Day 4 & 5 Talent

When I write I can creatively fulfill my thought processes. While texting a friend the other day we were discussing her beautiful artwork. She is one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I was telling her, as I always am, she is so good. Emphasis on the good is intended. In between text messages I began to think about the gifts every person on this planets has and each of us come with unique talents. I think we get boggled down by the idea that someone is only good if they are just like any manufactured inspiration. I want to discuss a few points regarding talents. First, I love to sing and more so, I love to write. Writing did not always come “natural”. I thought this until I began to understand the true nature of talent. When I was a little girl I created my own magazine. It was a blue composition book and everyday I would discuss a topic. It was always a pleasure to lie on my bed or on the floor to create a new story each day. I never had a lot of friends therefore, my thoughts became my friend. When you are a child and have yet to be truly introduced to the world there is a layer of innocence that can’t be swayed. I can remember writing about love and hate. I would love to read about my views of love and hate. It would probably drive me closer to the truth. I was 8 years old and I truly wish that gem was in my possession. I can remember how proud I was of myself . I kept it hidden for years and now I am left with only the memory.

My next point is that there will be a period of indifference. It could last for many years. Once you are thrown in the lions den you began to back away from the dreams you had as a child. I believe that this world should come with a warning label so we are aware of impending doom. It is extremely essential that parents nurture the dreams of their children. The world won’t understand them and when a child feels alone they will allow the lions to rip them apart. Lesson to any parent reading this: You can’t join your children on the fight but, you can cheer them on. Be the best cheerleader and don’t disguise that right. I believe that my parents did a great job at pushing me towards my dreams. I see now that didn’t appreciate them for working at keeping my head high. I looked at the world and said I’m done. The girl lying on the floor writing and smiling while eating crackers and cheese or bread with mayo and drinking milk with imitation vanilla and refined sugar faded into the background of importance. The world was completely different from what I expected. I allowed it to make me believe I was not good enough in every area of my life.

Finally, there is an immense ray of hope after learning about the cruel world. Etched out and tattooed on my brain I’ve learned that though cruel, the world cultivates inspiration. My personal trail taught me what I needed for my flair. After being abused in every way possible, self destruction including, I was able to go back to my childhood dream with a true story to tell. I can see myself at the age I am now greeting the 8 year old me. I would tell the child in me that this world will teach you the true definition of hate. Everything that you have gone through up until now will hurt a lot. Men will objectify you and women will do the same. There will be tons of programming that will only lead you to a lie. You will be introduced to the light and at this present day, you will realize, is most valuable. The truth propagandized in your face is the true definition of hell. You will lose a lot of people, some I won’t tell you about because I want you to understand what I understand today.

Miya, remember that pain is important, it will lead you to love. True love is being able to become infatuated with the spirit. You will always have the ability to see the spirits of everyone you meet. I believe that it is because of this you will not consider a lot of people you know as friends. You will understand them and it will not be the other way in return. Be your own best friend. Take walks often, connect with nature, and don’t be afraid of what’s to come because it will all work out. I love you so dearly, you are my everything! Be your everything.

To anyone that decides to follow, I have an idea that there are 4 stages of life. When we are born the world can see us but, not the other way around. In adolescence, we begin to discover our talents and we begin to see certain aspects of the world and that builds our interpretations of it. At the welcome stage of young adulthood and up until your golden years you will take those interpretations and like magic, joy and pain are materialized and you won’t even realize the power you process. Nurtured or not your talents are most important in the essence of degradation. The years ahead are yet to be discovered and in the meantime walk fully in your unique style. I encourage you to review the gifts you are born with and access if you have been living a lie or the truth.


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