Day 6 Trust

Imagine yourself listening to a beautiful melody. You get so attached to the tune and the way the frequency positively affects all of your senses. Like a pen defining gravity, the tune shifts into a new atmosphere. The sound is horrible, in fact the sound is so shrill you can feel your eardrums cracking. This is how I define the false pretense of trust. People grow up understanding the very opposite of trust. We trust those we “love”, and close the door on people who have done us wrong or worse complete strangers. Is this the true definition of trust? Do we get warm and settled with this idea? I would say no, because I understand the true nature of trust. There is a way out of not trusting others and it may not be what you think.
The King James Version, Proverbs 3:5-6, states to “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding; In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.” In the world I know there are few people who actually know how to truly trust. Sometimes we will trust in the very idea of it and if we are not careful we’ll end up falling short from understanding what trusting should mean. When you have little to no spiritual ties to a higher power it can make understanding how to trust a lot harder. On the other hand, having spiritual ties does not exempt that trusting is a challenge.
Reprogramming oneself should be a top priority. At the start, work on connecting with what you think trust is. For most of us, trust only applies to the people you know. It isn’t until you experience a devastating blow from someone you love that you will begin to not trust anyone. When you lead to that idea that you can’t trust anyone you begin the process of not being able to trust yourself. So it becomes this vicious cycle of unforgiveness transforming into an atmosphere you can’t trust. In life there is an answer for everything. Begin by accepting that trust itself is a false pretense and that it’s attached to something unconditional. I truly believe people block their own blessings when they trust only who they know.
The cure is exhilarating. It will lead you to understand that love and trust work hand and hand. We all need people that would catch us if we fell. Get out of the idea that all you need is you and the people you know. Doing so will lead you to the essence of trust. Don’t allow yourself to be imprisoned by false ideas. If a million people end up hurting you keep a steady reminder that they have the same idea of trust as you and accept that those people have an undying pain that they are living with. It will not be your battle to fight, so just trust they will make it through their own internal war.
When you fail to trust someone you are actually putting up a warning sign telling that person not to trust you in return. Change the lens and see that people can’t be there for you all of the time. Your heart will be broken a million times and maybe more but, never allow an aching heart to rule how you treat others. I don’t care who it is friend or foe. Trust that everything falls into its own place when confusion is not involved. When you let go of the need to input your emotions by letting them take full control, there will you find peace. I encourage anyone who is reading this post to think about the path of trust. Provide your input in the comment section below so we can set up a dialog for healing. I thank you for reading.
Miya C. Price


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