Day 8 Vengeance 

                I am far less religious than I used to be. When I first read the Bible the words and what I was being taught meant so much to me. It wasn’t until I peeked into adulthood that I would understand that it’s the spiritual content behind the words that holds the real message. I believe that the path we are shown isn’t always going to be the complete story but, when you are able to see examples of ways to live throughout the ups and downs you can look at your own life and verify the receipts. I am happy that I was raised Christian. More so, I feel better knowing that your spiritual path is not tied down to religion. Religion is something man made because we got confused along this path of spiritual enlightenment.
I learned a lot about revenge throughout my life. In fact, the Bible declares that vengeance is the lords (Romans 12:19). Have you ever stopped to ask yourself who is your lord? The invisible savior lives in you but, we come from a country that was established by a pagan society. Knowing that fact, rooted in America are the gods of many nations. The American way is to go with how you feel verses listening to the God of peace housed in each and every one of us and that can be whatever you need it to be. I credit my own understanding to knowing that there will be no layers between us in our creator. With this knowledge vengeance is another layer that will keep you from living a peaceful life. It will keep you from the life a higher power has set for you before you were born into this world.
When someone has betrayed us the underlying American theme is to retaliate. Despite all spiritual knowledge, I have retaliated a lot and I will be able to see the fruits of my own testament when revenge decides to test me again. I’ve thought so much on resolving this area of my life because not being able to forgive had a hold on me. I thought that to forgive meant to forget but, forgetting has nothing to do with your actions. The key is to never forget. What you should do is remember this: Know in life we are vibrational beings. Much of the human body is made up of water. Think of what happens when there is too much wind in the ocean. The tides will rise and if a storm is present the waves get out of control. Our emotions are the wind that sets our tides to wander to and fro and we allow this to happen. The difference between us and the tides is the ability to control our body’s eco-system. We are given many gifts in life and knowing you have full control on how you manage your spiritual reactions should be the beacon on how to react in any given situation.
Just remember, for every cause there will be a reaction. The spirit of reason is always readily available. Do yourself a favor and calm your soul in all situations. When one allows the higher power to take all control you are leaving that person where they are vibrationally. Meaning, the ones that hurt you know not what they do. What lies within them is something spiritual and you will not be able to understand it so don’t try. Sit back and hold on to your own vibration. Hold on and control the tides inside of you. Moses was able to part the red sea with his faith and I really believe that we all can do the same. I would like to know your take on revenge. As always thank you for reading.
Miya C. Price


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