Day 15 & 16 Past V Present 

            Growing up I had a plethora of aspirations. I wanted to be a dermatologist, singer, dancer, artist, actress, writer, and a wrestler. When I was a little girl I would imagine singing in front of talents I idolized. I dreamt that I would be signed to a major record deal and the rest would be history. When I finally had an opportunity to show the stardom I thought I had, I choked. I majored in vocal performance in High School. Because I wasn’t as good as many of my other classmates, I began to detract from a dream that became a piece of who I was.
I focused on the negative feedback from some of my family members and people I barely knew so, I decided to just give up on my hopes and dreams. I made small attempts to keep my dream alive and had many opportunities but, I wasn’t ready for the disappointment. I allowed my past experiences to affect my present decisions. I did not realize that my dream would cease from ever becoming a reality because I focused too much on the past. I closed the doors before I received a yes or no. Too often we allow ourselves to give up on a dream we have always wanted. We make up every excuse in the book to keep a dream from coming true. From today’s blog I want my readers to know the powers of the heart and mind and the role the subconscious plays in our lives.
I am sure that all of my readers have set goals to make their dreams come true. The subconscious mind plays a huge role in our lives. The subconscious collects things the conscious mind cannot. The subconscious handles all involuntary functions of the human anatomy. It kind of makes me feel as if we are robots. The subconscious takes full control of the systems that make up the human body so it can involuntarily function. One thing that I was able to test and prove is that we can voluntarily control what we cannot see. For years I accepted into my subconscious that I was never good enough to follow my heart’s content. I would never let go of the idea of being a singer. However, I kept my voice to myself. I did not want to try and fail. I allowed my past to teach my subconscious to give up so that I would never have a future in what I loved. I saw past the present and I was certain that there was no future in me becoming a professional singer.
I didn’t fail at a something I hoped for because someone else told me I could never be a singer, I wasn’t pretty enough, my voice wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t thin enough. I temporarily created the illusion of failure because I accepted the ideas of people who don’t care about my happiness. I am to blame. This revolution came to me recently. The only thing in our lives with any substance is the present. The present is what decides who you will become, not the past. If your past is filled with self-hatred and you connect that feeling to the present then like a loop you will always have self-destructive tendencies. The future would only be what you allow. And remember, where the heart goes the mind does follow (Proverbs 23:7)
I turned my future around by letting go of the part of my past that held me back. I have no idea where writing or singing will take me. All that matters to me is that I am doing something I love. I am putting my faith in action because I don’t fear naysayers any longer. Take control of your life completely and live out your dreams. Know that the subconscious controls the things your conscious will not comprehend. While pursuing your dreams, if you continuously get knocked down get back up and teach your inner being the spirit of perseverance. No one ever has the power to steal your joy, only you. Knowing this helps you win the battle. Accept that the past happened in order to build strength in you. When looking into the future make a difference in the now, no exceptions.
I thank my readers for joining me on my thoughts today. If you have any experiences to share please feel free to add your comments. Also, click the like button and share to the links below.
With Gratefulness,


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