closed I could see the word Bahamas.
My ex was stringing me along at this time. He told me that he had to go to Maryland to house sit for the mother of his two middle children. I knew from that small vision that he had went to the Bahamas with a girl named Simone. A few nights passed I had a dream that I was hanging on a bridge. It looked like the San Francisco Bridge. This unknown woman named Simone was also hanging on the bridge next to me. My ex had to choose one of us. In that dream he told me he was sorry but, he had to choose Simone. A week had passed when he came back from “Maryland” I went over his house and saw memorabilia from the Bahamas. That is when I discovered the truth. After that day I didn’t speak to him for a very long time.
Before my father was diagnosed with heart failure I had a dream that he was having chest pains and he died in my arms. The dream was so real that when I woke up in the middle of the night I was so distraught and I knew something was coming that would change my family forever. Not long after at a routine test he always has to get, we were told he was going into instant heart failure, his heart was functioning at 20% at a steady decline. We were all so devastated. I felt very uneasy because I knew it was coming. Around this period in my life I’ve grown into accepting that I am able to see a little of my own future and those around me based off the energy we all carry.
I can remember having one very lucid dream where I was lying on my back next to what I felt was God. It felt like I was on the best mattress money can buy. I could feel God speaking to my spirit. I was taken on a journey of creation. In my dream, I could see the stars from Gods view. The stars were so brilliant bursting with vibrant colors. We weaved past planets and to other galaxies. In that dream I was given instructions. Like in the bible, I was asked to look at all of the stars because this is how great god’s love was for all of us. I was also told that it was my mission to love and I should follow the path to promote spiritual well-being.
The last dream that I will mention impacted me the most even though it has yet to happen. In this dream it was giving me a flash of a life yet to come. I saw my wedding, but could not see my husband’s face. I could tell that, though the face was blurry and I could sense that I knew he was the one. The final part of the dream I was at my anniversary dinner with my mystery husband and myself. We were being honored for all the good we have done separately and together. As a tribute a video was made for me and my husband.
The first part of the video I saw storms. The storms represented the hell I would have to go through just to be with the one who was waiting for me. The storms also applied to my dreams of writing and singing. The second part I could see the impact on the lives I touched with the love in me I give freely. The final part of the video I saw the beautiful life my husband and I would create. I understood that I would end up with someone who loves to help people. After the video I could see all the people we had helped at some point in our journey together and individually. This dream, even though it has yet to come and may never happen, helped to solidify the type of man I would end up with. The words are hard for me to describe but, I knew I would never have to search for who he would be because when the time comes, I would definitely know. I don’t know if this will ever come to pass but, one thing I am certain of, I will make a positive difference in the lives I am able to be invited into.
I wrote this blog because I believe that in the quiet darkness we are given the choice to see where our own lives, the one’s we are close to and even strangers are headed. I am always able to see so much more in the spiritual sense when I am at peace. My advice to anyone who wants to know the difference between illusion and spiritual reality. Illusion will build an anxious atmosphere and, like in the bible, God will never authorize confusion. Illusions will lead to nowhere. Therefore, your sub-conscious will never accept the opposite of light.
Spiritual reality are the choices we make that can lead to life or death. By the power of the tongue daily you decide what your life will be so, it is up to you to take my advice or respectfully decline. Spiritual reality will give you peace even when its dark and you have no one around you. The greatest part of yourself will lead to peace and the darkness will keep you away from it. When trouble strikes it is supposed to because you must build up to your calling. When at peace my dreams or visions help me to see the world differently and I am given clarity of events in my own life yet to come.
So, what will you choose, and do you accept that you have a choice? Will it be life or death? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the results of adding peace to your life? I am shown dreams and visions and I do believe we all have this ability to see more into what is very hard to understand, the future. I am a witness of what peace will bring. Keep in mind that peace is absent of any worldly possession. The caveat of peace will be the hardships you will have to endure to walk in the life of joy without ceasing. Once again, always remember you have a choice.
I thank all who have accepted the invitation into my thoughts today. It is my hope that we all will press toward the higher calling on our lives. Please leave a comment by providing input or sharing your own stories of enlightenment. Also, like this blog and share on the links below.
Until next time


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