Day 17 The Spiritual Realm

I experienced three supernatrual events in my life. The first was at my great grandparents house in North Carolina. Every summer my sister and I would stay with my faternal grandmother. My cousins would also visit their grandmother who lived in my great grandparents house. A few nights my sister and I would spend the night to be with our cousins. The home was built a very long time ago and I always had and uneasy feeling when entering the home. One morning, I heard footsteps in the hall. I thought that my uncle was going to work so, I ignored what I heard. The sound of the footsteps kept getting closer as if moving in slow motion, it creeped. I carefully peered into the hallway and saw nothing. The only thing to protect myself from the unseen entity were my covers. I heard a noise coming from the backyard as if someone was tending to a barn. The entity stopped where I was sleeping and I could feel that someone was watching us all sleep. I shut my eyes and forced myself to fall asleep. That was the last time I ever step foot in that house. My cousins and sister would continue to have sleepovers but, I chose to stay with my grandmother and we would play Super Mario together. My second experience was at my maternal grandmothers funeral. Behind the casket there was a painted picture of her. I can remember crying because I didn’t understand the nature of death. I looked up at her picture and a light began to form. I thought the church was casting a light onto her picture but when I looked back I saw nothing. The light became brighter as if I was looking directly into the sun. This light, however, did not damage my eyes. Looking at the light I could tell that pain had no position wherever the light was coming from. At 9 I knew my grandmother was in a better place. After her death I began to see things that I still can’t explain. 
My third expereince continues today. When my soul is calm I am able to see past my own conscious understanding. I have dreams about events before they happen. This all began after my grandmother passed. She came to me in several of my dreams and the things she has shown me are only meant for me but, because of her I know a small fraction of my own destiny. Her wisdom and the trails of my life have taught me discernment. For a long time I suffered the consequences of never listening to the tresured wisdom within my spirit. There was no bloodshed. My ignorance was a lesson learned. 
I shared these events because I want to talk about the supernatural. I know a lot of people who rely on data. The unseen realm will never give any of us tangible proof of what we know we experienced. Growing up most movies I recall watching made spiritualism look like devil worship. Natives were one with the earth, air, fire and water so, I never understood how the recognition of the elements in spirtual form could ever be demonized. For years I acknowledged that we are poisioned by the programs we see on television, advertisements while driving, in movies and in music. Auto-suggestions have created various American cultures for generations. I feel that we are all persuaded to run away from spirituality and to only believe in what we can see. The results are confusion because we end up living out auto-suggestions and not our dreams which are tied to the spirtual world. 
I can only speak through my perspective but, the spiritual realm is real. Without spirituality I would not have hopes and dreams. My personal life was filled with suggestions to follow my dreams but, I chose to turn my attention to suggestions to live as a failure. Writing my blogs feels like free-falling. I have my safetysuit on but, I don’t know how it will all end. I just know I love to write and that is all that matters. The point I am attempting to make is that I once was scared of the spirtual realm. That fear kept me from tapping into the part of myself I was meant to share. 
Consider all of what the spiritual realm can teach you. I learned that ghost are just the energy left behind by humans who are no longer with us. God and heaven are real and I was blessed to see the light of a different realm. Loved ones no longer with us will guide us if we really want to deepen our understanding of the spirutal world. Spirituality taught me to love all that I am and I beleive that it can guide everyone closer to happiness. Keep in mind, understanding the spirit may require letting go of everything you think you know. 
I thank my readers for joining me today. If you have any experiences with the supernatural or any stories to share please leave your comments in the info box. Also, click like and share on the links below. 
Power to Happiness, 


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