Day 3 Get Ready for the Heavy

Last night I was talking to my mom about women. I told her that I finally understand why we as females have a tendency to break when it comes to men. Everyone remembers the story of Adam and Eve. Eve was convinced by the serpent to eat the apple. Next, Adam was convinced by Eve to eat take the bite of the apple. This means, to me, that we as women are man’s greatest weakness. When blame was put into the mix Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent. It was Eve who held the wisdom of understand who the real criminal was.

What does this all mean? The serpent is emotion. Emotion is the weakness of mankind. Women are the first to recognize a true connection but, we let our emotions run wild. Men are opposite, most don’t tend to process emotion. The ones that do understand, brings me to my next point. If women established that we think just like men and learn to tame how we are feeling then we would be able to rule the world. The serpent in the story of Adam and Eve is seen often as the Devil. The one thing the Devil is known for is deception.

The tactics of deception only work when an individual’s emotions are involved. We are programmed to think that deception comes from a bad place. Meaning, it comes from people that have a look that you can never trust. However, this idea is incorrect. A warm and inviting smile is just as conniving. Like a maestro to a band, the deceiver will use that persons emotions to control their actions. So, our serpent, our Devil, knows to go straight to Eve. Having no knowledge of good or evil would be the absence of emotion. The serpent is emotion itself. On the other hand, Eve knew to go to Adam. Not man bashing at all but, women have power over men. The analogy fits. I am not saying women are evil. What I am saying is that women play an integral role in raising and nurturing what a man will become. Learning how to control ones emotions is a great start; the only start.

Since we are the weakness of men I can resonate with the truth. We have to do better if we ever have sons. Women keep your emotions in check because men will follow. I guess that is the true definition of feminism. I’ve now learned the key of getting what I want verses something that I lust. When you think you love a man, how does this man make you feel? If he makes you feel like you just want to engage in sexual activity then you already know that he isn’t the one. This is all opinions based off observation. When you want to get to know someone, that lustful feeling doesn’t rule your actions. The one will be the person you want to learn a little more how their mind works. It will feel like a world yet to be discovered. Like a tiny universe waiting for you, the explorer, to begin your expedition.

As I come to my conclusion I want you all to consider these thoughts. Women will birth a generation. Mothers, be strong because if you are not your sons will see this and go after weak women. Girlfriends, it is ok to have fun but, remember that if the feelings are lustful then own your power. See him for what he is and that is just for a one night stand. A strong woman will never stand for using a man as a one night deal. They are able to understand they hold the key to call the shots. Don’t allow your feelings to play the role of your actions. Also, Wives, be strong and make sure you are one with yourself and your husband will treat you like the queen that you are. Single diamonds, do more than know your worth; know your power. You won’t have to search for the one, for you will already know the one when you meet him not by sight but, by spiritual insight. You will know this by grasping your true position in this physical and spiritual world.


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